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Circa 1886--Charleston?? Reviews please!

We live outside Charleston and our regular kid-free night places are FIG and McCradys. We have tried many of the other upscale places in town. For a special occasion this weekend we wanted to try something different. My husband is a vegetarian and I know Circa has some sort of vegetarian (no fish) option on each course. But is it good???? ANyone try the veggie dishes?

McCrady's Restaurant
2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

Jul 26, 2010
eperkis in Southeast

My Charlotte Recommendations

Anyone have any great places a vegetarian should try? Ever since Peaceful Dragon closed I don't have any "must visit" places in Charlotte. We go to Lupies for the veggie burger but other than that, nothing stands out. I do like the various Indian locales, but as a foodie I'd love some other places/dishes to try. Any suggestions?

A charleston girl....

Oct 23, 2006
eperkis in General South Archive