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St. Louis suggestion for special occasion

sounds perfect...thanks zataar

St. Louis suggestion for special occasion

Hi all-

My brother is getting married, and as sort of a celebration gift I would like to treat him and his fiancee to a nice dinner in St. Louis.

I'm in New York, and really no nothing of the St. Louis dining scene....I've heard to avoid Tony's, and that the Crossing might not be the best idea.

My budget is 200-250 dollars for dinner for two. Their palates are pretty vast, so suggestions of any kind of cuisine is okay.


Dinner Recommendation in Montreal

thanks so much!!

Dinner Recommendation in Montreal

Hi thanks for the reply. My budget is around 200 USD. There is nothing we need to avoid, no major dislikes. Pretty open to just about anything.

Dinner Recommendation in Montreal

My girlfriend and I are visiting montreal next week for four days. It is our first visit, and it will also be our anniversary.

Can any of you foodies suggest a proper French spot befitting a celebration of this kind? I must admit that I'm ignorant when it comes to French cuisine..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.