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Best place for Sunday brunch in Annapolis or DC?

Good brunch options abound in Annapolis. In addition to the options others have already mentioned, I've enjoyed the brunch at Harry Browns (on State Circle) and at the Severn Inn (beautiful view but not in downtown Annapolis). I've also eaten from the brunch menu at Pussers Landing (City Dock area waterfront, in the Marriott) and found it tasty.

Incidentally, Chart House (waterfront), Carrolls Creek (waterfront), and Rockfish are all in Eastport -- to the east of the City Dock area.

It's herring season! Any in Baltimore or DC?

So did you ever find whole pickled herring? We were in the Netherlands recently and now the breadman is yearning for some herring filets with chopped onions.

Food Trucks on Sunday

I'll be on a boat trip to Georgetown Harbor on Sunday and am trying to figure out where to grab a quick (but yummy) bite once there. Are any foodtrucks operating in early afternoon on a Sunday? Other recommended options?

The marathon will be going on so I'm hoping to limit having to deal with the traffic diversions and/or crowds on public transit.

Many thanks.

Where should we eat in Bruges?

The suggestions in this post sounded great but when checking them out further, it appears that many of them are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Any ideas for a good lunch in Bruges on a Wednesday?

Many thanks.

Aug 31, 2011
breadmanswife in Europe

Dinner Recommendations around the Hippodrome in Baltimore?

Just popping this topic to the top again.

There has to be someplace else that's walking distance to the theater besides Maggie Moore's, Mem Sahibs, and Starbucks! The Lexington Market ideas sound great but are they open after 6 pm and it is safe in that area after the food stalls shut?

Any ideas?

Dinner in Annapolis with a Toddler?

My old standby for dining on a weekend night with small children is the Double T Diner at the corner of Rte 2 and West Street (enter from access rd off West St). The have some yummy food available and the diner atmosphere strikes the right note with most kids. The wait staff are friendly and efficient. No outdoor seating, though.

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

I usually take vegans/vegetarians out for ethnic eats when eating in Annapolis -- seafood places usually won't make the cut. India's (already mentioned) works well as does the Lebanese Taverna restaurant in the Annapolis Harbor Center (Rt 2 a little south of Forest Drive).

Another vote for Jalapenos for Mexican (but not Tex-Mex) food. There are a bunch of taquerias open along Forest Drive between Rt 2 and Chinquapin Round Road -- don't have any specific recommendations as to which place to try, though. I'm also starting to explore the Salvadoran restaurants around town -- there is Las Delicias (French/Salvadoran) in a little strip mall at the corner of Bestgate Rd and Admiral Drive that has great pupusas.

Bristol Cheap Eats

Hi folks.

Coming from the States to Bristol for a conference and am looking for ideas for relatively inexpensive (under 20GPB/person including tax and tip) small group (4-8 people) dinners while there. We'll all be staying in the City Centre but I can try to pull the group to other areas of town if the food and price are worth the trip.

Many thanks for your help.

Aug 15, 2007
breadmanswife in U.K./Ireland

Breakfast in Annapolis

Academy Bagels in the shopping center with Grauls (corner of Rowe Blvd and Taylor Rd -- access from Taylor) makes good bagels. They were originally a franchise of Bagels And... but now are on their own.

Jan 04, 2007
breadmanswife in Mid-Atlantic

fun, yummy and inexpensive big group dinner in DC

Does it have to be dinner? You could have quite a bit of fun with a lunchtime dim sum party. Several restaurants with cart service on weekends can accommodate a dozen folks at a single large table.

Local Foodstuffs in Ottawa

Thanks for the suggestions everybody.

It sounds like there's quite a collection of great places from which to choose -- I'd better start hitting the gym regularly in preparation for all that food!

Searching for a Decent Knish

Hi folks.

Anybody have a good recommendation for a decently authentic knish (preferably kasha) in the Baltimore-DC metropolitan area? I ate at Yonah Schimmel's in the Lower East Side recently and there's no way I'm going to go back to the bready mess that sometimes passes for a knish now!


Gluten free restaurant in Annapolis

You may want to try the Lebanese Taverna in the Annapolis Harbour Center. You'd have to watch out for the pita bread (don't know if they offer a gluten-free alternative), but that still leaves plenty of eggplant or chickpea based food from which to choose. Their phone number is 410-897-1111.

Oct 22, 2006
breadmanswife in Mid-Atlantic

Local Foodstuffs in Ottawa

Hi folks.

Planning a trip to Ottawa and was hoping a local Chowhound (or one that visits there frequently) would have some suggestions for "must-have" munching while there. Please, no recommendations for Tim Hortons or anything made primarily of maple syrup -- while these are scrumptious, I'm looking for something a little more authentically local than that.