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Mother's Day Brunch Help Needed - Highstown/Princetown Area

We tried Fiddleshead but unfortunately they did not have any availability. Any other suggestions out there?

May 04, 2009
augie the doggie in Mid-Atlantic

Mother's Day Brunch Help Needed - Highstown/Princetown Area

My mother recently moved to Cranbury, NJ. We will be driving up from Philly and would like to take her to a Mother's Day Brunch. Can anyone suggest a place between Cranbury and Princeton area. There will be 8 of us including 3 children. Thanks for your help.

May 03, 2009
augie the doggie in Mid-Atlantic

Warwick, NY Recommendations Needed

No it doesn't have to be directly in Warwick. The surrounding areas will be perfectly fine. I just don't know the names of the towns in that part of NY

Warwick, NY Recommendations Needed

We will be having a family reunion in Warwick, NY to celebrate my Mother's 80th bday. There will be 12 of us all together. Any suggestions where we should have this special dinner celebration will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Breckenridge Dinner rec needed

My wife and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary next month while in Breckenridge. Any recommendations for a special dinner for the two of us. Need to stay in Breck since the kids will be back in the condo. Thanks.

Feb 26, 2007
augie the doggie in Southwest

New Brunswick Family Dinner Ideas Needed

Good morning chowhounds! My family is driving up from Phila today to meet another family in the New Brunswick area. I am looking for family oriented restaurants that will have enough choices for 4 children to be satisfied. From the posts, it looks like Old Man Rafferty's will be a good match. Are there other places to consider? Thanks

Jan 21, 2007
augie the doggie in Mid-Atlantic

Romantic B-Day Suggestions Needed - Overtures not available

We called Overtures tonight to make dinner reservations for Saturday night reservations in November. They are closed that night for a private party! Now that's a bummer. We been to Pif several times recently and we wanted to try someplace new. Only requirement is that they take reservations and noise level is reasonable. Thanks.

Oct 21, 2006
augie the doggie in Pennsylvania