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Picking up my veggie friend @ Burbank today...where should lunch be?

Two cheap/ethnic options not far from the airport:
Leonors Vegetarian Mexican
11403 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood 818-980-9011
12445 Moorpark St., Studio City 818-762-0660

Apr 20, 2007
Joe O. in Los Angeles Area

Spicy/Flavored Mayo advice

Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo packs quite a punch!

Mar 30, 2007
Joe O. in General Topics

Food related music

Red Red Wine - The Replacements
Dirty Dirty Rice - Timbuk3

(Yup, yup they both repeat the first word in the title.)

Mar 30, 2007
Joe O. in Not About Food

where can I find those ultra sticky/glutinous/stretchy chew balls that the old fellow in the film Tampopo nearly choked on

I'm sure Mitsuwa will have them.
I used to travel to Japan on business and a client there told me that during the Mochi Festival, the news reports tally the number deaths due to choking - much like our news reports track the number of highway deaths during a holiday weekend.

Dec 13, 2006
Joe O. in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find mutton

The latest Payless Foods flyer has "Lean imported use like chivo mutton" listed at $1.69/lb. There's one in Sun Valley at 8025 Vineland plus many others around the county. Disclaimer: I haven't been to that store or tried their mutton, I just saw it in their ad. I usually go to the Payless on Peck Road near my work for cheap fruit and vegies - they have sweet corn this week 5/$.99

Oct 20, 2006
Joe O. in Los Angeles Area