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High Tea in DC

I did some research a while back on this -- copied and pasted below (prices are accurate as of Dec. '10). The Willard is very nice. Four Seasons is good (though the last time I went was probably 6-7 years ago), but a bit stuffy in my opinion. I think that the Mayflower is great -- good tea and snacks and lovely atmosphere -- and a bit more economical. I've also been to the Henley Park Hotel (the least expensive of the bunch), but it was kind of a weird atmosphere (and not as great tea).

Mayflower Hotel:
$28 for Mayflower Tea
$35 for Mayflower Royal Tea (includes a glass of champagne
Traditional Afternoon Tea -- $39
Afternoon Tea Libations (afternoon tea with aperitea sparkler or glass of champagne) -- $49

Jefferson Hotel
$39 Afternoon Tea
$55 Champagne Tea

Four Seasons:
$40 Afternoon Tea
$50 with champagne

Henley Park Hotel:
English Tea: $25
Royal Tea: $30 (with a glass of kir royal)

Minibar w/ pescetarian and/or vegetarian?

When I went to the minibar, we had a pescetarian in our group. We told them ahead of time and they were beyond accomodating. The rest of us had the traditional minibar menu, but they prepared some substitute dishes for the pescetarian. Honestly, there's wasn't a ton of meat dishes so it didn't feel like he was missing out too much. I'm sure they'd be willing to work with a full vegetarian as well, but in my opinion, I think s/he'd miss out on some of the experience (and you might not get your money's worth).

50% off at PS7

Right, you just can't use it on happy hour specials.

50% off at PS7

I actually called PS7, and they told me that you can use the coupon in the lounge but that it cannot be used during happy hour as it can't be combined with any other promotions (I'm guessing that means it probably wouldn't work for Restaurant Week either -- they are extending, I think). So I am saving it for another non-hh time, but just wanted to pass along the info.

Looking for casual, private room with great food

I'd check out Dino for good Italian. They have a few different private/semi-private room options:

Firefly in Dupont might be another option for what you're looking for:

Also, Old Ebbitt Grill has a several private rooms and menu options. The food isn't really anything special, but it has a nice quintessential DC feel:

Good luck!!

50% off at PS7

Has anyone used this coupon yet? ANy idea if you can use it during happy hour. Figured I'd call once PS7 opens but thought I'd ask here first. Thanks!

Lunch in Penn Quarter, Dinner in Dupont

Another romantic Dupont dinner option is Tabard Inn:

VIsiting DC - recommendations near the Red Line

For the dinner for two, I'd look at Rasika for really great Indian: and Dino for pasta/Italian:

Winter RW dates/restaurants announced

50% off at PS7

Can you definitely use it on cocktails too? I know for some of these deals it's food only. If it' works for drinks too then I think it will be worth it but just want to double check. Thanks!

Anyone been to J & G Steakhouse at W Hotel?

Bumping this up as I am thinking about trying out J & G with some out-of-town visitors. Anyone been?

Slanted Door Bar Area?

Hi, I'm headed to S.F. soon and wanted to try out Slanted Door. Unfortunately, it looks like they are pretty booked on OpenTable. Is there a bar area? And, if so, can you eat at the bar? I'll be a solo diner so that might be the best approach anyways. Think I'd be able to have dinner at the bar on a weeknight around 6:30-7? If not, any recs for a solo diner?

DC evening (after 10) vegetarian friendly restaurant

I've never been, but I hear that Sticky Rice on H street is good for vegetarians. Looking at their menu, they have a lot of interesting veggie rolls (like sweet potato) and other non-sushi options. They are open until 11 on weekend nights.

Fun restaurants in central DC, for teens and moms

Agree with CoCo Sala, Jaleo, Oyamel and Cafe Atlantico. Would also add Zola as an option. It's got kind of a cool spy theme going for it that I bet teens would like.

Dupont Place To Do Work Post-Work

Thanks all for the ideas. Think Teaism will prob be the best bet!

Dupont Place To Do Work Post-Work

Yea, I am afraid it might be a little loud/crowded right after work. as I am pretty sure they do a happy hour. Am now thinking Teaism might be a good option. Or has anyone ever been to Steam Cafe and Lounge on 17th st.?

Dupont Place To Do Work Post-Work

Have a couple of hours to burn between work and a class at 7:30. Looking for a place where I can grab a light bite to eat and do some work/reading in Dupont or even Farragut North. Have thought of Soho Tea and Coffee, Cosi and ABP but was wondering if there are better options in the area. Was considering Bread & Brew, but I'm afraid they'll get a happy hour crowd there, which isn't what I am looking for. Any suggestions?

Crab Feast at Adams Mill Bar

Never been. But just saw a mention of it in the Post's GOG discussion:

Crabs query?: True or false: Adam's Mill serves steamed crabs?

Also - went to weekly (and final) crab special at Art & Soul last night. It was affordable, but middling...

Julia: Wow -- true. I totally did not know this. (Fritz did -- obvi!)

Anyway, according to manager Paulie (Pauly?), here's the deal: on Sundays, $85 gets you a pitcher of Bud, corn on the cob, watermelon and a dozen jumbo crabs. "They're really jumbo," he says. "They all say that," says me. "I'm serious! You can come by and check 'em out for yourself!" he replies.

And there you have it. You can split that $85 between people if you want, but, if you do, I will look down on you. Take that dozen down all by yourself!

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

The Washigntonian just posted a pretty comprehensive list of RW menus:

Where to buy amarula

I've seen it at calvert woodley in Van Ness.

Sushi Taro Menu?

I know the revamped Sushi Taro has gotten mixed reviews, but I am hoping to try it out later this month. I was hoping to take a look at the new menu (as I know there are a few different tasting-type menus in addition to the a la cart menu) but Sushi Taro does not have a menu posted on their Web site. I've sent an e-mail but haven't gotten a response yet. Was wondering if anyone has a menu they could post or knows where I could find one online. Thanks!

Minibar reservations

Any chance you'll be heading back through DC on the Sunday? If so, I'd highly recommend doing Cafe Atlantico's Latino Dim Sum. It's not the same experience as Mini Bar, but still really fun and very innovative dishes:

top client coming to visit DC - need top notch wine list with matching menu for this Tuesday...

Proof has a great wine list. I like the food there, too but think the apps are better than the entrees. Dino is not as high-end as Equinox or CityZen but has a really great wine list and solid Italian food.

Minibar reservations

Did they tell you where on the waiting list you are? Since you are only two ppl, maybe you'll be able to get a spot still if there is a cancellation. My fingers are crossed for you. I agree with Ericandblueboy that Komi would be a great second choice.

DC Restaurant Week--August 2009. Dates?

I just got an e-mail from SEI saying that they are going to do RW for the entire month of August.

DC Restaurant Week--August 2009. Dates?

The Wash Post GOG has a list of participating restaurants up now:

Official list will be out Monday.

Coming to DC and dining at BLT Steakhouse and Sushi Taro

I haven't been to the new sushi taro so I can't comment personally. I know it's received a lot of criticism from those who use to frequent sushi taro pre renovations/revamped menu, etc. However, Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post gave it a great review: Please report back -- I am eager to hear about your experience.

DC Restaurant Week--August 2009. Dates?

See recent thread: Looks like the dates/participating restaurants will be announced next Monday 7/27

good food, good atmosphere for large group of guys in dc???

What about Brasserie Beck? It's on 11 and K so not too far from the DC Improv and has a fantastic beer list and great Belgian food. Less expensive than BLT and perfect for a great and fun meal.

Vegan-Friendly Near Woodley Park?

What about
Lebanese Taverna:
Open City: ?