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Prix Fixe Menu - Holiday Season

Does anyone know of a restaurant(s) in the downtown area that is offering a prix fixe menu during the holiday season.

My co-workers are looking for a place to celebrate the holiday season. Would like to keep it in the price range of $25 for a late lunch event.


Slider Hamburger buns

I tried the search feature, but must have typed in something a little different.

Thanks for the info.

Slider Hamburger buns

Anyone out there know where I can buy the hamburgers buns for sliders. Haven't had much luck...preferably in the T,O. area.


Great Restaurants near Air Canada Center

Try the Harbour Sports Grill, across the street from the Toronto Star building. My daughter loves eating there.

Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto eateries

How about the Granite Brewery

Thai Restaurants in Burlington

If you want to venture a little further east (in Mississauga), there is a restaurant called the Big Bowl, on Dundas east of Winston Churchill. It is fantastic, great prices for good food. The place is always packed, for lunch and/or dinner.

Pizza Slices at Yonge & St. Clair - Bayview and Eglinton??

Try Bigman's Pizza south of Davisville on Bayview I think it's at Millwood

Greasy Spoon Restaurants

Thanks Googs....

Greasy Spoon Restaurants

Try the Good Bite. On Yonge St north of Eglinton....its been there since I was a kid...and still going strong.
Actually I think they have their own website (I'm pretty sure)

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I've seen people lined up for fish and chips at Penrose.....I think that's the name....On Mount Pleasant south of Eglinton

Tabla - Anyone rec?

I've been to this place. I really enjoyed the food.
The service wasn't the greatest, but I think that was due to it being a new establishment, they just weren't totally prepared.

Not sure about whether it was pricey or not, it was my first time trying an Indian restaurant.

Winterlicious GOOD portions?

Filet of Sole I believe closed down....not too long ago

Good Mexican Food in Toronto?

It's funny you ask about Cdn Food. Our neighbourhood held a pot luck dinner for it's residents, but the catch was you had to bring a dish native to your country. I live in a very diverse neighbourhood and being virtually the only Cdn I made home made Mac and Cheese and butter tarts. We ended up with Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dominican, Argentinian, Guayanese and Jamician was great.

Indian Cuisine at Yonge and Eglinton

Thanks everyone.....I'll try them.

I did find another restaurant, just opened 5 wks ago. It's called Tabla, it's about 1/2 block north of Sporting Life on Yonge St.

Food was good, but the servers are still trying to figure their way around.

Indian Cuisine at Yonge and Eglinton

Does anyone know of a good restuarant in the Y+E area for Indian food?

Looking for a Cool Spot for Group Xmas Party...Help!

what about the Academy of Spherical Arts???

New Year's Eve

I have heard that the Harbour Castle has dinner and dance for New Year's. Check that place out.


Wow.....Three Coins is still around....I can remember my dad taking me there back in the 70's.