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Review - Cholo's Kitchen New Rochelle (skip the Mexican places!)

On Lawton right off Main St. in New Rochelle. We went there on a whim last night - it's fairly charming in a modest way with lots of nicely done container plantings and cheerful color scheme. Service was friendly and informal and prompt, food was served very quickly. I had a very good fried beef dish served over french fries with rice - it was very well flavored and I ate every last bit. My wife had a fried chicken cutlet that was extremely well executed (surprisingly tricky to get this right - I use veal parmigiana as a litmus test for Italian restaurants, and this is comparable) - nicely flavored, light and straight from the fryer. Low point of the meal was lousy Peruvian beer (Cristal), which clearly isn't the restaurant's fault.

Very good restaurant - I highly recommend and will return - it's much better than the various Mexican restaurants that line Main St, which I usually find disappointing.

Cholos Kitchen
4 Lawton St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Southern Westchester: Kid Friendly and Not So Kid Friendly?

I second Lollypop's advice - Piper's Kilt has VERY GOOD burgers and is informal and child tolerant. Il Baccio is very good as well but we generally see older kids (8+) there - the service is a bit loopy. Another good choice is Gordy's at 502 New Rochelle Rd (near Pelham/Bronxville/Eastchester) - they have 6 or 8 booths with TVs in them. The food is adequate (I differ with those who think the burgers are special) but the glass teat makes for a quiet meal. Service is indifferent but amiable.

Gordy's Steak House
502 New Rochelle Rd, Bronxville, NY 10708

II Bacio Trattoria
1 Park Pl, Bronxville, NY 10708

Piper's Kilt
433 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY

Lots of over-ripe bananas... but we don't care for banana bread. Ideas?

I've made Alton Brown's banana ice cream before and it's very nice (very much like a gelato):

May 20, 2007
MarkD in Home Cooking

Westchester Ice Cream Spots???

I second Il Bacio all around - pizza, pasta (bolognese) and gelato are all very good. Service if fair, it's a bit crowded but very casual with a good vibe. Nice takeout.

Moving to Pelham - delivery, take out - where do you go?

That's the place I had in mind - I'll have to give it a try and report back.

Moving to Pelham - delivery, take out - where do you go?

I second everything Pat Hammond says above - I have a weakness for the sandwiches at Modern Pizzeria. Good luck navigating the back streets to get to their parking lot, however.

We also like Yvonne's both for dining in and takeout - it's a nice restaurant, exceedingly pleasant staff and the buffet is better than you would expect. Yvonne's isn't cheap, however. Haven't tried the trotters but will now!

For slices, we're fond of the place across from Huguenot Church at Four Corners. The wine shop there isn't bad if you want to grab something while you wait for the pizza.

I've never found a restaurant that wouldn't provide take-out, so I would throw in Cafe Regatta on 5th Ave in Pelham, although I've never done takeout from there. We've had good dining experiences there although it's quite expensive.

In general, Pelham's dining options are pretty weak unfortunately. The posts above about nearby towns and Queens/Bronx are more to the point. I'm very fond of Bronxville for dining out - you can take local roads there in about 5 minutes depending on where you live. I'm particularly fond of II Bacio Trattoria - really everything this is good (especially the gourmet pizzas and the bolognese) and they do nice takeout. It's a great date night out - go to the Bronxville theater (generally sophisticated movies shown) and a stroll over to Il Bacio Trattoria. Nice ice cream for dessert, too.

Rangoli, a Pelham institution, has reopened after the landslide (which has ruined a big chunk of Pelham's downtown) right across the line in New Ro on Main Street (or is it Huguenot Street? You'll figure it out). We had TERRIBLE takeout from there the other day but it's generally a good restaurant and has been well reviewed in its new incarnation by others. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Can other Pelhamites or neigbors comment on actual real delivery? Most of the places above are takeout - I'm a capable cook and would rather whip something up rather than deal with the nuisance of takeout in general. I miss the Upper West Side - I could call 30 places and within 30 minutes have food at my door...

I'd be curious if JMF could highlight some of the better resources in Queens - I know Arthur Ave but haven't explored Queens. Also, I know the Mexican places in New Ro but wonder about South American - I think I spied a Peruvian restaurant at some point but haven't tried it.

Mark in Pelham

Best take home from Grand Central

CTEats does a good job summarizing - I would say that the fish markets are both very high end and priced accordingly. The prime steaks at the italian butcher are expensive but consistent with prime meats at other NYC butchers, but the other stuff is tolerably priced. I sometimes find the counter men a little inexperienced, but maybe I just got used to Bob Pence at Oppenheimer's on the UWS.

I love the baguettes at Corrado - get the sour dough ones ($2, but larger than the regular ones).

Dishes is very good, somewhat pricey, prepared food. I'm always pleased with the quality and it's usually quite interesting.

Oren's is one of my favorite coffee roasters - I love their Oren's Special Blend.

I love LiLac chocolate.

Jan 07, 2007
MarkD in Manhattan

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

I would also highly nominate Il Bacio Trattoria in downtown Bronxville (off Pondfield Road near the train station). Really wonderful pizza and exceptional pasta with meat sauce. No reservations and a scrum, esp. over the weekend, but takeout is pretty good. The ice cream there is also excellent.

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

I second Sra Sawnky's endorsement of Modern Pizza - it's very good, but the menu is more pizzeria than italian restaurant. I like the meatball parm sandwich, and the baked ziti is good.

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Zanaro's in WP's City Center? I'm would be happy to learn that it's now a wonderful restaurant, but we went there about a year ago and it was memorably HORRIBLE - the service was awful and the food inedible. I can't imagine their takeout wouldn't follow the same formula...

Sliced to order bacon in Lower Westchester

I would guess that the reason the Whole Foods bacon gets such bad reviews is that it may be a "nitrate (nitrite?) free" variety. Cured meats without nitrates is just not a great idea.

Westcester Pannetone Bakery?

You might be talking about Chester Heights Pastry Shop on New Rochelle Road - it's sort of between Pelham, Bronxville and Eastchester. The number, says Google, is (914) 668-0862. It's a pretty decent shop, although I have a low opinion of Italian American pastries. Give them a call and find out...

Best Supermarket Westchester

I agree with the poster who said they've given up on trying to get all their groceries in one place. I've spent the last 1.5 years here in Westchester trying to find the good stuff I got used to in NYC. I would observe:

1) I find Stupid Stop & Shop to be vile. The service is horrible, the meat is nasty, the produce is limp and overpriced. Blech. You will never see me there.

2) Stew Leonard's isn't bad - if you have kids it's a good place to shop (my eldest never gets tired of the dancing banana). Posters are correct about the steaks not being great but basics like flank steak and pork ribs are just fine and well priced. Fruit and veg are passable. The dairy is very good - they are also the ONLY place I've ever been to that sells pastuerized (versus ultra-pastuerized) heavy cream - by the half gallon, even! I also find both the cream cheese and the cottage cheese superb. They also stock some higher-end chicken that's decent. It's a very well run store.

3) DeCicco's, referred to by many posters by its "insider Pelham" name of C-Town, is pretty good (it's on 5th Ave near the train station). Its produce is beneath my consideration, but the meat is excellent (very rare for a grocery, they sell lots of prime meat). It's also a very well stocked grocery with phenomenal service - there's never a wait to check out and they're extraodinarily helpful. It's not a gourmet grocery but it succeeds very well at what it attempts. Pricey.

4) Viva Ranch on Hueguenot, mentioned above, is one of my favorite places to shop. It confirms my belief that Hispanics simply won't stand for the mediocre quality of produce sold at Anglo stores. Although sometimes the produce is not as fresh as it could be (examine your berries carefully), the variety is staggering, absolutely staggering, and the price is awesome. I can do a full fruit and veg shop for a family of four and can't spend more than $25. Great place. Did I mention the variety?

5) FreshDirect is expensive and only fair in quality (I'm frequently disappointed in the meats). It has good cheese. It also has very good variety and is very reliable. We used it in NYC and use it here in Pelham all the time.

MarkD in Pelham.