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Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

I picked up two crabs from a boat at Pillar Pt. Harbor this past Thurs. (11/15) for $5/lb. Got there in the late afternoon so they were a little under 2lb each, but still decent meat/weight ratio, made for a good steamed crab dinner and leftovers into crab bisque.

Ma Bo Tofu Ramen @ Ramen Rama, Cupertino

Ramen Rama and the adjoining Red Miso are permanently closed, replaced by yet another Hawaiian place it seems.

ABC Seafood, Foster City, surprisingly good.

I went to ABC Seafood with my family for CNY dinner a few months ago, and in contrast we had a pretty bad experience. First they somehow lost the pre-order my mom had made with them over the phone. After ordering from the menu, we start getting our food. One of the waiters comes by and tells us they're out of clams and's not a busy night and the restaurant isn't even full, yet they run out of seafood a seafood restaurant??? Then mysteriously we get our crab order anyway, but it's a tad undersized. Our steamed fish was undercooked; it was still raw near the spine. The worst though was the deep-fried rice-stuffed whole chicken. It looked to me a bit overly fried. Upon tasting, the skin and meat inside was very bitter melon bitter. No one in our party ate anymore of this dish. When we complained to the waitstaff, they looked at us puzzled but made no apology or explanation or offer to remove the item from the bill. My mom even told them in Chinese so I don't think there was a communication problem.

I've eaten here several times in the past for dim sum, and while the food was never great it was usually decent. After this experience though I doubt I'd go back again.

Marukai opening in Cupertino

Sounds like Marukai might not open in Cupertino after all. I was hoping Marukai would offer similar offerings (prepared foods, food court) to their SoCal locations, but guess the planning commission/local neighbors saw otherwise. Such a shame...

From the article:

The Cupertino Planning Commission on a 2-1 vote turned down an application by Marukai, a Japanese chain grocery store, to open at the Marketplace Shopping Center.

Commissioners took the action Dec. 11, saying that the market's plan to cut and package fish and meat violated a city ordinance regarding on-site food preparation at the rear of the strip mall at 19680-19720 Stevens Creek Blvd. The applicant can appeal the decision to the city council.

The ordinance, known as resolution 3055, mandates that new businesses at the rear area of the Marketplace center, which is near residences along Bixby Drive, cannot have on-site food preparation. Marukai had eliminated a proposed kitchen from the planning of its new store because of the ordinance.

Tofu Cabin in San Mateo

I just ate at Tofu Cabin SM last night. My GF ordered the combo soon dubu of meat and seafood so I tried some of hers. A little lacking on the seafood component (counted two shrimps and one clam in shell) but flavor was OK I thought...I think the soon dubu at places in the south bay like Tofu House near Lawrence Exp. are better. I ordered the galbi; the marinade was very sweet, but not bad. A tad undercooked to my liking.

For their meat dishes, they have the requisite vents above and space in the table for self-grilling, but they charge you more vs. having the kitchen cook your food (something I've never seen at other Korean restaurants here) I've eaten here three times so far and have never seen anyone grill at their table... As other people have said, a little more pricey but still better than the few choices there are on the peninsula.

Takoyaki outside of festivals

This isn't in SF or E. Bay, but in the past I've gotten freshly made takoyaki from the Nijiya market in Mt. View. They usually have them in their refrigerated deli section, but I don't know when they actually make them...only once or twice were they still warm from the grill.

Fatima Restaurant (SJO) Damaged by Fire

It looks like post-fire, Fatima has moved to the building where Canton Delights on Bandley Dr. in Cupertino used to be. Drove by there today and they had a big grand opening banner in front. Looked busy.

Anyone try Little Shanghai in San Mateo?

FYI I walked by the restaurant last weekend and there was a handwritten sign on the door saying they were temporarily closed due to management change.

San Mateo Suzuyou Has Changed to Yoko's

I just went there last Friday, and the "new" restaurant is almost exactly the same as Suzuyou. The chef in the kitchen is the same, decor is mostly the same (new chairs), even the menus are the same (still say Suzuyou on them). Only the matronly Japanese woman when it was Suzuyou seems to be gone, replaced presumably by the new namesake.

Most importantly, the food IMHO is still the same too...meaning good. :-)