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Dining options south of DFW airport

In town 2 nights for work, close to the airport. Will have a car and co-workers. Looking for dining options south of DFW airport, or further out. $ not really a factor since this is business travel. Looks like most of the good stuff is in downtown Dallas? Thanks in advance.

Apr 27, 2015
TrollKing in Dallas - Fort Worth

Long weekend in Miami Beach coming up

It definitely fit the bill for a vegetarian, from a menu perspective.

We didn't know what kind of restaurant it wants to be from a style-perspective. Music, TV's, art and lighting were all over the map.

Long weekend in Miami Beach coming up

So after my trip the two highlights were 27 and Yardbird. I can't say enough about the two. Service, food and atmosphere for each was outstanding. Oolite was a bit of a disappointment.

Long weekend in Miami Beach coming up

Hey all,

I'm going to be perusing this board over the next few days to get some ideas, but feel free to throw out some recommendations too. I'll be in Miami Beach. Pretty much anything goes, with a focus on veg friendly or locavore

One night for dinner in Birmingham

So we went to Niki's mostly to placate my co-worker who wanted something basic. He didn't even like the buffett so we both ordered fish off the menu. It was good not great. I had the stuffed grouper and he had the snapper. Supplemental rolls were excessive but the cinnamon roles were good.

Apr 11, 2014
TrollKing in Central South

One night for dinner in Birmingham

I'll be south of town near Lakeshore. I've read about Niki's but Hot & Hot sounds appealing too.

Apr 04, 2014
TrollKing in Central South

One night for dinner in Birmingham

I'm in town for one night and could use a dinner rec. Southern and/or local food preferred over anything else. Money and distance are less important.

Apr 03, 2014
TrollKing in Central South

What's good in Bretton Woods/Jackson these days?

New Hampshire

What's good in Bretton Woods/Jackson these days?

Maybe having a guys night out after golf next weekend. Any good places to take a group for beers and good food? Shannon Door? Rosa Flamingo's?

ISO good imported wine and liquor store in Boston area

The Wine Emporium on Columbus Ave in Boston, or Gordon's in Waltham are good smaller shops.

Prices will most always be higher at smaller stores than at warehouse stores. Some BJ's in the area have alcohol at very good prices. Can't speak about CostCo locations around here.

Jul 24, 2013
TrollKing in Greater Boston Area

Sunday lunch, not brunch, between Worcester & Newton?

Armsby Abbey in Worcester does a killer brunch. Plated meals, no buffet. Locally sourced ingredients and unusual cocktails. Only drawbacks are limited outdoor seating, sharing with the crowd, and the bill could grow beyond your budget as you want to try everything.

Jun 25, 2013
TrollKing in Greater Boston Area

Looking for a place for Sunday night dinner in Newport RI

Brick Alley Pub has variety, a bar, is affordable, generally decent, and should be quietish on a Monday. Good middle ground.

Buying Live Lobsters

I've taken 20+ soft-ish shell lobsters from Auburn to Pittsburgh and they were fine, including an overnight. Layer in a cooler, from the bottom up; ice-newspaper-lobster-newspaper-lobster-newspaper-ice. Top off ice occasionally but make sure not to crush them. Drain melted water from the bottom so there's never more than .5" of water or so.

Place to Eat between Boston and Amherst?

Armsby Abbey. Main St in Worcester. No question.

Naragansett , RI

How far are you willing to drive? I can suggest places in Newport but don't know 'Gansett that well. The Coast Guard House is popular but I can't speak to quality. Pt. Judith has some good clam shacks. I ate at the Amalfi once years ago and it was great, but seems reviews are mixed now.

Ideas for two meals in Green Bay, dinner in Milwaukee.

Went to Titletown Brewing Sunday and Hinterland Monday. Both places killed it, and my co-workers were especially impressed with their meals at Hinterland.

May 01, 2013
TrollKing in Great Lakes

Ideas for two meals in Green Bay, dinner in Milwaukee.

Itinerary change. Two nights in GB means a trip to Hinterland is on the agenda!

Apr 25, 2013
TrollKing in Great Lakes

brunch in Sturbridge.

What do you like? There are lots of options. Rovezzi's, Avellino, The Duck, Cedar St, B.T.s, Kaizen.

brunch in Sturbridge.

B.T.'s food is awesome but they don't serve brunch. Oliver Wright's in Old Sturbridge Village is good, as is the brunch at The Publick House. Check their websites for times.

Ideas for two meals in Green Bay, dinner in Milwaukee.


Apr 10, 2013
TrollKing in Great Lakes

Ideas for two meals in Green Bay, dinner in Milwaukee.

Thanks for the ideas. Sounds like dinner at Hinterland Sunday night in GB for starters.

Apr 08, 2013
TrollKing in Great Lakes

Ideas for two meals in Green Bay, dinner in Milwaukee.

Taking suggestions for meal ideas. I lean towards locavore items, craft beer, regional specialties.

I'll search the board too...


Apr 05, 2013
TrollKing in Great Lakes

Gumbo in Worcester -- worth a try

Already closed and opened under another name, according to their Facebook page. :(

Looking for Thanksgiving options in Western MA.

Reservations have been made at the Cranwell Resort. I emailed the Old Inn but they didn't reply.

Looking for Thanksgiving options in Western MA.

The fact that I'm writing this in November means I'm probably already screwed for reservations. Anyhow, are there are any recommendations to meet for Thanksgiving? My radius stretches from Springfield to Hartford to Stockbridge.

Needs recs for Newport - guys weekend

Myself and friends from college are having a guys weekend coming up and I could use some recommendations for a group dinner, 10 or so. Looking for something besides the Red Parrot or Brick Alley I think. Cost is not a factor, but we'd also lean towards casual rather than formal. Tastes are all over the board.

Red Parrot
348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Where can I buy heart+lung in hartford, ct or springfield, ma area?

Try New Boston Beef in Thompson CT. Their website advertises "select cuts available".

Enricos in Sturbridge..

I've been there 2x in the last few weeks. It's easily the best pizza for miles (and miles) around. The only downside is the seating area is small and fills up quickly at night. Guess it'll have to be take-out!

Enricos Brick Oven Pizzeria
500 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01518

Lunch before CT Wine Trail

I'd suggest lunch at 85 Main in Putnam, then on to Sharpe Hill. The wineries in the Stonington area are then fairly close.

Also see

85 Main
85 Main St, Putnam, CT 06260

Good place to eat away from the crowd after college graduation in Worcester

O'Connor's in West Boylston is minutes north of Worcester. Dino's is decent Italian and is just off Plantation St. Also Cafe Trattoria Espresso is good and BYOB, but I don't know how early they open for late lunch/early dinner. With good highway access, Il Forno in Westboro is very central too.

Il Forno Restaurant
765 W Main St, Branford, CT 06405