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Local source for a bottle of any 1959 wine?

Faced with the same proposition, I found a bottle of 1959 Rivesaltes Rose Vila from K&L at a reasonable price (Around $90). Not in bottle since 1959, so no worries regarding condition. Also a dessert wine (red) best served chilled, but not mandatory. Opened night of due to excitement of the group. Enjoyed by all. K&L not showing it at present, but Wine Globe (?) in San Mateo has it listed as a "special order, 3-4 days" which suggests that K&L may be able to restock as well. Certainly the best bang for the buck.

DC - Metro Center Favorite Take-Out?

OK, I'll check it out. Thanks.

DC - Metro Center Favorite Take-Out?

Thank you. I went to Ceiba's today. I had the Hot Pressed Cuban Sandwich, which was excellent. I sat at the bar and had very helpful service.

Anything else you would recommend during the day?

DC - Metro Center Favorite Take-Out?

I am in Washington DC now through Nov. 9th. Lot's of long days and evenings ahead. I've been assigned by the locals (I live in Sonoma, CA) to find an eclectic list of sure-fire take-out spots that will also serve in the evening. Open to any cuisine, I just need to have each meal keep folks happy. Thanks in advance. I'll be trying the first suggestion tomorrow!