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Hackney eats

Cant vouch for the place but looks interesting. Ten Bells (where the chefs previously ran), was very good. Its in Homerton


1 day ago
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Fashionable new london restaurants?

clove club

Mar 21, 2015
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Jerk Chicken [London]

between the two, i'd say smokey jerkey.

Feb 02, 2015
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Jerk Chicken [London]

Funnily enough - went to Jerk Garden on Brockley Road (near Crofton park) last night - wasnt bad, although not as good as Tasty Jerk. Also Smokey Jerkey on New Cross Road is a pretty good bet..

Feb 01, 2015
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

don't think anyone's mentioned Silk Road in Camberwell yet- for great Big Plate chicken and homestyle cabbage.

also a fan of GoldMine in bayswater for decent cantonese (roasted meats especially)

Oct 17, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Clove Club w/out reservation?

Sometimes they have seating in the bar area (not the regular set menu but a separate a la carte bar menu). although it might be a little harder since they got their michelin star...

Oct 10, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Undercover Boss - tonight on ITV

was joking.
i very much imagine it's run by a bunch of suits who run half a dozen other 'interests' in their 'portfolio'...

Aug 21, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Undercover Boss - tonight on ITV

quite hard to disguise Antonio Carluccio isn't it? :D

Aug 20, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Kimchi in London

Picked some up at Wing Yip in Croydon today - home made stuff. havent tried it yet but looks pretty good. You need a car to get there tho.

Aug 17, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Pre-theatre in Dalston, post theatre near Barbican

the Mangal on Arcola Street (pretty much directly opposite the Theatre I believe) still remains IMO one of the best Turkish in London. Always busy but get there early and you should be fine. haven't been for a year or so, but the quality was always good over the past 10 years i've been frequenting the joint. A mixed Grill with Quail and a starter between 2 is usually more than enough. The Bread is great. Very good value overall.

As for Barbican - I do like Pham Sushi on Whitecross street for good price v quality Sushi. I don't usually go for bastardised versions of sushi but do try the Crunchy Tuna Roll. It's a short walk from Barbican. There are other places on Whitecross street that i havent been to but perhaps others can vouch for.

May 12, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland


HI there

Will staying a few days in the Arroios neighbourhood, not far from the fishmarket. Was wondering if anyone can suggest any great neighbourhood restaurants in the local area.

Looking for suggestions on any kind of good value, local food. Non touristy, non fussy places. Fresh seafood, great grilled chicken etc would be great!


May 09, 2014
foreignmuck in Spain/Portugal

'Special' Japanese - not Sushi

Just got back from Hunan. On the whole - great. I wont go into detail as it will take too long, but i'd say the vast majority of dishes were very well excecuted, with a few 'fillers'. Very generous amount (over 18 dishes) for a very reasonable price of £50 per head. It exceeded expectations. Most dishes were very elegant seasoned and well cooked. Favourites dishes included Spicy Squid, fried green beans, steamed Scallops.. the list goes on

Very friendly and efficient service.
Understated but classy decor.

Will definitely return

May 08, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

'Special' Japanese - not Sushi

Agree Koya is great - haven't been for a while but would love to try some of the new dishes - Below is a review I did from when it first opened and it was great then.


Min Jiang is certainly worth considering. Cheers!

May 04, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

'Special' Japanese - not Sushi

Given that it's seemingly quite tricky to meet our requirements and we've already been to the place most people suggest , I think we'll ditch the Japanese idea all together and go Chinese -

Hunan in Pimlico is currently top of the pile. Anyone been?

May 03, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

'Special' Japanese - not Sushi

Thanks. Good call. Funnily enough we went there for the last anniversary!

May 02, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

'Special' Japanese - not Sushi

Hi everyone.

Was wondering if you have any ideas on the following: I'm looking for a relatively high end Japanese restaurant (say £60-70 per head) in London for our wedding anniversary.

We love sushi but due to current circumstances, my wife cannot eat raw presently. We therefore are looking for somewhere that excels in other cooked things.

Other points to note is that we both are Japanese and lived there , so we know good Japanese food very well.

Good 'fusion' cuisine could work as long as it's good. Can't be too pretentious.

Would rather avoid anywhere too formal or stuffy (kiku and kikuchi we've been to before - both good but a bit 'vanilla'.

Hip is good but not hipster (eg that new Kurobuta place in Marylebone looked nice in a way but a but a bit too annoyingly hipster - anyone been?)

Been wanting to try Dinings but the menu looks a bit raw-heavy, which would be a bit frustrating! And a touch pricey too.

Can anyone think of anywhere 'special' that fits the bill?


May 02, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

[LONDON] Great Ramen @ Cocoro Bloomsbury

Know what you mean about being disappointed by London ramen in general. give it a go though. Be curious to hear what you think. I think the Takumi guy is relatively new.

Apr 11, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

[LONDON] Great Ramen @ Cocoro Bloomsbury

Yep, 25 Coptic street. interested to hear your thoughts..

Apr 11, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

[LONDON] Great Ramen @ Cocoro Bloomsbury

The ever evolving London ramen scene has seen a steady growth over the the past few years, but the quality in my opinion has ranged from dire (Cocoro Marylebone, Tonkoksu East) to mediocre (Ittenbari, Nagomi) to nearly there (Bone Daddies).. Nothing has quite yet hit the spot. The relatively new Cocoro in Bloomsbury (sister restaurant to Cocoro Marylebone) focuses on Ramen and curry rice at weekends, with a wider menu during the week. It was the nearest I’ve had to ‘real’ Japanese ramen in London to date, with a talented chef who has allegedly come over from Takumi in Dusseldorf, renowned by aficionados to be one of the best ‘serious’ ramen restaurants in Europe.

The Tonkotsu ramen (£10.80) was available in regular, light or kotteri (thick/rich) formats. I opted for the regular. The bowl appeared in a few minutes and had all the hallmarks of a quality bowl:

- Piping hot broth : Many restaurants fall down at the crucial first hurdle and serve lukewarm soup which brings down the satisfaction levels a few notches.
- Noodle texture : Perfectly cooked springy noodles - firm but not al-dente. Super satisfying .
- Oil : The soup was insulated by an oil slick of Exxon Valdez proportions. No-one can claim that ramen is a health food, but the wonderful garlic flavoured oil coats the noodles as you slurp, giving you unparalleled comfort and satisfaction. This is why it tastes so damned good!
- Depth of soup : a complex rich, porky broth was a cut above many competitors. Some serious care and attention has obviously gone into its preparation.
- Well made toppings including a ‘hanjuku’ boiled egg (glistening, gelatinous yolk) and lovely soft slices on char-shu belly pork along with nori, kikurage (wood ear fungus) and sweetcorn.

My wife had the miso ramen which was also pork based but had less of an oil slick and a full bodied, almost tangy taste from the fermented miso. There was also an Ume-shio which looked interesting too. (Japanese plum/salt ramen)

We were there about 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and the place was dead, which was a shame. It’s a purist, no frills kind of a place with very plain décor and clearly lacks the buzz of somewhere like Koya or Bone Daddies which seems more engineered to suit the London market. Hopefully the food alone is good enough to attract customers.

All in all, Cocoro (Bloomsbury, not Marylebone) can certainly put up a good fight against some of the higher ranking places in Japan, and it is without doubt a cut above many of its peers in London. Will be interesting to see how it compares with the daddy of them all – Ippudo, which is set to land on our shores imminently.

Apr 06, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Dry fried beef strips @ Crystal China, Tower Bridge Road/Southwark, London

Wow - just got back from a visit to this place. Not far from work so popped in for dinner.

The Dry fried beef was probably the most intense Ma-La experience i've ever had. Even more so than the fish hot pot dish at Number 10. The fried squid with BBQ sauce was beautiful with slices of celery and and a spicy, cumin flavour. Salted Egg Yolk prawns were a steal (from the 1/2 price seafood menu) a good dozen fried prawns lightly coated in salted egg and crispily fried. We were going to order the lobster w/ ginger and spring onion, but the waitress suggested against it as the lobster was frozen and portions small. good call. The intensity of the Szechuan pepper in the dry fried beef however made everything else taste extremely salty to me. incredible how this tricks your tastebuds. Be good to get advice on what would best counter act this.

This was an outstanding meal - no messing around. A mix of western folks (mainly eating the standard fayre), and loads of chinese mostly tucking into the dry hotpot, which we have to try next time.

Prices not expensive but not particularly cheap. £50 for 2 with 4 beers and service.

Mar 14, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Hammersmith - Baron/Earl's Court - London

No, i haven't been to Jin Kichi recently. Last time was a good few years back. Was pretty decent if I recall. would you recommend it now?

Feb 06, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Hammersmith - Baron/Earl's Court - London

Went to Tosa a few months ago - seemed to have gone massively downhill unfortunately. Pork and Shiso kushi used to be really lovely but now a lot smaller and just a bit rank tasting. other yakitori items lacked the charred tastiness. Shame, as that place used to be pretty good for a UK yakitori bar. (or maybe they had an off day)..

Feb 05, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Budget Recs for Lewisham, South East London

no exactly Indian, but Mezze Mangal on lewisham way deserves a mention - Great turkish food...

By the time you get here, Maddy's Fish bar should be open, in New Cross. A brand new fish and chips venutre, which i'm sure will be great....just near New Cross station, next to an (also great) cafe called The London Particular. Not too far from Lewisham.

Feb 03, 2014
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Tenner a head in London

Someone mentioned FM Mangal.

Silk Road over the road in Camberwell is absolutely killer and dirt cheap too!

you can't go wrong.

Nov 26, 2013
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Ibiza recs?

Es Caliu is well worth a visit - amazing steak / grill restaurant with a charming garden, on the St Joan Road (about km13.5 if i remember correctly - look out for the windmill.. the bbq ed ox is amazing! (not on the menu!)

most of the beach restaurants on the east of the island (cala mastella, cala boix etc all do decent seafood ..

Aug 18, 2013
foreignmuck in Spain/Portugal

Dorset in early August

Not sure if you've made a mistake but Blandford Forum is nowhere near Highclere Castle.. Highclere is near Newbury in Berkshire.

Are you getting mixed up with Highcliffe Castle (in Dorset, but not too near Blandford Forum either)

Jul 25, 2013
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

dish of the month - feb 2013

What was the name of the place, do you know? And where? I grew up in the New Forest area and sometimes down there.


Mar 09, 2013
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Lucky Fried Chicken at the Grafton Pub (Kentish Town, London)

Was really looking forward to this - im a big fried chicken fan but this was pretty disappointed unfortunately.

The Chicken itself was nice but the batter (the most important bit!) although it tasted good lacked any sort of crunch or substance. Was just a thin and soggy mess.

Mashed potatoes were cold, but the coleslaw was decent.

I'm surprised they sent it out to be honest. Maybe a bad day

Mar 06, 2013
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Help: 'gourmet' ice cream van's (London)

We had Sorbitium ices at our wedding last year. They do great seasonal flavours to order and are lovely folks too. We had super premium Chocolate, salted caramel, and a damson and cobnut cream - all superb. Check them out. http://www.sorbitiumices.com/

ps - dont think petra does chocstar any more since she's stated doing Eat Street and now Kerb.....

Jan 15, 2013
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland

Dish of the month - December 2012

Was that the Botan ebi tempura by any chance, limster (one of the specials)? Had it the other week. Was really great, especially the cruchy head! :)

Everything we had at Kikuchi was great, I thought.

Dec 22, 2012
foreignmuck in U.K./Ireland