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Has anyone been to Watermark Irish Pub?

I have been a couple of times over the past year due to proximity to work. Food is average at best. Drinks are... drinks. I wouldnt make a special trip unless you are close by as there are lots of superior pubs in the city with much better food.

New Dim Sum at Yonge & St. Clair?

It has been open for a few days now, has anyone been?

New Dim Sum at Yonge & St. Clair?

I recently saw the signage go up at the formet site of Didier. It will be called Kwan and promises dim sum and other chinese cuisine. Anyone have any information on owners or opening dates?

Playa Cabana, Mexican -111 Dupont, a quick review

Let us know what you think of the food once you have eaten there.

Playa Cabana, Mexican -111 Dupont, a quick review

The food is great, the staff is terrific and have a great attitude and the vibe is cool. Very neighbourhoody. I have been twice and have had memorable experiences each time. If you want a cheap burrito, got for fast food.

Simply Mexican - has anyone been yet?

I see Simply Mexican has finally opened on Yonge St. south of St. Clair. Has anyone tried it out yet? That neighbourhood is ready for some good mexican chow.

Public - new on College St.

I haven't been able to find any reviews or comments about Public, a new restaurant at the corner of College & Clinton in the space where Tempo used to be. Has anyone been?

Strawberry rhubarb tart from Flaky Tart

You should also try their ginger snaps, quite amazing.

Dinner near AMC Theatre at Dundas Square

I think the prices are fair for the quality you get. $12 for an excellent burger (made with Cumbrae's beef) and fries is pretty competitive. Ditto the club sandwich and fries for the same price. A number of American chains are popping up around Dundas Square serving overpriced, forgettable food; thankfully there are a few independent spots like the Senator still around.

Recommendations for Superb Breakfast Place?

Head down to The Senator near Yonge & Dundas - great vibe and open for breakfast around 7:30 a.m.

President's Choice Chocolate w. Sea Salt

None left at Bloor & Dundas, are there none left in the city?? Help!

President's Choice Chocolate w. Sea Salt

I became addicted to President's Choice chocolate covered caramel with sea salt late last year and I haven't been able to find a centrally located store that still carries them. Has anyone spotted them or are they gone forever?

Where to find Halloumi cheese in Toronto

If you are in the midtown area I saw it at the Forest Hill Loblaws last weekend - that is at St. Clair W. and Bathurst.

Restaurant Openings, 2009 (Toronto)

It is a second location for The Green Eggplant which is in the Beach on Queen St. W. Apparently it's 'upscale family dining'. I am believe its something like a scaled down version of the U.S. Cheesecake Factory chain but I haven't been to either location to confirm.

Szechuan - Toronto - Where to go

Both Sezchuan Legend and Chili Secret are excellent. There is also an option named Hot Spicy Spicy at Leslie & Finch that is less atmospheric but not bad. All 3 are definitely authentic szechuan. If you are going to Szechuan Legend I would also recommend the tea smoked duck - unique and delicious, even for non-duck lovers. The dumplings in chili oil are also great.

Northern Chinese Food - Great NEW find in Richmond Hill!

Thanks for the recommendation, we tried it out on Saturday night. The dumplings were excellent, as was the pork with garlic sauce that you recommended - it was a surprise favourite. However, overall for szechuan cuisine I must say that I prefer either Szechuan Legend or Chili Secret. On the other hand, who can argue with a huge meal for 3 people for only $45??

Hi Hounds, Best Pancakes Period?? Light & Fluffy with Fresh Berries??

Keep in mind that Mildred Pierce moved from its Sudbury St. location and has re-emerged as Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. I haven't been yet so I can't confirm whether the pancakes made it to the new menu. I personally love the blueberry pancakes at The Senator.

Sushi to go

Can anyone recommend somewhere central that would do up a few dozen pieces of vegetarian sushi for a party?

Dinner recs near the Madison

I second PearlD's suggestion of Serra. The don't normally take reservations but call them, they might make an exception on a Tuesday depending on size of party. Very good italian and not too pricey.

Where to order whole smoked turkey or honey ham?

I can also vouch for the quality at Nortown. The bonus is that they slice it up and then 'reconstitute' the bird. Very handy for serving purposes.

Fresh Chestnuts in time for Thanksgiving 2008?

I noticed them at Longos at York Mills and Leslie last week but didn't look at them closely so cannot speak to their quality. Generally, though, Longos' produce is very good.

What's good in the Annex area?

I agree with the Messis recommendation. Always reliable - quality food at a good price. I also always enjoy Serra on Bloor St. just west of Spadina. Good, flavourful pizza/pasta that won't break the bank. It has been around for years and still seems to attract a crowd.

Sauerkraut & Mushroom Perogies?

There is a brand of frozen perogies (I forget that name - can anyone help?) that I have seen at Brunos and Pusateris. I think they may also be available at Summerhill Market. They are often in their own separate mini chest freezer. They are not as expensive as you might expect and are quite good. Try calling the Brunos at Avenue Rd. south of Wilson and see if they can confirm that they carry them - that is probably closest for you.

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

Not sure what your definition of "fancyish" is, but you could try Wish @ Charles & Yonge.

Any good spots in the Bathurst & St. Clair area?

I second the vote for Ferro. Very casual but excellent chow. Try the Vitelo Salad as an appetizer - it has a thin but tender piece of grilled veal on top of a green salad and is big enough for two. They have a spicy pizza with hot peppers and sausage that is outstanding, as are most everything else.

Chipotle Opens! (Downtown Toronto)

I had a chicken burrito from Mission (as reported in a separate post) last week and was not impressed at all. Much inferior to the other Toronto burritos I have tried (Burrito Boyz, Big Fat Burrito). I found it soggy, not well filled and not particularly tasty.

Mission Burrito

After reading about this place in other posts I walked over to Village by the Grange at lunch today to see if it had opened yet. The name alone brought back memories of all the wonderful burritos in the Mission district of San Francisco and it had me drooling with anticipation. Unfortunately, it turns out that the name is the only thing that this place shares with the burritos of San Fran. For $5.85 (plus tax) I got a limp and soggy burrito. It was poorly folded and some of the fillings (presumably the sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo) were cold so that the entire thing ended up being tepid at best. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought a burrito is supposed to spend a bit of "finishing time" on the grill. Not this baby, folded and stuck straight into its foil wrapper. Even with extra hot sauce it was pretty bland.

Sorry to report that this was a serious disappointment.

Restos near Toronto Centre for Arts?

If you like indian then I would recommend Cuisine of India. Definitely within walking distance and a relatively quick meal if you have theatre tickets.

Where can I fill my Propane Tank downtownish?

I had mine refilled last weekend on the north side of Dupont just west of Bathurst.

Ground Turkey in Toronto

You should try out Longo's, one of the best grocery stores in Toronto. Their produce is always excellent, top quality meats (and pretty good prices too). They have a great variety of fresh sausages - pork, chicken, turkey. Also very good baking. To top it off, the staff are very pleasant and helpful.