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Dallas area prime beef

I am looking for a retail location in the Dallas area to buy dry aged prime beef. I am not looking for wet aged prime Or dry aged choice. I am also not interested in Wagyu. This seems to be a hard find in the area.

Jun 05, 2015
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

something like Hattie's?

I would suggest Sissy's. Although it is loud (Hatties is loud as well).

Nov 26, 2012
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

recs for solo dining, near Warwick Melrose Hotel?

How about Steel ? It's very close to the Melrose has a good bar for dining alone, has MANY non meat options, and the sushi and asian options are quite good.

Mar 27, 2012
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

upcoming 1st trip to Dallas - have a dining plan - would love input

I can tell you've done your homework, you have made good choices. I do think that you have picked many restaurants that serve similiar type food. NS, Bolsa,Brownstone,Fearings and Salum all serve "American" type food. I think Dallas has many Tex Mex and Japanese options that would definately be worth visiting. Perhaps you have chosen these due to the gluten free options or maybe based on where you are coming from you are looking for something different?
Specifically, Tei An, Yutaka, Teppo, Tei Tei for Japanese, and you can search this board for numerous tex mex options.

Tei Tei Restaurant
2906 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Salum Restaurant
4152 Cole Ave Ste 103, Dallas, TX 75204

Mar 15, 2011
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

Il Cane Rosso Closed?

Jay, I appreciate you keeping us posted on your future plans. I am hoping that when you are able to find a permanent location that you are better able to control quality. I have eaten about 10 of your pizzas over the last several months. I would say that 4 of them were excellent, and the other 6 had issues ranging from being undercooked, to the toppings being out of balance as well as underseasoned. Because of your certified status, and the price of your pizzas I would hope to have a better than 40% chance of a good pizza.

Jun 22, 2010
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

Advice Needed for Cocktail Party

I am helping to plan a cocktail party for approx 35 people. I am not used to entertaining this size of a crowd, so I had a few questions.

This party is at 7 pm on a Saturday night, it is assumed that the guests will be making a dinner out of the hors du ouvers and they will probably stay for 3 hours. The guests are not vegetarians, and tend to like simple foods.

How many different items should there be ? I was thinking 7 or 8 different things. With 2 or 3 being hot, the remainder being room temp or cold items.

How many servings per person of each of the various items?

Assuming that the bevarages consist of beer, wine, non-alchohol stuff, and a signature cocktail that would be prepared ahead of time, what quantity of the signature cocktail would be needed?

Here are the things that are in consideration for being served. These are just ideas at this point and we would narrow it down to a subset.

Shrimp Cocktail
Pulled Pork Sliders
Beef tenderloin
Smoked Salmon
Dip of some sort
Crab Streudel
Antipasto Platter
Stuffed Mushrooms
Canapes (toppings undecided)
Whole side of cooked salmon
Cheese/fruit platter
Puff pastry with sausage
Grilled asparagus w/prosciutto
lobster or crab salad
roast beef on a ciabatta with some greens and fancy mayo...

May 09, 2010
PeterQ in General Topics

Manhattan Neighborhood Recommendation

Thank you kathryn, those cocktail bars sound perfect ! Degustation looks amazing, but unfortunately they are not open on Sunday. As far as cuisine, we are open to all, but would like to stay away from french since we will have done that.

Jul 10, 2009
PeterQ in Manhattan

Manhattan Neighborhood Recommendation

I will be visiting Manhattan for 3 nights in a few weeks. Can someone recommend a neighborhood that would be good for wandering around in the evening on a Sunday with no set agenda. We would like to have nice drinks (wine or cocktails), and then a nice dinner (with no reservation, but willing to wait). Preferably the dinner would be under $200 for 2 people with wine. We eat all types of food. Basically I'm looking for a neighborhood that has lots of choices that would fit the above criteria. Our dinners the other two nights are at Babbo and Balthazar.

Bars we have enjoyed in the past
Pegu Club.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions !

Jul 10, 2009
PeterQ in Manhattan

Dallas - In search of marrow bones

I am interested in roasting some marrow bones. Does anyone know where I can find beef or veal marrow bones in Dallas?

Jul 07, 2009
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - In search of Demi-Glace

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I ended up puchasing the demi-glace at Central Market. It comes in a 1.5oz shelf stable container for about $4.50. You reconstitute it in 1 cup of water. I used this to make a Bordelaise sauce. I was not impressed with the Demi-Glace . It didnt have the depth of flavor I had hoped for, and had a strange texture. I would not buy it again. Central Market does carry another demi-glace that is frozen and about 3 times the cost. They were out of it when I was there. Maybe that one would work better.

Dec 15, 2008
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - In search of Demi-Glace

Does anyone know where I can find a Veal based Demi-Glace in Dallas?

Dec 02, 2008
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

Fredericksburg - Recomendations Needed

I am in need of suggestions for a place for dinner Saturday Feb 16th in Fredericksburg. I have never been there, so I do not know what to expect. I am looking for some place nice to celebrate an anniversary, price is not an object, and any type of cuisine is ok.

Any thoughts?

Feb 11, 2008
PeterQ in Texas

Dallas Italian Suggestions

Here are 4 suggestions that are all close to Dowtown. You can read reviews on as well as searching this board.

Nove at Victory Park
Bice at the Crescent
Arcodoro/Pomodoro in Uptown
Nonna in Highland Park

Jan 18, 2008
PeterQ in Texas

DFW - Charlie Palmer

Visited on Saturday night 1-12
The restaurant and bar are very nice, one of the most attractive I have seen in Dallas.
Started in the bar, the bartenders seem to be inexperienced, but were trying hard. They were hand squeezing juices, measuring pours with a jigger and using premium mixers (ie Fever Tree tonic). Complimentary bar snacks included good potato chips and assorted olives. A martini was $12 and the house specialty drinks were $15

Once seated we were presented with the electronic wine list which I liked, as you could search the list with many different criteria. Unfortunately, our wine order "disappeared" and relulted in a 30 minute wait for wine. It was not our first stop of the night, so we only had mains and sides. One dry aged NY Sirloin, Arctic Char, Spinach, Polenta, and Artichokes. The steak ordered medium rare arrived past medium. It was sent back, and this created the awkard part of the evening where my date is eating without me, and all the sides are getting cold. The second steak was cooked to the requested medium rare, but was unremarkable as far as taste, and the "beefyness" that you associate with nice steaks. Perhaps I would have been happier with the Flatiron steak that was the other choice on the menu. The arctic char was excellent and perfectly cooked, it was very moist and had a perfectly crisped skin. It was served with a few seasoned brussell sprout leaves, and a sauce I don't remember. The polenta was very good and very heavy, there must be mass quantities of butter and cheese in this dish. The spinach side which is listed on the menu as "spinach - parmesan" turned out to be creamed. It was very good, but for some reason we assumed it would be wilted, and not creamed. Between the heavy polenta and the creamed spinach, it was a little much. The artichokes listed as barigoule style was something that we have never encountered, and our waiter really didnt do a good job of explaining what it was. Basically it seemed to be warm, pickled artichoke hearts and carrots. Interesting, but not something I would order again. The chef sent out lobster corndogs as an amuse, and they were quite good.
The major drawback of the evening was the service, it was some of the worst I have had in a long time. Our waiter didnt have a clue, from the lost wine order, to not having silverware when needed, inability to talk about the menu, not there when needed, no checking back to see how the food was. All in all it was a great evening, the food was good, the restaurant is attractive, and having fun with my date helped to overcome the horrible service.
Total was 145 before tip with a $50 bottle of wine, not including the bar.
One other note, the place was 100% full, and the bar was packed.

Jan 14, 2008
PeterQ in Texas

DFW - Charlie Palmer

I am going to Charlie Palmer at the Joule. Does anyone have any recomendations or comments?

Jan 10, 2008
PeterQ in Texas

Grimaldi's - Dallas

I was by there on Sat Dec 8th. They were not open yet.

Dec 14, 2007
PeterQ in Texas

Laredo- Nice Restaurant Needed

I need to host an 80th birthday party on the 24th of December in Laredo for approx 8-10 people. It will be in the evening. I am looking for the nicest place that Laredo can offer, no sushi, price is not an issue, and a nice atmosphere is definately a plus. So far I have come up with the 2 restaurants at the La Posada hotel, and Pelicans Wharf. Going accross the border is not an option. Does anyone have any other ideas, or thoughts??

Dec 03, 2007
PeterQ in Texas

Suggestions needed for a dinner date in Dallas

How about Zizikis?

Aug 21, 2007
PeterQ in Texas

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

The Palm has a lobster special going on through the end of July. You can get a 4 lb, 5 lb or 6lb lobster with a bunch of sides for $90,$105,$125 respectively. Its not all you can eat, but a 6 lb lobster would be quite a feed....

Jul 14, 2007
PeterQ in Dallas - Fort Worth

What is the proper way to grate parmesan?

I have many recipes that call for volumes of grated parmesan in portions of a cup (ie. 1/2 cup). There is a big difference in the weight of 1/2 cup parmesan if I grate it with a normal large hole grater versus a microplane versus grating it to a powder in a food processor. Any thoughts on what is the correct method?

Mar 23, 2007
PeterQ in Home Cooking

Question on Parmesan?

I have many recipes that call for grated Parmesan measured by volume in fractions of a cup. There is big difference (by weight) if you grate the same volume of parmesan with a standard large hole grater, a microplane, or "grate" it to a powder in a food processor. What is the correct method of grating Parmesan?

Mar 15, 2007
PeterQ in General Topics

mini burger buns

You could take a 1" round cookie cutter and cut them out of regular store bought buns.

Mar 01, 2007
PeterQ in General Topics

(DFW) In search of Rack of Lamb

Thanks to all who replied, I appreciate the suggestions. This past weekend
I decided to get a single rack from VonGerrtsem butcher on Oak Lawn to see
if it would be suitable for the party. I called the butcher (Greg) on
Saturday morning and told him what I wanted. When I picked it up, I could
tell he had trimmed it quite a bit, and had actually put some effort into
providing me with what I wanted. The rack weighed in at 2 lbs and cost $35.
After roasting it, and slicing it I was dissapointed to see that the fat
cap was still pretty much intact on the chops, basically a layer of fat
approximately 3/8" thick. This was not readily apparent to the eye when it
was in its raw state. Appearance wise I wouldn't be proud to serve it to
company, but it tasted great. All in all I was impressed with the
VonGerrtsem butcher shop and would return. Perhaps I need to change my menu
to some other party friendly big piece of meat?

Oct 23, 2006
PeterQ in Texas

(DFW) In search of Rack of Lamb

I am having a dinner party and need 4 racks of lamb. In the past I have purchased them at Whole Foods, and Rudolphs. I was dissapointed with both because they were not fully frenched. What I am hoping to find is racks where the bones are scraped almost all the way down to the meat, and the thick fat cap is removed so that when they are cut after roasting, they look elegant and not fatty. I have looked on the internet at Niman Ranch, and Jamison Farms, both of them seem to have what I am looking for but at a cost of around $300. Does anyone know of a place in Dallas where I might find what I am looking for at a reasonable price?

Oct 20, 2006
PeterQ in Texas