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Best towns for walking AND food?

Mystic, CT
Stonington, CT
Nantucket, MA
Newport, RI

worcester to hartford - any good spots?

It's only a little over an hour between W & H.... is this a highway trip or a meandering along back roads?...

avon ct - any good seafood/hamburger shacks?

Avon is not really a "shack" town... but if you head West on 44 into Canton there is a drive in place on the left ...after McD's..used to be called Kellys... someone help me out with the current name... that might fit the bill

Help! Birthday dinner decision in CT

How about the Mayflower Inn in Washington?

Great food in Bristol, CT?

If you're staying in Farmington you should make the 5 minute ride into West Hartford center at least once while you're here.... I would hate for your impression of the area to be what lies between the Marriott and ESPN.... culinarily or otherwise...

park anywhere in the center and you can walk to any of 2 dozen good - great spots... some of my favs are

Also..most restaurants in the Center have sidewalk dining

on Farmington Ave...
Arugula... Mediterranean... great flat breads
Max's Oyster Bar...Seafood and a good bar...
Elbow Room...comfort food...nice roof deck dining...
Grants...upscale....'s hidden behind Toy Chest

On LaSalle Rd...
Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan
Bricco..Modern Italian

as well as dessert places and Starbucks

Blue Back Square...

haven't tried any of these new places yet...but maybe others will post

Place to eat halfway from NY to Boston

I agree, Feng is great... but maybe not for a quick stop when you're traveling...

Place to eat halfway from NY to Boston

In downtown Hartford for Mexican is Agave.... about 2 minutes off 84 and you should be able to park on the street this Thursday night

It's not the best Mex I've ever had but will refuel you... and much better than Denny's

From I-84 East:
– Get off exit 48, Asylum Ave.
– Take right onto Asylum Ave.
– Take your 1st left onto Union Place
– Take your 1st right onto Allyn St.
– Last building on left at the Corner of Ann St. and Allyn St. is Agave Grill (100 Allyn St.)

Breakfast/Brunch in Hartford/Farmington?

Your hotel is in an office park with no restaurants in the area....In West Hartford is Quaker Diner on Park Road...maybe 15 minutes from your hotel

Essex Lunch Suggestions

Olive Oyls in Essex Village is a good spot to P/U gourmet takeout.. You can eat in the waterfront park across the street..

Passion fruit near Hartford

try Appletree Market on New Park Ave...across from Home Depot... they have lots of produce that you don't always see in "regular" grocery stores

Cafe Grounded in Guilford

went there once for lunch... the food was mediocre and the service was abysmal... too's a cool little spot

Restaurants between NYC and Cromwell, CT

for breakfast on the way up is City Limits Diner in Stamford....right off 95...on the way back stop in New Haven at Ibiza for excellent Spanish food in an adult (not stuffy) setting

Margaritas = mediocre

If you've never had good Mexican ( or any other type of food) you have nothing to compare it to... If it's new to the area and a chain, it seems people will flock there.. it's quantity over quality...It's like when a restaurant reviewer will get slammed for criticizing some ones' favorite spot... the reviewer has has much more dining experience and a broader palate to make a judgement whereas the regular customer may go back to the same spots over and over and order the same thing... they think it's good because that's what they know... sorry to go off topic...


Brix is just that.. a nice little wine bar/bistro...The large space may have been Spice, which I believe closed recently....

Seeking Fresh Sardines for Cooking

I think you may be able to get them at Apple Tree produce/fish market on New Park Ave in Hartford (across from Home Depot)

Where to find purple potatoes - CT

You can get them (sometimes) at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's...I see them occasionally at Waldbaums also

dinner at Ibiza

I think you mean Ibiza.... my favorite restaurant in New Haven....

Anniversary Dinner in Hartford Area

if she likes steak, fish, lobster, paella and sushi.... she will like Feng... it's no more $$ than any other anniversary quality dinner...and probably less than Flemings... and there's always Max Downtown... and they validate parking in the garage...

Hartford Restaurant

Karen, there are many chowhounders ready to help you....but, come on....a little help from you...what kind of food? much would you like to spend? you want downtown recs?..

Hartford Convention Center Eats

Pretty much any restaurant in downtown Hartford is within walking distance for a 2 hour lunch... can you give more specifics on type of food or $... or search the board for downtown refs...if it's nice out there are a few outside options...Vito's (on Bushnell Park)..Hot Tomatoes (in Union Station) ..

Carryout in downtown Hartford?

The immediate area where the Marriott is is somewhat devoid of restaurants...but if you're willing to walk a few blocks you'll have plenty of options
Tapas on Ann (St) has lots of very good veg options...about 3 - 4 blocks West of Const Plaza
Bin 228 on Pearl St... Wine Bar w/salads and Paninis etc..3 -4 blocks West
Feng Asian Bistro on Asylum.. less than 2 blocks West
Peppercorns on Main St...South..has excellent veg pastas...the ricotta ravioli with orange sauce is my favorite

dinner in Danbury, Woodbury, Waterbury, Litchfield area

Good News Cafe in Woodbury...although it will be more than $50 pp with drinks and dessert

Eating outdoors Spfld-Hartford Area

In downtown Hartford there's Hot Tomatoes at Union Station and Vito's on the Park..

In West Hartford center at least half of the restaurants have outdoor dining..a few in the center are.. Max's Oyster Bar, Cosi, Elbow Room, Grants, Mediza, Bricco, Simmer, Barcelona.. and a few more ..also at Elizabeth Park is Pond House Cafe...

Going to see Cirque du Soleil tomorrow in Hartford, CT. Any recs?

in downtown Hartford...
Black Eyed Sally's on Asylum St (across from Bushnell Park) is kid friendly...cajun food, very casual
Agave...Mexican...on the corner of Ann St & Allyn
City Steam..on Main St... a brew pub...has kid entrees...

Regional specialties?

Dirt Bombs on the Cape?

Mystic/Groton CT with high school kids?

There is a clam shack on the road between the Aquarium and Mystic center... I'm sure someone can help me out with the name...(not Sea Swirl) it's mostly fried.. they have seafood - clam, lobster rolls etc... and hot dogs/burgers for those kids not inclined... it's all take out, outdoor picnic tables on the river... If they are open it could be a great classic New England...not too expensive spot for teens... in a pretty setting

CT/ Western MA Lunch destination?

How about Metro Bis in Simsbury..

Any interesting spiced nuts recipes?

you may want to check with the airline before you make them... I don't think you can bring food onboard unless it is purchased after the security check... or just check your bag

that said..I've made the Union Square nuts..they are great and a crowd pleaser...

Mar 31, 2008
LenaNE in Home Cooking

Paella near New Haven, CT?

Omanel in Bridgeport.... see cover and article in recent CT Magazine

The Golden Lamb Buttery???

It's the first and only post by kwbyrne... that says a lot..

I had one wonderful lunch a couple of years ago at Golden Lamb... it was a great experience, wonderful service, great setting...good food... totally unique