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DC Hound Looking for Good Eats in Roswell, GA

SATH and Greenwood’s are two of the top three recommendations based on your non-ethnic parameters. I’d also add Oak Street Café. The menu is not overly adventurous but the execution on-target.

Also for breakfast, Artisan Foods has some of the best French toast on Earth, very good bacon and great pastries. They are also a good lunch option. Finally, Rhea’s is a delectable dump and very good for burgers.

Oct 26, 2009
FatAndOld in Southeast

Aqua Blue, Roswell, GA

Other than saying Greenwood's is "okay food"--it's upscale southern food at its best, I'd say a pretty much agree with everything else HD said.

However, if one is going to extend the geography to Stoney River, Trattoria 1*41 and Azel are much better. Azel is somewhat similar to Aqua Blue, though not as hip, but better food.

North suburban Atlanta- fine dining suggestions?

Appalachian Grill
14 E Church St
Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 607-5357

Aqua Blue, Roswell, GA

Little Alley is much better than both. Though more limited menu, Oak Street Cafe is better than all of them.

Spaghetti House in Marlton

I agree. It's very good for the price range--solid family Italian.

Apr 27, 2008
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

Duluth, GA

Rexall Grill and Family Restaurant are right next to each other. Rexall is the townies choice far and away for breakfast.

The best overall restaurant in that area is on the part of Duluth that broke off into Johns Creek: Trattoria 141.

Alternative to Greenwood's for Thanksgiving pies

Slug, I plan on asking the owner of Wildflour, the excellent new place at Roswell Mill, if they are planning to make any. If so, there is your answer. All bakery items are excellent.

Fickle Pickle is another possibility.

Iranian Food in Roswell?

Persepolis is decent Tizpar, but Rumi's, a mile south, blows it away.

The best though in Roswell is Darvish

Atlanta - Best Burgers

Oak Street Cafe

Has anyone eaten at Relish in Roswell yet?

Yes, it is excellent. Another in a long list of very good restaurants in that part of town.

Anyone remember Atlanta's CK's Grilled Pizza?

The owner had some personal issues and the place has long since closed. You are correct, it was some of the best pizza anywhere.

Pacific Grille / Mt. Laurel, NJ

I am pretty sure Le Me Toujours closed about two years ago. But I was wrong before--2002 was the last time.

Aug 22, 2007
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

Roswell - Ice cream, bakeries, other recommendations?

Banana Slug, you are correct, Oak Street is run by Joe McCaffery and his wife Kim. They are super nice people and I believe two of Joe’s aunts work there.

I also missed the followup initially and I see the Rhode Icelander is staying very close to historic Roswell. Add Cerviche Taqueria and Margarita Bar. Now granted, with kids lunch would be a better idea. It’s brand new from the owners of 946 South and in the heart of Old Roswell.

I’m not sure how Frobisher could be a block from old town Roswell and have the impression there are no “mom and pop places”. Slug and I have listed close to a dozen he should be able to walk to.

Roswell - Ice cream, bakeries, other recommendations?

Just stumbled on this when I was Googling info on Bill Greenwood’s ice cream place.

Yes, you are dead wrong. Based on the date, I may be too late for this year, but it sounds like you may be headed back. Wife and I suffer through each other’s side of the family.

First of all, most of the recommendations seem to focus on the historic Roswell section. Other than the fact I think Rice is too overpriced, all the recommendations are very good—Azteca Groceria, Swallow at the Hallow, Fickle Pickle, etc. Yes, Rhea’s is very good burgers.

However the best place in that part of Roswell far and away is Oak Street Café—and the burgers are better than Rhea’s. It’s pretty kid friendly. For lunch, Edible Expressions and Roswell Tea Room both have great food, though the latter I don’t know how kid friendly it is. 946 South kept confusing dummies like me who couldn’t remember the digits, so they recently changed their name to Nine Restaurant. Certainly for lunch I think it would be fine to take kids.

Ice cream: Nirvana, great homemade ice cream/gelato mix. Pizza at Mario’s is literally next door. Bakery—Alpine Bakery has both good baked goods and pizza. They have the best stromboli in all of Atlanta metro.

Azteca Groceria is just one of many authentic Mexican places in that area—Taco Mas and San Miguel are two of the better choices.

Crabapple Tavern is extremely kid friendly. In fact it’s almost like they have a family only policy. Basic American fare, but they do it extremely well.

Ironically Roswell has endless “mom and pop” hole in the wall places. I’ve limited my recommendations only to those in the part of town focused on and a few other ice cream and pizza places. If you are more specific about part of town and cuisine, they are endless other options.

Whether or not it can top that well known foodie Mecca of Rhode Island—my guess it yes. However, Rhode Island likely gets the edge in seafood.

Chinese Food in Atlanta?

Eatenpath, you nailed the two best: Tasty China and Sichuan House.

Alpharetta, GA recs?

You have some good recs Roswell Foodie, but you missed many of the best in that area. Oak Street Café is my personal favorite over there, but Fickle Pickle, Roswell Tea House, Greenwood’s on Green Street, Roswell Kitchen, Swallow at the Hallow, Metanoya, Supermarcado Jalisco and 946 South are some of the other excellent choices. I’m glad to see Edible Expressions mentioned. It should get more props on the restaurant boards,

The Absolute Best Places Near Marlton

It is approaching that time of the year where I visit the parental units in Marlton. Where are the best places in the area? It includes Medford, Moorestown, Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, etc.

Cuisine: any type but vegetarian. We have kids, but can get my parents to babysit. As a point of reference, here are some of my favorites in the area: Giumarello's, Kibitz Room, Pizza Fresca, Chick’s Cold Cuts, Food For Thought, Wu’s Bistro, Fuji; for dessert: Miel Pastry, Coneheads, Sundae’s, just to name a few.

I must retry Joe’s Peking Duck House as I was disappointed the first time.

Jun 13, 2007
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

Great pizza in Camden/Burlington Counties

Kinchley's is our favorite to the north, Pizza Fresca in Marlton to the south. The crust isn't as thin at Kinchley's but the pizza is top shelf.

Riviera Pizza in Medford is also good. I

Jun 12, 2007
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

Marlton, NJ Area For 70th Birthday

Marlton, Medford, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and vicinity are all fine. I’m looking for a place to take a pretty large group. It will include grandkids, so family friendly is a must. Either BYOB or beer served—no not for the kids, but my cousins do like to drink--is great. We can’t get too cutting edge, so comfort foods like steak, Italian, traditional American would be ideal. I’m hoping not to break the bank, but a reasonably priced, not too fancy place is ideal.

May 18, 2007
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

Best diners in NJ

I too loved the Wildwood Diner as a kid--but then again, like I said I was a kid, so I wonder how good it really was. I remember though loving the deviled crab more than life itself.

Circa 1970s, Olga's *was* the standard. Relax if you've been the last decade or so--it's not close to being the same. I said "was".

I rememeber my grandparents loved the Country Diner on the White Horse Pike, though my grandmother insisted on calling it the "Country Squire". And the diner at the Berlin Circle (Pallas?) back in the day was pretty good.

Now, no question: Mastoris.

May 10, 2007
FatAndOld in New Jersey

Chinese in Marlton area?

Wu's Bistro

May 09, 2007
FatAndOld in Mid-Atlantic

In or near Atlanta airport

Grecian Gyro or Manchester Arms--opposite directions on Virginia Avenue. Grecian has the best gyros in town easily. Some say Manchester has the best fish & chips.

Norcross(GA) dinner suggestions

Mi Pilon and Saigon Cafe are the two best reasonably prices in Norcross by a country mile.

Best Middle Eastern in Atlanta?

If she wants to come to Roswell, there is also Darvish, which I think is better than Byblos (which is also good).

Best Middle Eastern in Atlanta?

Alpharetta, GA recs?

I will have to disagree with a few of those suggestions. Famous Dave’s and Smokey Bone’s are middling chain barbecue, the latter the better. Swallow at the Hallow, not far away, is much better.

Atlantic Seafood is good, but bring the vault. Bucca is okay I guess, but DiPaola in another league altogether. Stoney River, though for a medium priced steakhouse, is a good option.

Taco Mac is just plain horrible Tex-Mex. But the beer selection is nice. I just would not eat there.

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Hotdog Heaven, Woodstock, GA and Tony's Ice Cream, Gastonia, NC.

Jan 05, 2007
FatAndOld in Southeast

Alpharetta, GA recs?

Ubon for Thai, Di Paolo for Italian, Xian for Chinese, Pure for somewhat Mex, somewhat Tex, Stacie's for real cheesesteaks and good sandwiches (lunch only). Depending on what part of Alpharetta, there are a lot of good places in Roswell too.

Food near Cumming, GA

Pappy Red's for 'cue.

Takeout in Atlanta (Roswell Area)

You have endless choices: Rasa Sayang, Ubon, Satay House, Azteca Groceria, Rhea’s, Alpine Bakery and Pizzeria are among the many choices. Many others, depending on what part of Roswell and what you are looking for.