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Anyone know of any good restaurants in Fairfield

I'm going to a show at Pepperbelly's comedy club and was wondering if anyone know of any good restaurants in the area?

Looking for good pizza or good bar/food around the fillmore or marina

I will be at the Fillmore this weekend and was wondering if anyone can give me some good recomendations for some decent places to eat/drink around the Fillmore Auditorium. Also, will be staying at a motel on Lombard street, so any recomendations around that area would be great. Just looking for a casual place or Pizza that has a good bar/food.


Korean Food in Oakland

Could anyone give me some ideas on where I could find an authentic Korean restaurant were you get to cook your own meat on a grill on the table somewhere in Oakland? I will be picking my wife up at the Oakland Airport and thought this would be really something different.

Any good restaurants in Laguna Wood or Aliso Viejo

I will be in the area this thurs -sunday and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into some good restaurants(any cuisine)

Mar 27, 2007
dpdhooper in Los Angeles Area

Best Italian in Little Italy

Any Ideas?

Jan 10, 2007
dpdhooper in Manhattan

Best Chow Fun in Financial District

Anyone have any suggestions for the best chow fun in the financial district?

Taco Trucks around downtown SF

Does anyone know if they have any taco trucks around the finacial district. I'm craving some killer tacos!