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Sunday Lunch Gathering

I feel for your financial situation, but does your total include drinks, tax and tip as well? If so, then you're going to have a tough situation. Maybe you should consider deli plates, and look for an outside venue?

What is a sister to do? Rehearsal Dinner Baltimore MD near the Rennaisance Hotel Inner Harbor

Jennyjo, is your $45/person BEFORE taxes, tip and drinks? I agree that Cinghiale is a good suggestion, but I doubt it will be < $45 after the other costs are factored in.

Baltimore good eats near airport

Also, I'd say that the representation of "regional" has changed over the last 10-15 years. But if you're looking for Chesapeake-oriented, Gunnings crab house is also very close to BWI. More mixed reviews on this board.

Baltimore good eats near airport

Two recs: Little Spice Thai restaurant, which is less than 10 minutes from the airport, and Grace Garden Chinese, less than 20 minutes. Both in the direction back towards NoVa. Search this board, especially on the latter, for about a zillion positive messages.

cozy wine bar in downtown Baltimore?

How about Vino Rosina? In the Harbor East side of downtown.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner recs near Washington Mall, Dupont Circle, tourist areas

Search this board for "Dupont Circle" and you'll find a slew of information. There's been at least a half-dozen active threads over the last few weeks for chowhound tourists with your same parameters (Dupont Circle, no car but willing to Metro), and I'm sure you'll find some worthwhile information there. Best of luck to you!

Looking for Baltimore Rest. for 12-15 ppl Graduation Dinner

I'd add the Wine Market for your consideration. They have an intimate but high-ceilinged private room. I have had 3 or 4 private parties there over the last couple of years. Easy to customize a menu with paired wines. And parking is easy, which is a bonus.

Best Annapolis area weekend lunch picks?

Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport?

Driving from DC to Philadelphia

Clarences of New Orleans, in Edgewood, less than 10 minutes off 95 exit 77.


Sorry only know of Sunday buffets at the local hotels, not Saturday ones.

And please don't shout. :)

Anyone been to the Milton Inn relatively recently?

Assume you mean Pazo being a few blocks away, rather than Petit Louis.

Also count me in as a Cinghiale fan -- for lovers of northern Italian food and all-Italian wine, the best wine list in the area. And the Tuesday 1/2 price wine special is great.

Foodie bar - good food and watch football, is it possible?

If you're willing to travel to Columbia, VIctoria Gastropub has decent food. I've had lunch and watched TV at the bar there many times.

Good recs for Inner Harbor area without a car?

BBVL, just want to thank you very much for your explicit, thorough follow-up. It doesn't happen often enough on CH and it means a lot that you took the effort. Glad you were "charmed" by Chazz and Lexington Market.

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Best Crab House

Welcome to the area. If you search this board for Baltimore and crab, you'll find many many many discussions on this topic. Act soon though since local crab season is at its end.

Restaurant Near Gaylord National Hotel, National Harbor Maryland

Please do a search on this board on Gaylord, or National Harbor. Cuisine options there and nearby (e.g. Old Town Alexandria) have been discussed many times. Best of luck.

What is there to eat between the drive from Baltimore to Ocean City?

The Narrows Restaurant, off the Kent Narrows exit of 50. Search this board for better-than-average reviews.

Rehearsal Dinner for 15-20 people- Baltimore

The Wine Market. 5 minute cab ride, easy parking for drivers, and a very nice private room.

Wine Market
921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

Where can I get an Egg Cream in downtown Baltimore???

Attmans on Lombard or Lennys on Pratt may have them, but I wouldn't hold your breath. You may want to check websites or call.

Staying in the baltimore Inner harbor one night with 2 kids...any dinner ideas?

Cafe Gia, corner of High and Eastern. Easy walk from the aquarium via the pedestrian footbridges. Just be careful crossing President Street.

Cafe Gia
410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Sam's on the Waterfront in Annapolis?

The only other places I'd offer up are Hell Point in Annapolis and the Bridges on Kent Narrows. Both serve more creative cuisine than the Narrows. Haven't been to either in over s year though.

Annapolis area - celebration dinner

Yes, Paul and the Lewnes staff handle celebration dinners very well. In fact we're celebrating my Dad's 90th birthday there this week!

Sam's on the Waterfront in Annapolis?

You're right, tough to find creative, GOOD, waterside dining in Annapolis. And sorry but I can't speak directly on gluten-free. The Narrows on the other side of the Bay Bridge is good and waterside but not that creative.

Expanding your search to Baltimore may help. Is water view acceptable? Read the reviews on this board for both Charleston and Cinghiale in the Harbor East section of downtown Baltimore. Expensive but may meet the other criteria.

PS If the September timeframe is Labor Day weekend, that probably rules Baltimore out. The Grand Prix race is going to significant complicate Baltimore dining!

822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Sam's on the Waterfront in Annapolis?

Agreed. Severn Inn has a MUCH better view than Sams, and is easier access from Route 50.

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Driving to Philly : Where to eat lunch on the way?

Clarences Taste of New Orleans, about 10 minutes off exit 77 of I-95 in Edgewood. He's an ex-New Orleans chef, and the real deal. Moderate prices as well.

Non-chain & inexpensive family restaurant by/around the inner harbor

Also nearby and non chain is Cafe Gia, on the southern edge of Little Italy. Easy walk from the aquarium via the footbridges. Just be careful when crossing President Street.

Cafe Gia
410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202


Yes, but then you have to deal with the post-shore westbound traffic on Route 50...assuming you're going in July/August. With that warning, fully agree with The Narrows over the others.

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

Not to be nit-picky, but the OP asked for "in Baltimore". Even if you expand B'more to be the City and the (non Hereford zone) County, GG is miles and miles and miles away from the vicinity.

Now if we're talking the DC/Baltimore metro MD area, GG is right up there.

Casual, Good Bar Menu after soccer match at RFK

Much closer than any of the previous recs is the Eastern Market station. Only a few stops away on either the orange or blue lines. Within a block or two of the stop on Eighth St is Matchbox. Check this board for many favorable comments.

Best affordable seafood with a view within an hour of DC?

I highly recommend the Narrows at Kent Narrows. I think much better than the other places for crab cakes and soft shells, rather than hard crabs. And they have a glassed in porch that juts out over the narrows.

Also, you could do a late lunch before 2 or 3pm, and probably get over the Bay Bridge without too much difficulty.

French bistro fare in Baltimore (not Petit Louis)?

Not Baltimore per se, but near the end of I-97 south before you get to Annapolis. Les Folies Brasserie gets mixed reviews on this board, but it does meet your requirements.

Les Folies Brasserie
2552 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401