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Baltimore Ramen

I have always wanted to be able to go out to a nice bowl of ramen in Baltimore but have failed. There is decent if unexceptional Pho to the East of the city. But, the city has lacked ramen. I must say that Dooby's in Mt. Vernon does a pretty darn good job at the food. Probably not quite to the level of Toki Underground, but really very solid. And, on Tuesdays their beer and ramen for $13 special can't be beat. I'm excited. The depth of the broth is exceptional and nice ingredients. It's not as complex as some of the dedicated ramen house's product, but sometimes I find that I don't fully understand that complexity. That said, it is really good and a nice place that should be supported by Chowhounders.

Montreal Great Restaurant with Vegetarian options?

I have a group of about 8 that are going to be in Montreal in a few weeks and are looking for somewhere to splurge. One member of the party is vegetarian- no fish- and several will eat fish but not other meat. I made a reservation at Daniel Boulud's place at the Ritz Carlton, but am wondering if there is somewhere else that would be better or more of a Montreal kind of place. It seems that most of the excellent places that are region specific, such as Toque, don't have any vegetarian options really at all. Thoughts? We can spend up to $200-$250pp if it is worth it.

Baltimore restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores

A little on the pricey side, but I think Woodberry Kitchen is the best restaurant in the city that does both vegetarian and nonvegetarian. If you limit your drinking, you can certainly get out of there as a couple for about $100- especially if you focus not on the entrees but on the smaller plates.


we had to start a mushroom crostini, which was delicious, a kale salad with slow cooked egg- one of the highlights- wish I could make this, and a porchetta, which was also good, but probably not as good as the other two. For a pasta we had a butternut tortelli and a tomato papparadelle . Both were very nicely done with excellent homemade pasta. For a main we had a leek tart, which was good, but maybe a little greasy. For dessert, we had a phenomenal salted chocolate caramel cake an an interesting panna cotta with chestnut honey. The cake was amazing, the panna cotta was a bit floral for my taste, but was good. Service was excellent, and atmosphere also nice for a very small place. This is the best new restaurant I've been to in Baltimore in quite some time.


My wife and I went out to Bottega 1729 last night- near Charles Village. This is a new gem that everyone should try. I hate to post it here, because it may become difficult to get a reservation. Truly excellent Tuscan food that exceeds anything I've had in Baltimore. Exceptionally vegetarian friendly. This is an awesome new place that is well worth a visit.

Best thai Baltimore

Nava Thai in Wheaton is excellent, but that is a hike.

Best thai Baltimore

Thai Arroy on Light Street has moments of being decent to excellent as does Thai Landing on Charles. Nothing is great in town. Stang has nice atmosphere and food is variable but a bit expensive, though occasionally quite good. Thai on Greenmount is usually OK, but a step below these.

breakfast between Stowe and Canadian border

village restaurant in hardwick is kind of nice and cute- right over a river in a cute town. This was a favorite of former chief supreme court justice Rehnquist.

Dining near Johns Hopkins?

i'd throw woodberry kitchen in as a perfect sendoff restaurant. Petit louis good as well. I've always thought gertrude's was mediocre. Kumari is an excellent and inexpensive indian/nepali buffet fairly close by. Its really quite good and cheap!

Kumari Restaurant
911 N Charles St Ste B, Baltimore, MD 21201

Baseball Weekend in Baltimore with a Toddler

I live in baltimore and have two toddlers. If you want pretty good and super kid friendly, I highly recommend the indian and nepali lunch buffet at Kumari. Also, Tabor is close by and is a very authentic, inexpensive ethiopian restaurant that is good for young kids.

Kumari Restaurant
911 N Charles St Ste B, Baltimore, MD 21201

Teres Latin Market Ellicott City Meal Report

I just wanted to report on a meal that I had at Teres Latin Market- which is a Mexican/ Latin American Grocery store located on Route 40 near Ellicott City. Teres is small and has a nice selection of Latin American groceries. At the rear of the store is a really good and authentic taqueria. Complete with cabeza, and more. They make some huge, and excellent tortas, good tamales, and this most recent visit I had the tacos al pastor, pollo, chorizo, and bistek; all were excellent and traditional. They do not make their own tortillas, which is a little bit of a letdown, but overall, this is a great place that should definitely be on the Chowhound radar.

Top ten favorite things to eat (and where to get them) in Baltimore

Great thread:

1. Taiwanese Fish @ Grace Garden

2, Mushroom Fritters @ mushroom lady, JFX Sunday market

3. Tacos @ Tortilleria Sinaloa--- any of them!

4. Pickled appetizer @ Woodberry

5. Smoke burger @ Alewife

6 Alice or mushroom pizza @ Iggies

7. Pumpkin @ Helmand

8. Crabs @ Bill's Terrace

9. Andy Nelsons bbq- even their chicken has incredible flavor

10. Combo platter from Tabor Ethiopian. Dukem fine too, but Tabor better and cheaper.

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

Sorry to reply to an old thread, but I just haven't had the same experience at Hunan Taste. I love GG, but HT has never lived up to my expectations. I've had some very good food there, but never some that I would classify as "the best traditional Chinese restaurants in the eastern half of the country" or even close. Maybe I'm ordering wrong and need to do more chowhound research to find what to get- but I guess I don't totally get it.

I do agree that Trinacria is awesome. As far as the top 3 restaurants that I might not have gone to without Chowhound-
1. Grace Garden
2. Mekong Delta Cafe
3. hard one- maybe Peter's Inn or Bill's Terrace Inn.

Peter's Inn
504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Grace Garden
1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

Mekong Delta Cafe
105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Bill's Terrace Inn
200 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221

Hunan Taste
718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

Mr. Rain's Fun House

I had a very good meal there last night. The atmosphere is very welcoming and pleasant, the service was to notch and the food was really good. Excellent picked vegetable appetizer. Great chicken and really nice vegetarian options. Well worth a try.

Vancouver & Victoria Vegetarian Trip Report

I am a fairly avid eater/chowhounder from the East, and thought I'd post a report on our vegetarian eatings in two good veg cities- Vancouver and Victoria. This was a trip with two young girls and my wife--- so kid friendliness was also important.

Richmond, BC
Jade Seafood. We love Dim Sum and are about as experienced at eating it as you can be without speaking Cantonese, and enjoyed Jade. I confess, I eat meat, but my wife doesn't, so it is somewhat of a challenge to find good dim sum that accomodates us both. Jade definitely meets that goal. It was good, but maybe not great. It is definitely upscale and expensive- Dim Sum for 6(including 2 young kids) was $140USD. We splurged a bit and tried a lot of things including some meat items for several of us. Several of the items were really out of this World including a noodle dish and the mushroom dumplings. Snow pea leaves were also excellent. Fried enoki mushrooms were also quite good and unique. The dessert items were mediocre. The prices on the veg items were quite high- over $6cdn each. I'd probably try somewhere else in the future, though they deserve credit for having a wide vegetarian selection. For such an upscale Chinese place, they had great high chairs and were very nice to our little girls.

Vancouver, BC

Viet Sub
Good Bahn Mi. A really nice veggie one. Nice people, and great prices for the location. I'm sure there are better places in the region, but this is excellent. For about $3.50cdn, you get a really satisfying tofu laden sandwich. Very fresh and delicious. Small small seating area, but definitely recommend.

This may be some people's idea of a good place, but the veggie dogs don't really work with their toppings. We had to try it. They had good enough fries. The dogs looked interesting, but the taste didn't quite work. I imagine the meat version is better, but I guess Japanese style hot dogs aren't really my thing.

YaYa Cafe
We went here for breakfast twice and enjoyed it immensely. Great bubble teas. Great--- much better than most. Not too sweet. Truly excellent. Great baked items and the soup was also good. Empanadas. Great vegetarian baked goods. Muffins. They were so nice to us and to our little girls. Reasonably priced. Really a good place. It's only a small coffee shop with limited seating, but we highly recommend.

Gorilla Food
This is Vegan raw restaurant near downtown. I like eating weird raw concoctions even when they don't work terribly well. I've been to a couple phenomenal places that really make raw food work. This was hit and miss. The side salad was great. The raw fettucini alfredo wasn't. The wraps were OK. I was so hungry afterwards that I walked from my hotel over to Viet Sub for a little more food. I have a hard time spending $10cdn on a little wrap, but I'm sure they use expensive, eco-friendly produce to make them. I'd skip it but I think it's the only raw food in town and it certainly wasn't bad.

Sawa Tea House
This is a small Japanese style tea house in Kitislano near Granville Island. It has a good seating area and a limited menu. It was good, but maybe not great. Nice enough people. Accomodating to our little girls. Vegetarian options. I guess, being a tea house, the food was good with plenty of vegetarian options. If you're in the area, I'd check it out, if not, maybe don't make a special trip. It fit in well with our trip to Granville Island.

Victoria, BC

Siam Thai
This is a totally decent, but by no means exceptional Thai place near the downtown area. Plenty of vegetarian items on the menu that are good. Phad Thai was quite good. Curries were decent. Not that much to say. It's not better than Thai places in a lot of cities, but if you need Thai food, this is a good place to go.

We had a truly revelatory breakfast at Mo'Le- maybe the best meal of the trip. The Huevos Rancheros here are ridiculously good. Smokey bean. Poached eggs- you can have them any way. HomeMade corn tortillas. Best I've ever had. Not to miss! They also make a vegan mushroom sausage that is awesome. Eggs Benedict- veg- was also quite good, though the HR really stole the show. This place is really great- and they were also wonderful to our little girls. Kids menu items are large and well priced. Highly recommend.

This is kind of a Victoria Veg institution that put out a cookbook some years back. No alcohol is served and the place is pretty popular and packed. Really solid vegetarian fare. There are some non-veg options on the menu as well, but they definitely focus on vegetarian, healthy choices with lots of good vegan desserts. This is a nice place. Well worth a stop for the vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Very very kid and family friendly. The salads were good and the almond burger was quite good. Not a cheap place, and though we went there for dinner, I might recommend going there for brunch instead. No complaints.

Unfortunately, the veg Chinese restaurant, Lotus Pond, was closed while we were in Victoria. It's supposed to be quite good and we would have liked to have tried it. Next time!

The Jade Seafood Restaurant
8511 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X1C3, CA

Birthday dinner in Baltimore. Help me decide.

I think that combining good food and atmosphere, Woodberry is the best in town. People from out of town are always very impressed by Woodberry. The location and food are unique to Baltimore. The other places mentioned are all good, but I think Woodberry is the best. Woodberry, in my experience, has very good food--- sometimes great--- but, the atmosphere really sets it apart.

Recommendations for large party for early dinner in Georgetown or near Verizon Ctr?

Oyamel is close and great as is Jaleo. Rosa Mexicano is supposed to be good.

A find equal to Grace Garden?

I've been going to GG now for about 2 years and have gotten to know the family there pretty well. I've had a birthday party at GG. I've had GG cater parties. I'm loyal to Grace Garden. I've now been twice to Hunan Taste, because it is 20 minutes closer to my house than Grace Garden. I really think HT has a lot of potential like many of the posters say. I had a bone-in spicy duck/green bean dish at HT that was truly exceptional. They have an exciting and diverse menu, an upscale atmosphere, and an eagerness to please. Because of the atmosphere, HT may appeal to some people who find the location and atmosphere of GG lacking. The food is also quite different. I haven't yet had anything that I think is of the caliber of the best dishes at Grace Garden. Having a group to GG is truly an otherworldly experience from a culinary standpoint. Chef Li and his wife, their eagnerness to please, and the hominess of the experience are unlike almost anywhere I have ever been before. It is nice to have HT around, and when I want to go to a Chinese restaurant where I can get a broad variety of very traditional dishes without listening to Christian radio, I suppose I can go to Hunan Taste. That said, Grace Garden is really exceptional. From the home grown vegetables to the Taiwanese Fish to the various tofu dishes to the fried eggplant to the soups--- Grace Garden is still in another league, though it's good to have competition.

Anyone tried Indiclub in Woodlawn?

I saw this post and wanted to comment. I ate at Indiclub last evening. It was overall a good experience. I have a vegetarian wife and we both enjoy Indian food very much, particularly South Indian. We have eaten at most of the standby places in Baltimore as well as Mango grove. While edible, most of these haven't been terribly exciting. In our experience, Takoma Park and Woodlands as well as Udupi Palace have been our standbys for outstanding Indian food.

Indiclub was really quite good. We went with friends and had a smattering of typical dishes- both veg and some chicken as well. The masala dosa was exceptional. Channa was good as was the Okra and chicken dishes. The food was significantly higher quality than Mango Grove. The service was spotty with waiters who didn't speak much English and took their time with everything, but they were definitely trying. The place was largely empty save for a children't birthday party in the back room.

The waiters indicated to me that they are under new management for the past 3 months and will be changing their name to Paradise Indian Cuisine. They will apparently be serving more indoChinese dishes on their new menu. I am always a little skeptical about IndoChinese because I kind of feel like I'd rather have one or the other. IndoChinese always seemed like bad Chinese food with Indian Spices- maybe I'm missing something.

REgardless, we will definitely be back to try the buffet lunch and see what more Indiclub/Paradise has to offer. It is a pretty darn good place in an unexpected location.

Four Night in Vegas - Please Critique my List

Lotus of Siam is well worth a visit. Rosemary's is also good but a ways away. Craftsteak has amazing steaks at reasonable prices.

Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Nov 06, 2009
baltymoron in Las Vegas

Vegan or Vegetarian in Vegas

Go to Lotus of Siam. Phenomenal. Get the northern mushroom dip and the spicy rice with tofu. Unbelievable. Vegan. Fantastic.

Oct 18, 2009
baltymoron in Las Vegas

Pho in Towson!! (maybe?)

Do they do a true vegetarian Pho? Pho1 and An Loi both do and they are both acceptable if not great. Does PDT do this?

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

My biggest problem with WF has not been the customer service. Rather, I find that if you watch the register, they overcharge at least 25% of the visits. Sometimes, the prices are substantially different from what is marked on the shelf. This is almost always to the store's advantage rather than to the customer's advantage. I point this out most of the time and usually they just credit me for the difference. That said, it is a pain to always have to check the register. It is extremely rare for this to happen to me at my other favorite stores- TJ's and Wegmans'.

Baltimore -- what do you think of my choices? Or can you suggest something else?

I really think that a must for an out of town visitor is Woodberry Kitchen. Woodberry is reasonably priced, in a great rehabbed Baltimore area, close enough to downtown, and has good to great food. They also have good oysters and lots of local stuff that is worth trying. I really think it's a must.

With regard to the rest of the comments, Black Olive, Jordan's and several others are just as or more expensive than Cinghiale. Gertrude's is good at times, but has never been great for me. Clementine, Abacrombie, Helmand, Lebanese Taverna, Petit Louis, are a few others that off the top of my head I might consider.

Have fun!

List of Baltimore wants/questions

A few answers from my experience:
Asian supermarkets? (Chinese and Japanese in particular)
HMart is good but Korean. Don't know about others but HMart is pretty good.

Indian market?
Patel bros on Route 40 is good. Also, further West by the Safeway in Ellicott City is another good Indian Market.

For that matter, South Indian restaurants? (Any place specializing in chaat dishes is a bonus)
Mango Grove is just OK and vegetarian in Columbia. For the truly best Indian in the are go down to College Park area(about 40 minutes S towards DC but worth it!) and go to Woodlands. Also Udupi Palace is good. Woodlands is the best Indian food I've ever eaten.

Vegetarian restaurants?
One World, Yabba Pot are almost totally veg

Dukem(ethiopian has good stuff), Woodberry Kitchen is also great, Golden West Cafe, Dogwood, Rocket to Venus, Helman, Lebanese Taverna, Pazo, Clementine, B
(these are all personal favorites that have a good veg selection---the wife is veg--- but also serve meat)

really good "throw it on the charcoal" steak place?
Prime Rib--$$$, Capitol Grille

Sushi Hana in Towson is decent, Sushi Sono or Sushi King in Columbia are not bad, Chiyo is OK, there is pretty good sushi in DC as well. The rest of the places that people have mentioned are pretty meager by my experience.

Max's in Fells, Brewer's Art

German restaurants?
There are a couple good ones in DC. None that I know of in Balti.

Chinese? (Both good carryout and chinese-menu chinese)
Grace Garden is Odenton is the best but is a 30 minute drive from Hampden
Mr. Chans is OK but has good veg options in PIkesville
Asian Court in Ellicott City is also not bad and serves Dim Sum that is OK.

Best of Baltimore

I agree with most of what has been said here. Max's is great. Iggies is also a really good pizza. With regard to street food, again, not sure what qualifies in Baltimore. That said, I'll put my vote in for the mushroom lady at the JFX Sunday Farmer's Market. All the things she makes are good. Her mushroom fritters are truly exceptional. They are kind of spendy at $8 for an order, but they are one of the best food items in all of Baltimore. She also makes a mushroom quinoa that is out of this World. I have tried to copy, and come only close but not quite spot. Her mushroom sandwich and chili are also good, but the fritters and quinoa are in my opinion her best. Enjoy.

JFX Farmer's Market 2009

mushroom lady is awesome. The fritters are one of the best food items sold ANYWHERE in Baltimore. Her Quinoa is delicious and I've tried to make something similar at home. The sandwiches and chili are also good. I love her food.

Sabor near lutherville

Going to Sabor near Lutherville for dinner tomorrow. Anyone have recommendations?

Looking for good Thai in Baltimore

This has been talked about before. I think Thai Heaven in Catonsville is well above average. Their soups are great. Similar, but not Thai, is Mekong Delta Cafe, a new place downtown. A fair bit has been posted about MDC, but it is exceptional.

Baltimore Lunch

Baltimore has lots of good options. I think a place that would hit the mark nicely and allow for a nice Baltimore neighborhood walk is the Dogwood--- Dogwood Gourmet:
I've only been a couple of times, but think it's a nice little place in a good part of town.