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Chinatown tonite?

I just went to R&G and it is loud, bright, and noise, so I'd avoid that. I would try Belden: B44 and Plouf are faves. Perbacco is also a new regional Italian spot. I tried their aps, wine, and pasta dishes at the bar with a friend and all were delicious. Can't vouch for the entrees though.

Mission tonight

I have 7 people looking for casual bites and wine this evening in the mission/SOMA at 8 or 9. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a no reservation spot would be good b/c we have a larger group. Parea and District are two we're throwing around.

Frozen Soft-Serve Yogurt in SF?

Union Pantry just closed though. Decreasing our already minimal options...

Agave nectar

Anyone know where I can purchase agave nectar or agave syrup for home made margaritas? I'm hoping to find it for a good price.

Weird Fish report: Not so very fantastic

agreed on Weird Fish, despite the buzz. didn't wow me

Frozen Soft-Serve Yogurt in SF?

This is my biggest problem with SF. I love soft serve fro you and used to eat it every day in NYC. Back then it was Tasti-D. Now, I'm dying for a pinkberry to open in the city. Anyone who wants to talk about a franchise, please get in touch...