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Private Room in LA - good for kids?

I'd love some help in finding a good room in the city (somewhere between WeHo and Los Feliz) for what was to be a small cocktail party that has turned into a kid friendly baby shower. It's just going to be appetizers and cocktails for about 20 people between 4 and 7pm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't need it to be uber fancy but nice enough (if that makes any sense). Food type doesn't entirely matter but again, kid friendly so not too crazy on the ethnic side. Thanks in advance!

Mar 14, 2007
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

What to Order @ Loteria Grill?

The tasting menu is great if you aren't picky. It's a little bit of everything. The beauty of Loteria, is that you can get any of the fillings in several different ways: burrito, taco (corn tortilla or lettuce cup), taquito, etc. My faves are the chicken mole and their shredded beef really is out of this world. The potato with poblano peppers is also quite good. Also good is their tortilla soup - but it's a big bowl so be aware.

It's one of my favorites - enjoy!

Feb 12, 2007
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Help: Need great Italian place in L.A

Carmines II or Arnie Morton's are good options. Neither are cheap but you'll get great food and service.

Oct 21, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Bday dinner suggestions for a group of fun young thirtysomethings?

Okay - that's actually good to know. Makes things way easier to suggest. If you want swanky... you're going to pay for swanky, so I'll suggest mid-level to craziness places. In no particular order. Hope this helps!

Citizen Smith
Nic & Stef's
Tiger Lily
Simon LA
Dan Tana's
Sunset Beach
Cha Cha Cha

Oct 19, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

ISO sandwich with GREAT bread in Century City!!

Have you tried Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica yet? A little far but worth the drive.

Oct 19, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Grubb in hollywood/west hollywood

I've never been but I hear it's amazing. Check out their website. They are only open for bkfst/lunch. Rumor has it they make a mean brunch.

Oct 19, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Bday dinner suggestions for a group of fun young thirtysomethings?

I'd say point your finger at a map of Venice and go that way. If you are all wine drinkers, Primitivo Wine Bistro has a good selection and is a small plates rest. Good for sharing. Beechwood is nice and they have outdoor seating with a fireplace. Food, drinks, crowd all good but I wouldn't describe it as eclectic. Koi is WAY overpriced and frankly the sushi is just as good, crowd just as fun at Geisha House in Hywd and that has the ultimate party vibe with great service. Another fun joint in the mid-city area is Luna Park. All of these places are good for parties. I can shoot you a HUGE list of ideas if you want. Let me know.

Oct 19, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Nice restaurant in Marin?

I need a recommendation for a restaurant to send my friends for their birthdays somewhere in Marin County. They are a couple who are so busy lately that they need a nice night out together. Not too pricey but price shouldn't be the ultimate factor. They live in Fairfax but will travel - especially if I'm buyin' :). Any help is appreciated!

Long Beach eats

it might just be open in the evenings. I've only ever been there for dinner. You can also try The House of Madame Jo Jo or Christy's on Broadway.

Oct 18, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

best cookie in L.A, or mail order

you can also try Deluscious Cookies on La Brea they are unreal...

Oct 18, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Long Beach eats

555 is a great steakhouse but can get pricey - everything is a la carte. In the shore, there is a great little Italian restaurant on LaVerne just off 2nd Street called Cafe Gazelle. If you like tapas or a wine bar, try Biggs on 2nd Street.

Oct 18, 2006
Njbaemg in Los Angeles Area

Fun restaurants in Portland?

I'm surprising a friend for her birthday this weekend in Portland. A small group of us want a fun, good, not too expensive restaurant to go to. We're all in our 30's so trendy isn't that important but a good crowd, bar scene, ambience is. Any suggestions?

Oct 18, 2006
Njbaemg in Pacific Northwest