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DFW - Lunch Salads

The chipotle chicken salad at Greenz has 55 grams of fat! It's posted on their Web site. The salads there ARE delicious. But not the most healthy option.

May 06, 2008
elenor in Texas

[DFW] Dallas - Dragonfly @ Hotel Zaza question

I believe Marc Cassel left Dragonfly in early 2007. That accounts for the menu changing and the food quality not as great.

Feb 14, 2008
elenor in Texas

Rehearsal Dinner in DFW - Downtown/Uptown


I am getting married in April and we need rehearsal dinner recommendations. We prefer that the restaurant location be downtown, or not any further north than uptown. We've thought of Mattito's, Dallas Fish Market, Avanti...any others? Thank you!

Jan 27, 2008
elenor in Texas

ALO in Dallas - anyone tried it yet?

Friday evening was the second time we had gone to Alo and it was fantastic! The food is great (especially the chicken dish with rice and walnuts mentioned above…and the French fries with sausage and pink sauce!) and the drinks are superb. My only complaint was that the waiter on our second visit wasn’t nearly as attentive or knowledgeable about the menu. But I’m sure time will fix that. It is definitely now on my list of regularly visited restaurants.

Aug 20, 2007
elenor in Texas

Christmas Day Dining - Dallas

Are there any good places to dine the evening of the 25th? I looked on the DMN Guide, but all that was listed were hotel restaurants.

And, I KNOW there are other places scheduled to be open that haven't sent in their info. to the Guide. (For example, I was at Toulouse over the weekend and they had a sign up saying they would be open the 24th and the 25th.) Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Dec 19, 2006
elenor in Dallas - Fort Worth

Soup in Dallas

Where in Dallas can I find a restaurant that serves delicious soup? Of couse most restaurants have a 'soup of the day,' but are there any dining establishments that are known for serving great soup? Even better, are there any restaurants that serve more than just two soup options on a menu? I'm having a difficult time finding a place.

Oct 31, 2006
elenor in Texas

Great Greek Food in Dallas?

I just ate at Greek Cafe today for lunch - first time there. I thought I would check out their buffet. Not only was their food on the lower-end of mediocre, they had buffalo wings on their buffet. It's not what I would consider completely authentic, obviously.

Oct 17, 2006
elenor in Dallas - Fort Worth