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Green Peppercorns in brine (can)

Anyone know where I can find these north of the city (Vaughan/Woodbridge).. My regular place is out and won't have any for another month.
Thanks in advance!

Fruit shaped ice cream

Merci beaucoup. How are you so informed?
Many thanks for your information.

Fruit shaped ice cream

Does anyone know where to find molds to make tiny fruit shaped ice cream?
(like the ones available at a shop on St Clair)

St Clair Restaurant
69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA


Anyone know where I can buy an authentic one in the GTA? (yes, I know it's a type of mortar and pestle!). Also, any recipes??? I heard it was out of this world.
Thanks in advance

Cheese, please!

Can't remember the name of the cheese shop (downtown, famous, etc). Could be House of cheese, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there any great cheese shops north of the city (Vaughan, Woodbridge)?

Many thanks!

soba noodles

Hello all,
Looking to purchase soba noodles (not restaurant; I want to cook with them).
Any help appreciated.

Raspberry Picking near Toronto

just got back from picking:
on King-Vaughan Road between Jane St. and Keele St. (just south of King City)
AWESOME berries!

Croissants please

Am searching for fabulous croissants north of Toronto please.Vaughan, Maple, Markham.
Many thanks!

Culinary lavender

Hello all,
Anyone know where I can purchase?
Anywhere in GTA
Thanks in advance:)

buying a milk frother

My old one has died, and was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase a good quality one.
Merci :)

Good cinnamon

Does anyone know where I can purchase ceylon cinnamon (or very good quality cinnamon)?
I'm just north of the city, but will travel!
Thanks in advance

40th B-Day in Toronto -- Senses, Susur or . ???

I would highly suggest Scaramouche. I took my parents for their 40th anniversary. Food, service, view, evertything was spectacular. When you call to make a reservation, mention the occasion, and they will accomomdate you with a great table, and maybe a little surprise for dessert. Enjoy!

cinnamon buns

I recently got 'hooked' on cinnamon buns, though my waistline is in disagreement!
Anyone know where they have FANTASTIC ones?! I'm not looking for products like Cinnabons (Too cake doughy).
Thanks in advance.
I'll travel anywhere in the GTA, that's how bad the addiction is!

Looking for unique places to eat in Ottawa

I am from Ottawa, and now live in Toronto
You MUST go to Cabottos (sp?). It's in the west end of the city.
Varied menu, but mostly Italian
Their decorations for the holidays are beautiful
The restaurant is a converted old stone house.

widest selection of cookies cutters?

Try Caynes on Doncaster (just north of Steeles off Yonge
Also try Kitchen Stuff Plus (several locations around the GTA)

Where do the chef's shop?

I'm sorry estragon, but I think you are thinking of creme de noisette (it's hazelnut, not almond).Please don't take this the wrong way.Just wanted to add my 2 cents. Cheers!

parent's 40th

thanks everyone for the heads up on Rosewater.
I've narrowed it down to:
Can I get your votes please!

parent's 40th

Mom & dad are coming from Ottawa for their 40th wedding anniversary. I was thinking of Rosewater... Anyone been there lately, or can suggest an alternative
Thanks in advance!