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Singapore Advice

Thank you everyone to your responses. I prefer very authentic food and like to avoid any type of tourist traps. I live in Los Angeles and travel quite a bit for food. This is my first time in Singapore and would like to be able to try all the different dishes Singapore has to offer. I think I will probably do the hawker markets but am unsure of which ones exactly. I have made reservations for Gunther's and as a result of your suggestions will probably skip Straits Kitchen and Humble House.

I did read Chubby Hubby's blog about White Rabbit, which is what had prompted me to go in the first place.

Is Iggy's and Les Amis worth a trip? From the posts I've read it seems as though Gunther's has surpassed them both?

Singapore Advice

I'm going to be in Singapore for four days in September and needed some help figuring out what to eat. I've been reading a lot of reviews and feel even more confused now than when I started. It seems as there are so many places and opinions for the best, I don't know where to go. I was thinking of doing my own eating tour where I'd just go from hawker market to hawker market and eat at the different stalls. Please tell me which hawker markets are favorites.

So here are the things that I absolutely want to try:

- Chili Crab

- Chicken Rice

- Indian Food (Roti Parata, Fish Head Curry, red meat with marrow

- Coffee and Kaya Toast

- Pulled Tea

I also wanted to fit in a dinner at Gunther's, lunch at The White Rabbit or Humble House, possibly a meal at Iggy's, and the buffet at Strait's Kitchen. I'm wondering if all these restaurants were worth it to go and if not, what should I avoid and what to substitute.

Help me figure out where to eat. Thanx.

Maran in Glendale

Has anyone been to Maran in Glendale? I just saw it featured in LA Magazine & wanted to try it. Suggestions on what to order?

Oct 17, 2006
imda14u29 in Los Angeles Area