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Large graduation dinner in Manhattan

I need to arrange a large graduation dinner in Manhattan for two daughters, both graduating at the same time, in Manhattan, on Tuesday, May 29.

We are looking for a restaurant that can give us a private room accommodating 25-30 people. We need lots of vegetarian options, but not much alcohol. Casual and reasonably priced just fine.

Preferences would be Chinese, Korean, or Italian, but other cuisines welcome.

May 13, 2012
rplatkin in Manhattan

LA Farmers Market

Glad that Moishe's got mentioned. Despite the Yiddish name, the food and staff are Armenian, (from Lebanon, by the dishes). The lula kabobs are particularly good, although they have all the major Middle East dishes. Consistently good, and the Middle East pizza place next store should also not be missed. They have a dozen types of Turkish/Armenian custom made pizzas -- no tomato sauce- plus a large number of sides.

Dec 31, 2011
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area

Tinga on La Brea. Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had.

Just ate at Tinga for first time. Service and food was great at lunch time. Would absolutely return and recommend to others. If you know Pocito Mas, it has similar modernized Mexican food, but with more attention, flavor, and atmosphere.

Dec 30, 2011
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area

Ethiopian Food?

Have gone to the Awash for many years after it was recommended by a Ethiopian co-workers. Generally, very good, especially the trout -vegetable combination. The food is almost always excellent, but the service is slow. Sometimes we have called in our orders about 45 to 60 minutes ahead of our arrival.

Dec 30, 2011
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area

Your Favorite Bakery that Doesn't Charge Tax

The Diamond Bakery on Fairfax, north of Beverly, is a great neighborhood bakery with general and Jewish breads. No tax, and employees know many of the regular customers, sometimes suggesting breaks and cakes. In addition to typical rye breads, challahs, and amazing pastries, in recent years they have added burekas, a Turkish style savory pastry popular on the Med Rim. They also have parking in an adjacent lot.

Dec 30, 2011
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area

Looking for retirement lunch spot in S Oaks

I am looking for a spot in the Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, or Encino area suitable for a retirement lunch of about 15-20 people. Preferably low to medium prices, good food, comfotable setting for a group preferably Middle Eastern. The Carnival is an option, but despite the nice ambience, the food is so-so, and it is not well configured for a large lunch group. The Tempo in Encino was first choice, but they are closed for the month of May because of remodeling. Also checked out the Shiraz, on Ventura Boulevard between Sherman Oaks and Encino, but it is too pricey for working stiffs ($30 per person).

Apr 23, 2007
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area

Please keep me and my boyfriend from killing each other

Why don't you go to the Ethiopian restaurants on south Fairfax, such Messob, Merkato, or Aiwash on Pico. Interesting food, not too pricey, and in the neighborhood.

There is also an excellent Indian Tandoori restaurant on Pico, between Fairfax and Crescent Heights on the north side of the street.

Apr 23, 2007
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area


Looking for a Portugese or Macao restaurant in L.A, anywhere from Hollywood to Santa Monica. Also, the south San Fernando Valley.


Oct 17, 2006
rplatkin in Los Angeles Area