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Two Large Foodies

i can't believe there are no down home, mom & pop restaurants in portland. what do you people eat?

Sep 01, 2010
phatues in Metro Portland

Two Large Foodies

my brother & i ( the two foodies in the title) are meetin' up in portland for a few days before headin' off on a road trip to arizona. while we occasionally like to dine at the ritz, the bulk of our intrest is more in the style of GOOD home cookin'. down south it would be a "meat & three". anybody been to austin, tx. would know of threadgills or hoovers. that's the kinda' joint we're lookin' for. and seafood is another thing we need some help with. a good oyster bar, fried fish, " yeah, you right".
the cuisine of the pacific northwest is really exciting, i hope someone can help us. i can't wait to get there.

Aug 24, 2010
phatues in Metro Portland

recipe clearinghouse?

over the years i've come to rely on the internet recipe site, FOOD DOWN-UNDER. it bills itself as a recipe clearinghouse. it, i believe, gleans recipes from many different sites, from recipe swaps, to gourmet magazine. well, for over a month now i have been unable to bring it up. i get a genaric ad site of some kind. are others having this problem?, what's up??

Jan 09, 2010
phatues in Home Cooking

fried onion burgers [El Reno, OK]

i'm taking a road trip, west to east, on I-40 later this month. stopping in el reno, ok. for
a fried onion burger & a coney is my reason for driving & not flying. my last fried onion burger in el reno was in 1967, while hitching east to west on the mother road. of the three best
purveyors in town, jonnie's, sid's & robert's i must choose one. but which? any chowhounders
out there to help?

Food in Las Cruces, NM (long)

i am surprised no one had mentioned THE ADOBE DELI in deming. it's a fun
place with good food. it is a reusified schoolhouse, with the bar & dining room
in the old gym. i have eaten there many times on my way from arizona to
louisiana on I-10. a meal not to be missed is the rib-eye with a crock of onion
soup for about $20. the owner is the chef, & that's always good. i understand
the beef is hand cut from steers raised to his specs. O, and the onion soup!!
a light broth laced with the local wine, chock full of sweet onions, and topped
with a melting of cheese an inch thick.
it's a bit hard to find. about 13-14 miles east of deming on rt. 549 is lewis flats rd.
you want to go south on this road a few miles to the restaurant. the bar is open
in the afternoon, but dinner isn't til 6PM. closed sunday.

Aug 25, 2009
phatues in Southwest

"gourmet" foods you liked as a kid

my father was a restaunteur, and there were no limits to what i could eat as a kid. i always ordered like an adult when dining out. many things i ate sure didn't appeal to my schoolmates.
some favorites: liver, spinach, tongue, fried chicken gizzards and turkey nuts, and the like i don't consider to be gourmet, just good food. but lobster, fried morel mushrooms, caviar, sweetbreads, all things that i loved were, and are today, probably "gourmet". great thread!

Feb 22, 2008
phatues in General Topics

Cancun dinner recommendations

one restaurant i have never seen mentioned is a fish place in plazacarocol. ican't remember the name but it's good. we stay in the neighborhood and walk over a couple times during our stay. it is accessable from the lagoon side of the plaza, and also from the upper level inside.
they always have fresh fish, prepared a number of ways, and sauced very lightly. the drinks
are good , and the prices are fair. it's not a top place in the hotel zone, but very good just the
same. i'm really bad with names but, this last year we found a place right in front, and across
the parking lot from carocol; directly across the street from plaza la fiesta. it's an outdoor
steakhouse serving choice US meat in an argentine style. i had a 10-12oz. filet with a very
good chimichuri for $18 american. and great margaritas 2 for 1 for, i think, $5. again, just
a place for the average joe. good food, fair price! have fun in cancun

Feb 12, 2008
phatues in Mexico

hidden gems , cancun?

we are going to cancun the end of feb. having gone many times we have pretty much exhausted the usual suspects, both on the island and in the city. we really want to find places that challenge with their food: lengua, tripas, chicharrones, etc, priced anywhere from $ to $$$,
stand up or sit down, indoors or out. one place i remember from years past is a place in cancun
ciudad called el milagro, which was recommended to me by an employee who talked of "pig cheek" tacos. now, that's what i'm talkin' about!
another craving is a place serving real mexican drinking chocolate and fresh fried churros. oh my god!, i can't get it out of my mind!
also, we are spending a day on isla mujeres; any ideas on the backstreets while we're out there?
i'm looking forward to reporting back on the places i find when we get home in march.

Feb 05, 2008
phatues in Mexico

Metairie neighborhood restaurants

tell me about the french fry po' boy. did it have a brown gravy? dressed?
how much? sounds like my kinda' chow!

Oct 16, 2007
phatues in New Orleans

carolina bbq sauce?

i'm going to be smoking some pork shoulders for the weekend, and want to do a carolina style bbq pulled pork. i am amazed by the differences in the sauce from north to south, and east to west. both the vinegar style and the mustard style are appealling, and i would like some input from carolinians as to each style. my idea is to combine the vinegar sauce with the pork, and
maybe serve the mustard sauce on the side. does anybody have recipes they would share with a old texas brisket cook?

May 22, 2007
phatues in Home Cooking

austin soul food

reggie ain't from beaumont--- he was sent from heaven!

Apr 18, 2007
phatues in Austin

like the harbor

i'm comin' to NOLA for my 27th jazz fest, (lucky me!) and i am lookin' for restaurants
similar to one of my favorites, the harbor on williams in kenner. also, i've read on
this site that middendorf's has sold. true? has anything changed over there? another
favorite sal & sam's, has anyone been there? rumor has it, they ain't what they use
to be. whadda' ya' think? see ya'll @ the fest!

Apr 18, 2007
phatues in New Orleans

austin soul food

yea, i've heard of galloway's. thanks for the location! i'm sure that's one stop
feed me some more guys i'm still hungry!

Apr 17, 2007
phatues in Austin

austin soul food

i've been to austin many times, & consider the city a hub to explore and soak up the
wonderful bar-b-que in taylor, luling, lockhart, and beyond. austin proper is a mixed
bag of the usual suspects: threadgills, curra's, matts el rancho, etc. safe fare that the wife
would feel comfortable eating. well, this visit she ain't comin', & i'm looking for some
good downhome, soul food. location is not important, altho i'm usually runnin' around
south austin. breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, late night, whatever, i'm looking for
your best ideas. i'm hungry!! please help!!

Apr 17, 2007
phatues in Austin

Good eats by the airport?

always fun and reliable is the harbor on williams. good fresh oysters, & oyster po-boys.
hot boiled shrimps, gumbo. everything i've eaten there is muy bueno!

Apr 03, 2007
phatues in New Orleans

Green Chili Cheese Burger

in santa fe a great green chile cheeseburger can be had @ DAVE'S NOT HERE.

Mar 21, 2007
phatues in Southwest


i just finished reading tony bourdains book THE NASTY BITS (really fun), & he mentions
a spot in NOLA i am not familiar with called snake & jake's christmas club lounge; an
after hours hangout for chefs, cooks, etc.
what do local chowhounds know about this seemingly crazy joint? is it still open? where is
it? is there food?
also a joint called tee-eva's, know anything about that?

Mar 20, 2007
phatues in New Orleans

Muffulettas to go?

it has been my experience, that a muffuletta on the dashboard will be even better if you
can make it all the way to kerrville tx. before being overcome with the aromas, and
chowing down somewhere east of baton rouge!

Mar 20, 2007
phatues in New Orleans

Central Texas BBQ

i was in texas in the spring & had to hit all "the usual suspects". i have been eating BBQ in central texas for
over 20 yrs, & know the difficulty of maintaining quality
from visit to visit. i have to try brisket & sausage at
every stop, and upon those i base my opinions. over time
i believe louie mueller's is the best & most consistent
in both of these items. (and you get a nibble) altho, on my last trip, i was finally able to get to the city market in luling. WOW!! was that brisket GOOD! the sausage, tho, was only ok.
at lockhart, on this trip, i had the best sausage i've
had in a long time at smitty's. wrapped in sweet cottony white bread, the skin snapped and spilled spicy hot juice all down my bearded chin HEAVEN! also in lockhart, at
kreuz, i had positively the WORST brisket ever. dry and
tough, i tried to pull apart a slice, and it stretched
like a rubber band. inedible, i marched it back to the
meat cutter and told him to throw it in the garbage! boy,
did he ever give me a dirty look!
happy to hear john mueller is back. i'll have to get to
bastrop. and next time in taylor i'll get to vencil's
taylor cafe FO'SHO'
this is my first post on this site and i am sure glad i got to talk of my passion for texas BBQ.

Oct 18, 2006
phatues in Texas