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Impromptu trip to Detroit this Thursday -- need recommendations!

Thank you! I can't believe I didn't realize there is an Eater for Detroit!

Oct 08, 2013
snow8150 in Great Lakes

Impromptu trip to Detroit this Thursday -- need recommendations!

I'm a native Clevelander who lives in San Francisco. I'm heading back to Cleveland this week for a couple of days and that visit now includes an impromptu trip to Detroit. I'll be there this Thursday and Friday. Our launching point will be near Wayne State (which I believe is the Midtown area). We'll have a car as well as access to bikes.
This is my first visit to Detroit and I'm really looking forward to it! I want to spend my time there exploring via eating and drinking my way around the city. I'd love to know classic places worthy of a visit as well as the new food and drink scene I keep hearing about. Any stores selling local foods as well as bakeries would also be appreciated! I'm also very interested in checking out the urban farming happening there.
As this has just come up, I've started pulling recommendations from other threads here as well as reading up on what I can find online. Any guidance and recommendations from fellow Chowhounds is much, much appreciated! Thanks!

Oct 08, 2013
snow8150 in Great Lakes

Help! How do I cut up a wedding cake????

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I often make the wedding cake, but then I hand it off and never have to deal with cutting it. This past weekend I not only made, but had to cut and serve the wedding cake I made for my friend's very DIY wedding. I had anxiety about cutting it (because I was planning on using the wheel method) until I came across this post. It worked perfect! Thank you so much for posting on this thread and for your blog post that so clearly demonstrates the method.

Oct 03, 2013
snow8150 in General Topics

Wilted Greens with Balsamic Fried Eggs

This was easy and delicious. I used kale instead of dandelion greens because I had some kale I needed to use, so it took longer to prepare. It was a great weeknight dinner!

Oct 02, 2013
snow8150 in Recipes

pie crust question!

I agree with what everyone said. They will be fine rolled in your fridge overnight. I would put them in the tins before you put them in the fridge.

I have to say I love this idea and I'm sure your husband will too! I too would like to know what flavors of pies you are making. And I would love to see some pictures of the finished product. Good luck!

Sep 12, 2013
snow8150 in Home Cooking

Rustic Blueberry Tart

I LOVE this! I usually don't like to eat fruit desserts and don't generally bake them. But this is really easy to whip up and it is now going to be a go-to dessert for me. The crust is delicious and the lemon really brightens the overall flavor of the dessert. I highly recommend this recipe!

May 29, 2013
snow8150 in Recipes

The Corsican Cocktail

I made this for Easter and I doubled it and turned it into a punch, which worked really well. Everyone loved this. It was refreshing and well-balanced (not too tart, not too sweet).
For the Elderflower Syrup, Ikea essentially sells an Elderflower simple syrup. It's cheap & great for cocktails like these. It's what I used for this (
Also, not a complaint, but this drink is pretty potent. We're a crowd that can hold our liquor, but we were topping our drinks up with extra soda water.

Apr 18, 2013
snow8150 in Recipes

Easy Roasted Pork Tenderloin

I LOVE this recipe! It has become my go-to pork tenderloin dish. I've made it on multiple occasions for different people and everyone raves about it. It's so easy to make -- the rub is simple & consists of pantry staples, yet it makes the pork so flavorful! I've been using 1 apple & 1 pear for the fruit. (Fruit & meat is always a winning combo in my book!) This dish also comes together very quickly. Highly recommend!

Apr 12, 2013
snow8150 in Recipes

Pepperoni Pizza Dip

I loved this! I made it for a Super Bowl party yesterday and it was a big hit. It's easy to make and tastes just like pepperoni pizza. I toasted Boboli pizza crust & cut it up to serve with it. This definitely has the consistency and look of what you'd expect from a dip. It was lowbrow and delicious and exactly what I wanted!

Feb 04, 2013
snow8150 in Recipes

This Friday: CHOW's Thanksgiving Helpline Is Live on Facebook

I have 8-10 guests coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm doing the whole meal myself, which I do every year. But I never know how to deal with hors d'oeuvres before the meal. There's always so much food for the meal itself, I don't technically need to serve anything, and I don't want my guest to be full before they sit down. But it's awkward to have guests waiting an hour or so for dinner and not have anything to nibble on. Are there some simple hors d'oeuvres I can make or buy that won't fill my guests up before the big meal? Thanks!

Nov 15, 2012
snow8150 in Features

Visiting the Willamette Valley for the first time in September !!!

Hi Pneville,
I stayed in Carlton when I visited Willamette Valley a few years ago. I loved it! Super quaint and you can spend a day just in Carlton wine tasting -- no driving needed! There are wineries and tasting rooms right in town. Some highlights off the top of my head are Tyrus Evan, Scott Paul, and Ken Wright (although I believe he's only open at certain times). I would also recommend driving just a bit outside of town to the Carlton Winemakers Studio It houses a bunch of excellent independent winemakers. They are all great but I really love the wines Andrew Rich is making (I believe he was at Bonny Doon before venturing out on his own).
I like Argyle for bubbles.
I ate at The Joel Palmer House. It didn't blow my mind but it was a great experience and really does represent local cuisine (as zenon5 said). I did the mushroom tasting menu, and while it was great, it was a bit much for me. But I just like mushrooms, I don't love them.
When I stayed in Carlton I stayed at a Carlton Cottage and LOVED it.!vaca... They used to have 3 cute houses, now it looks like they just have one. (I know they had restored the houses and then tried to sell them but because of the bad housing market, turned them into rentals. Looks like maybe they ended up selling 2 of the 3.) It was beautifully restored and the kitchen was amazing. I was envious of the back garden and chickens, and we were encouraged to use the eggs from the chickens and cook up anything we wanted from the garden. Which we did.
You'll have a great time exploring the area. If I think of any other highlights I'll post back.
And make sure you stop and eat in Portland! That city oozes amazing food. And great craft spirits and bars! I had a blast and learned so much doing a self-guided tasting on Distillery Row

May 09, 2012
snow8150 in Metro Portland

Best Brewpub voting was down for nearly an hour

Hi atl5e. We are investigating if there were any problems with the brewpub bracket.

May 02, 2012
snow8150 in Site Talk


Hi edible complex,
When will you be in Valpo & Santiago? I will be there in December. I'm looking for the same info you are looking for. Would you mind posting your experiences after your time in Chile? And if you've come across any suggestions in the other research you've been doing, can you post that? Thanks!

Casperia, Italy

Thanks so much for this post! I am looking at doing a yoga retreat in Casperia but don't know much about it, so I just started doing my research. This is exactly the kind of thing I activity I was hoping to find in the area.

Apr 07, 2009
snow8150 in Italy

Where to buy pomegranate jelly?

Anyone know where I can buy pomegranate jelly in San Francisco? I've come across recipes to make it, but I don't really have the time to do that right now. Thanks for your help!

Recipe for honey buttercream frosting?

Thank you both for your advice! I have the Cake Bible waiting to be picked up at the library, so I hope to experiment with her honey buttercream recipe soon. I think I'll also try substituting some honey for conf. sugar and compare the two ways of doing it.

Is there any concern using raw egg yolks in a frosting? I guess since this is the classic way of doing buttercream it's ok?


Apr 22, 2008
snow8150 in Home Cooking

Recipe for honey buttercream frosting?

I'd like to frost some cupcakes with a honey buttercream frosting. However, I haven't been able to find many recipes for this. I know the typical buttercream frosting is based on whipping room temp butter and combining confectioner's sugar with additional flavoring. However the little bit of info I've seen about making honey buttercream seems to involve either egg yolks or egg whites, honey that's been heated, and butter. But I'm not sure if that's going to give me the right frosting consitency to frost the cupcakes. Can I just whip some honey in to the "normal" buttercream recipe or will this not work? Any thoughts/recipes/experience/ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Apr 15, 2008
snow8150 in Home Cooking

Almond Butter and Apricot Jam on Sourdough

my new favorite sandwich! easy to make at work and love it with the sourdough toasted.

Oct 17, 2006
snow8150 in Recipes