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Christmas Party 20 guests Orange County

Mesa Restaurant sounds like an ideal setting for you.
I have been there a couple of times and am always blown away by the food and ambiance. Situated along Baker Street adjacent to The Camp in Costa Mesa, this is a casual albeit upscale place with an eclectic menu that doesn't mince on great ingredients, flavor or personality. It is definitely not the mass production of hotel food!
One of my favorite details about this place is the dining room, which is a designers paradise. Simple, crisp, elegant that's lit up with votive candles, small fireplaces and the restaurant's roof retracts like a sunroof in a car, which means you can star gaze while eating, which let's be honest, is pretty cool.
They have lots of room for parties here, service is impeccable, small plates and big plates and they have an amazing cocktail and wine selection. Worth a look for sure. Here's a link to the LA Times article that came out about Mesa in January:

Oct 16, 2008
paprgrrl in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving in Sacramento


I am looking for places to go on Thanksgiving Day in Sacramento. I'm trying to think ahead because I want to make reservations.

I am either looking for a traditional thanksgiving dinner or am open to something ethnic and delicious. Whichever is culiary superior!

I am new to the area, so any information will be great. Thanks

Nov 05, 2007
paprgrrl in California

Southern Food [moved from South board]

Thanks everyone.
I know it is such a vague question, so I appreciate the feed back i have received. I was talking to a friend last night who lived in North Carolina for a stint and she says that food from the carolinas is different then say Nashville, because Nashville is closer to
the midwest?
Is this true?

Nov 03, 2007
paprgrrl in General Topics

Southern Food [moved from South board]

I'm doing some research for a project and the crux of the question is "What is Southern Food?"
I'm really interested in asking some of you here what you consider Southern food to be.

All I know is fried green tomatoes (from the a movie! never had them) and fried chicken. I am heading out to some southern style restaurants this weekend, but i thought I could get some feed back from everyone here!


Nov 02, 2007
paprgrrl in General Topics