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SF and LA to Portland.

thanks for the suggestions!

Jan 11, 2008
Lynda Vuong in Pacific Northwest

SF and LA to Portland.

the bf and I ( we live in SF and LA ) are Portland bound for a weekend in mid Feb.

due to the recent hype of the Portland food scene, we are bombed with suggestions of what to do and where to eat via Gourmet, Saveur, National Geographic Traveler and etc.

we wanted to cut the bs from the magazines and wanted to hear directly from locals.
if you are familiar with Nopa in SF - that's our favourite restaurant and i hope that helps narrow down suggestions.

we are non red meat eaters and would like something very Portland-ish and casual.
we are also very into bakeries and sweets.


Jan 08, 2008
Lynda Vuong in Pacific Northwest

Visiting SF this Weekend

ino sushi.

ino i usually frequent alone,
nopa has a good bar.

Sushi in the Avenues?

murasaki on clement and 3rd and 4th. just order off his wall menu and don't even bother with the actual thing. their home cooked dishes are always very good.

okina sushi on arguello blvd.

Gonpachi review w/ photos

having been able to dine at their restaurants in Tokyo, I was disappointed at the Beverly Hills location. nothing compares to the original so it couldnt be helped perhaps.

Jul 31, 2007
Lynda Vuong in Los Angeles Area

Burma Superstar- finally visiting tomorrow

1. tea leaf salad ( the ginger salad and tea leaf are similar so i'll go for the tea which is actually from Burma itself )
2. samusa soup
3. nix the sesame beef
4. coconut rice for 1 to start off with and order a side of platha ( pan fried layer bread )
5. bun tay and nan pia are very similar to each other. i like the nan pia - which has more ingredients and a kick of chili.
6. pumpkin shrimp.
7. if it's a party of 4, try the rainbow salad as well!

5 days in August: I've done my research, will you look over my itinerary?

add Nopa on your list if you're into late night eats.

Neighboorhood lunch in SF

Pomelo on Judah is a great neighbourhood spot.
In the Mission - Delfina and Range are my favourites!

patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses etc.

thanks so much for the suggestions!

Venue for Bridal Shower (Tea?) in SF??

i second ritz.
i would not recommend poleng.

How does Quickly compare to Sweetheart?

massive chain with low prices.
really doesn't hurt to try.
although the only thing ive ever gotten at sweetheart was their durian drink.

patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses etc.

hi board.

i will be visiting vancouver during the first week of april and would like to know if there are any "famous" patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses in the area? asian desserts, american, french - whichever, or restaurants that serves amazingly great ones? tea service?

My Favorites in Hong Kong (would like to hear yours too)

the dai pai dong over in soho that only has desserts. YUM!
a must for me!

did i eat mohinga?

moh hinga - yup, as the poster above me stated, normally a breakfast soup in Burma. I usually like mine with lots of chili flakes, raw onions and lemon juice.

Best Omekase Sushi Experience

Murasaki on Clement. I never go anywhere else for sushi except him. Great homestyle cooked meals too. Just don't order off the menu and go straight for the specials on the wall. He does omakase as well.

Blue Bottle Coffee / Gibraltar

I can't stand the line either - which is why i buy the beans. If you're just buying beans you can always cut to the front of the line.

Genki Ramen - Thumbs Up!

I love the people at Genki and the food is not so bad - but

the karage. something is wrong about this. overly too big pieces.
chicken tendons - I think that's what they called it here. I maybe a bit bias because im used to eating this only in hong kong. but the pieces were just too big. like the karage. no real flavour. I also wasn't so pleased with the pork neck robatayaki. I wouldn't recommended getting the creme brulee either, although it wasn't bad, but it really should be called pudding instead!

Any ramen in San Jose

halu ramen - cash only.
tokushima do henkotsu - credit cards accepted.
both are located on saratoga in san jose.

Macau - Need recommendations for 2 great meals

Fernandos is a must.
A very casual place - a cab ride to Fernandos from the ferry is about 60 hong kong dollars. The food is very inexpensive and you must order the roast chicken, the sardines as well as the beef stew! If you have any problems ordering, just ask what they're known for.

Another great place to eat in Macao is where all the locals dine at. There is an alley that serves up great po tats as well as porky buns and porky bun noodles. It's right by the main area of Macao by the post office.

Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

I usually have dim sum at Cheena over in Causeway Bay. I wouldn;t consider this the best dim sum place in Hong Kong, but it's a little fancier and they have EVERYTHING. The menu is extensive and in english. No carts, but everything comes out in a steamer basket per one. Dim sum is usually big enough to be shared amongst 2 people, and everyone also has their own tea pot.

Taishan Cafe Clement/12 Ave

This restaurant is underrated. Delicious, inexpensive claypots and steamers. I especially love the chicken and mushroom as well as the salty fish and pork. The dried fried string beans aren't anything impressive though. The stir fry pigs stomach is a good order.