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Vinum Populi or Vinoteque in Culver City?

Have to say that we ended up at Bottle Rock last night, and though the wine selection was solid, the place itself wasn't all that great and the service was verging on being terrible. I'm working in Culver, so maybe I'll try Vinoteque next time. I don't think I'll go back to Bottle Rock. Not an interesting space and it was quite loud. The service was inattentive, which was extremely frustrating given the number of employees in that place. There was nothing noteworthy about the food, but I didn't expect anything more that a decent cheese plate--stick to that if you find yourself there.

Jun 27, 2008
sarap in Los Angeles Area

Vinum Populi or Vinoteque in Culver City?

Vinoteque it will be. Thanks for the reply.

Jun 26, 2008
sarap in Los Angeles Area

Vinum Populi or Vinoteque in Culver City?

Going to meet a friend for wine and light food after work in Culver City this evening. Are both places worth checking out, or is one preferable to the other?


Jun 26, 2008
sarap in Los Angeles Area

Los Feliz-ish area

Area, vegetarian-friendly & affordable options:
Ginergrass on Glendale
Michelangelo's on Silverlake Blvd
Alegria on Sunset
Elf on Sunset (Echo Park)
the Park on Sunset (Echo Park)
Canele on Glendale (Atwater)
Cobras & Matadors on Hollywood

Jun 16, 2008
sarap in Los Angeles Area

6 Food Obsessed People Meeting in NO

We have one night to eat a great meal before we embark on a road trip. 3 couples--one from LA, one from NY, and one from Austin--all in love with food. We love Lilette. Interested in August, but we've been reading mixed reviews and it seems a bit stuffy. Suggestions?


Nov 27, 2007
sarap in New Orleans

List of restaurants that focus on local ingredients

I'm trying to compile a list of restaurants that truly focus on local ingredients. I know quite a few that will feature a salad of local ingredients, but I'm looking for ones with are a bit more driven than that.


May 25, 2007
sarap in Los Angeles Area

just ate at mozza

You have to remember that this is more a Silverton enterprise. I also love Lupa, Otto, and Babbo, and I was expecting more of that from Mozza, but no such luck. Mozza's quite good, but it doesn't stand to Mario's places. That being said, LA is in desperate need of places like Mozza, and I'm very very happy that it's here.

Which Anitca are you talking about? The one on 3rd or in Marina del Rey?

Nov 17, 2006
sarap in Los Angeles Area

Your thoughts on Grace...

Thinking of going there soon.

Worth it?

Popped in for a glass of wine one night quite a while ago and found it stuffy. Is it stuffy?

What's the general price of a meal?


Nov 09, 2006
sarap in Los Angeles Area

Pucques, Lucques, I really meant to say Pucques, dam Lucques

I loved your post, baker. I get into such trouble for saying negative things about Lucques, Sona, Providence, Water Grill, and Patina. I can't spend money at any of these places, even if I'm being treated. I'm finished with them. I'm not sure why there aren't more passionate chefs and intimate/interesting restaurants in Los Angeles. I do like Hungry Cat quite a lot, and one of the biggest thing it has going for it is its scale. All of these other restaurants are too big and their sights are on other things besides the food.

Oct 16, 2006
sarap in Los Angeles Area