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Chocolate covered halva

I'm looking for a place where I can buy chocolate covered halva - it's a treat that a friend has been raving about that she used to eat "back home". Does anyone know where I can get these - preferably north of Toronto - Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, etc... But I'll drive anywhere if needed...


Martini bar

Any ideas for a nice place to go for light food and unusual drinks north of Toronto (Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, etc.). I'm looking for cozy atmosphere, good food and a variety of drinks - or is that only available downtown?

Dinner and a dance

I'm planning a birthday dinner / dance for my wife in a couple weeks and told her I'd find a place where she can wear her little black dress and not feel overdressed. Now I have to find that place - any suggestions?

While we're at it, any chance any of these places also have dancing - does that exist anywhere? What ever happened to dinner and dancing - not hip hop, house, reggae, etc - I'm too old for that. Just good food and slow dancing, like in the movies - romantic :) Any ideas?

Vietnamese dry banana

A friend remembers her visit to Vietnam many years ago and the thing she most remembers are the dry bananas. Not banana chips you find at bulk food shops, but full bananas that are dried and are chewy rather than crispy. Any idea where I can get some of these here in the GTA (Richmond Hill would be best...)