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Ultimate Nachos

The best ones that I have had so far are the pulled pork nachos from Southside in Old Town.

Crabcakes at Morton's?

Well, my folks are here and we are trying to decide what to go with for tomorrow's dinner... Ill have to let you know the overall results.

Thanks everyone for your opinions on things!

Gluten Free Eats Near Albany?

Ill check it out.

Thanks for the link!

Crabcakes at Morton's?

Wow, thats lots of places!

Thanks for all the input everyone, Ill have to distill it and see where we end up in our sightseeing. Ill make a good list, and we can pick wherever is close at that time of the day.

Thanks again!

Gluten Free Eats Near Albany?

Does anyone know of any places in the NY Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) or Saratoga where you can get a gluten free meal? I would like to take a friend of mine out, and Im not sure what places will work.

Thanks in advance!

Crabcakes at Morton's?

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Maybe Ill give the Woodgrill a try, since its just down the street from my place anyway... Its kind of sad to be this close to the shore and to not use Maryland crab at a place....

Then again, thats what happens when supply outstrips demand, right?

And does anyone know where in the NOVA/DC area to just buy fresh crab meat?

Crabcakes at Morton's?

Hey Everyone.

My parents are coming in to town (staying in Rosslyn near my apartment) and have only requested that I try and find them some good crabcakes.

After reading around on the boards, It seems that people here like the Prime Rib, stuff at the Eastern Market, and apparently there is some debate over this G&M place near BWI.

When I had asked some of my co-workers, one of them swore that the best crabcakes he had ever eaten were from Morton's steakhouse.

I know that Morton's isnt cheap, and one would think to go there for steak, but I wanted to know if anyone has been there and can offer any advice?

Also, whats the latest on good places for the crabcakes? I dont mind spending the money, I just wanted some place for them to eat.


(Side note, does anyone know where I can just buy some fresh Maryland crab meat to send them home with)