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Suggestions for a Milwaukee/Chicagoan relocated to Jackson, MS

Here are a few places; I hope someone will chime in with more! Nick's, Sal & Mookie's Pizza, Saigon Restaurant in Flowood, Hickory Pit BBQ, Jerry's Catfish House in Florence, the takeout fried chicken & sides at McDade's Market grocery store in Maywood Mart (Northside Drive), Cups for coffee, Cock of the Walk in Ridgeland for catfish.

I hope these suggestions help!

Jul 06, 2013
Miss Sue in Central South

Great Barrington

Thanks to everyone who mentioned Cafe Adam here. We ate there just a month ago, and it was great! Warm atmosphere, delicious food, friendly service. I ordered the steak frites and fried chick peas as an appetizer. I would get both again. We went on a Sunday, and at that time there was a $15 menu for dinner, which was a good deal for excellent food.

Feb 04, 2013
Miss Sue in Southern New England

Tea (Typhoo, etc.) in Fairfield County, CT?

Does anyone know which stores sell boxes of Typhoo loose tea (not tea bags) here in Fairfield County? Stop and Shop in Westport did years ago (in the Thai section!), but I haven't seen it in a long time.

Sometimes I buy loose tea at Balducci's, but there are bound to be more places that I don't know of.

Any recommendations appreciated.


1050 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

May 29, 2010
Miss Sue in Southern New England

Cafe Roma - Bridgeport - Disappionted with the town, not the dinner.

Bridgeport, an old manufacturing city, has seen its factory jobs evaporate and has experienced a lot of white flight. To refer to the entire city as dilapidated and filthy, as some posters have, is inaccurate at best and certainly unfair.

One of my favorite places there is Taco Loco, in Black Rock. I also liked the feminist restaurant Blood Root. Other places I'd like to try (but haven't yet) are Miss Thelma's (southern food) and Mommie's Patties (West Indian).

I'm hoping that this thread will inspire some of us (me, included!) to post more often about Bridgeport restaurants from the small places to the steak houses.

Jul 03, 2009
Miss Sue in Southern New England

Strawberry Picking, Southern CT

A note for all of the pick-your-own fans: I checked this week at the Jones Family Farms web site and saw that strawberry season started yesterday. My son and I go every year. I pick a few quarts, and he eats the berries right off the plants. (Frankly, his highlight is the wagon ride to the fields.) I like to go during the week, if I can, to avoid the crowds.

Does anyone have any other favorite places for picking strawberries in southern CT?


Free-Range Farm Eggs?

I really like the Westport Farmers' Market; there's one on Sundays, too, at the Senior Center (open from 10 to 2). The organic eggs I bought there were great. But do note that not everything sold at the market is certified organic. You can double check on the web site--or just ask the vendors.

Also, the Pasta Nostra guy sells olive oil that he imports from Italy, so, obviously, that's not locally grown. I think most everything else is.

Pho Mekong - Westport (formerly Thai Village)

I thought Thai Village was pretty good as a Thai place; we went there once a month or so. I liked the pad thai, larb gai, spring rolls, and such. For comparisons, Little Kitchen (which has some Thai inspired dishes) is probably a notch above, cooking-wise.

Their business often seemed slow when we were there, which surprised me. As Thai Village, the ambiance was calm and quiet, and casual. (Not pizza-joint, bright-lights casual, though.) I liked it. Tengda, a Westport Pan Asian place that a lot of people enjoy, is too much of a scene for me.

Pan de Muertos, Mexican bakery in SW CT?

Thank you for the recommendations, everyone. I stopped by Los Portales Panaderia Mexicana today, and bought two pans de muerto. One was decorated with some sesame seeds; another, larger one was sprinkled with sugar. The first one was still warm--tasty and only slightly sweet. I ate it on the way home! I'm saving the sugared one to share with my son. The panaderia will have them again tomorrow. I'm hoping to try one of the other bakeries that were mentioned, too. Los Portales did not have the sugar skulls if you're looking for those.

Los Portales Panaderia Mexciana
218 East Avenue (at Fort Point St.)
Norwalk, CT 854-9277

Thanks again.

Pan de Muertos, Mexican bakery in SW CT?

Greetings, everyone. Do any of you know a source for pan de muertos, the bread traditionally served on the Day of the Dead? Perhaps a good Mexican bakery in these parts (Stamford to Bridgeport)? I'd like to try the pan and would also like to find some sugar skulls, or at least some molds to make my own. Thanks for any advice.

In exchange, here's my tip for a book on papel picado, the intricate cut-paper craft of Mexico. (Papel picado is used a lot around El Dia de Los Muertos time.) The children's picture book book is called "Magic Windows/Ventanas Magicas," by Carmen Lomas Garza. I have nothing to do with the publisher nor do I know the author; I just like the book!