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I need Filipino food!!

Bahay Kubo
2330 W Temple St
LA 90026

It's a "point point" place and it's yummy.

Aug 29, 2008
sk00bysnak in Los Angeles Area

White-themed meal

Wow...I'm amazed with all the responses/suggestions. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and concerns about a white-themed meal looking bland. But there's a method for this madness, not my madness of course.

"White Day is a festival ... celebrated in Japan and Korea on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give gifts to women."

Mar 02, 2007
sk00bysnak in Home Cooking

White-themed meal

Hi everyone....

I was hoping you guys can help me plan my menu for a multi-course white-themed meal. The food must be white but I can't think of any...suggestions? thanks

Main entree

Mar 01, 2007
sk00bysnak in Home Cooking

Freezable dishes that are remain tasty after re-heating

Hi Folks...

After a long day of working, I'm usually too tired or too lazy to cook. So I was wondering if anyone has good recipes that I can make on the weekends, then freeze in small batches. It should be something that I can easily re-heat and still taste good after the freezing. Is this possible with vegetable dishes? How about seafood dishes? Thanks

Dec 25, 2006
sk00bysnak in Home Cooking

Dessert Cookbooks

Any good books that not only have great recipes but also show how to beautifully plate it? Thanks

Dec 03, 2006
sk00bysnak in Home Cooking

Fauchon Tea


Does anyone know where I can buy Fauchon tea in the Los Angeles area? TIA

Oct 15, 2006
sk00bysnak in Los Angeles Area