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Hot Sandwich Hunt

OK, I really need some help here. I've been in the Bay Area for about a year now and I'm missing some of the things I used to be able to find in LA. To wit, certain hot sandwiches, like the classic Beef Dip at Phillippe, the real carved Pastrami at Langer's, the Meatball at Bay Cities Deli, etc.

So where are the best hot sandwiches in the Bay Area, on the order of the above kinds of places? I'm talking about places that don't use microwaves (like Kinder's does) and not wannabe upscale places that are actually fairly mediocre (i.e., stale bread joints like Wichcraft). No, I mean places that specialize in one thing, owner-run, walk up stands, etc.

Anybody got some tips (or Tri-tips for that matter)?

Dec 24, 2007
rbjd in San Francisco Bay Area

Oxtail soup

Ame had one on their menu a couple months ago. It was decent (not necessarily Michelin star decent).

Most Vietnamese restaurants use a clear oxtail broth for beef pho. If you are really jonesing for oxtail broth I'd try that option first.

Dec 24, 2007
rbjd in San Francisco Bay Area

Luu Noodle/TK Noodle equivalent near WC?

Is there something equivalent to Luu Noodle/Tung Kee/New Tung Kee close to Walnut Creek/Lafayette/Pleasant Hill/Concord?

We are looking for Viet/Chinese style Hu Tieu (particularly Xa Te) without having to drive to Fremont/Newark/Milpitas. I'd consider going to Oakland/Berkeley but Hayward is too far.

General Viet/Chinese soup recommendations near WC, Oakland, Berkeley are also welcome. Thanks.

Jun 27, 2007
rbjd in San Francisco Bay Area

Help me find this Vietnamese dish- Bun Bo Satee

Trieu Chau, 1st Street & Newhope in Santa Ana


New Trieu Chau, Brookhurst & Westminster in Westminster.

What you are looking for is called Hu Tieu Xa Te

These restaurants are not related. The one on 1st is better.

Oct 15, 2006
rbjd in Los Angeles Area