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Best baby friendly restaurants for lunch in Ballard?

What are your recommendations for best baby friendly restaurants in Ballard or nearby for lunch?

Nov 12, 2009
sandpiper in Greater Seattle

Need help with T-day Dressing

I have a bread dressing recipe I want to make for Thanksgiving, but here is the catch. The recipe calls to bake it in a 9 x 13 x 2 dish at 400 degrees, 20 minutes covered followed by 20 minutes uncovered, and I will only have enough room to bake it in smaller dishes, (more like meatloaf size pans) and at about a 325 degree oven. So my question is how long do I bake my dressing both covered and uncovered?

Nov 12, 2007
sandpiper in Home Cooking

Fancy Popcorn

Popcorn sprinkled with truffle salt is my favorite way to make it now, either popped in duck fat or grapeseed oil or even Canola. With the truffle salt, I've never used butter.

Oct 01, 2007
sandpiper in Home Cooking

Lobster Shop/Dash Pt. OR Saltys/Redondo?

We are taking my 94 year old aunt out for an early Sunday dinner. She would like seafood or something non Asian or Non Mexican so I am thinking about the Lobster Shop at Dash Point or Salty's at Redondo? Which is the better of these 2 or is there a better option for seafood in the Tacoma/Federal Way area? Ideally something half way between Tacoma and Seattle would be great.

Sep 25, 2007
sandpiper in Pacific Northwest

Electric Skillet recommendations

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I currently have an ancient (ie. 30 y.o.) GE electric skillet that has served me well over the years, although I have not used it much in the last several years. I make certain dishes in it like pan fried chicken, pan sauteed razor clams (which are long), but more recently I've been getting into making popcorn in it (like my mom used to), only popped in duck fat. It has a high dome and vent, which is great, but the cord seems a bit wary, not to mention the skillet is kinda beat up now. I have an electric cooktop and am afraid to use it for making popcorn (don't want to scratch it).

Any more suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks.

Jan 21, 2007
sandpiper in Cookware

Electric Skillet recommendations


I am looking for recommendations for an electric skillet.

Jan 18, 2007
sandpiper in Cookware

Lemongrass problems

I have a recipe that calls for lemongrass, chopped finely. I have removed the outer part of the stalk and chopped the tender inner part. However, there is NO discernable taste of lemon at all. It tastes like nothing. Is that because the stalk is old, or out of season? Should I use lemon zest as a substitute? Or am I supposed to finely chop some of the courser part of the stalk which does taste a bit like lemongrass? The recipe includes lime juice and lime zest.

Thanks in advance.

Dec 31, 2006
sandpiper in Home Cooking

sardines in tomato sauce

This is a great sandwich recipe using sardines in tomato sauce ~ The Great Sardini Sandwich


Dec 21, 2006
sandpiper in Home Cooking

Heavy duty nutcracker for Black Walnuts

Can anyone recommend a heavy duty nutcracker for shelling black walnuts, or offer any tips on how to remove the hulls and shells?

I have a friend in MN who has lots of black walnuts dropping from his trees, but just throws them away as they are messy and the shells are really hard, so I'm hoping the chowhounds know of a good method for him. I hate to see nuts go to waste.

Oct 15, 2006
sandpiper in Cookware