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Taking a day trip from NYC and looking for a unique or noteworthy lunch spot in the lower Hudson valley area.

Had a totally uninspired meal at Freelance recently. Or to put it another way:"Feh."

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

Actually, I have found everything at Mt. Kisco Seafood to be "sushi grade." I make sushi (and ceviche) with their fish several times a year. Never a disappointment...particularly the tuna.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

MrEatouter and MisterBill are way, way off base here. If the wait staff is collecting more tip money during restaurant week it is because they are working harder! More customers may mean more tips but it also means more work. "Politically correct" has nothing to do with tipping. Please look up what "politically correct" means. BTW tipping 20% is pretty much the norm these days. Why you would never do that at regular price is something you might need to rethink. If either of you chooses to tip at less than 20% and to figure that tip on discounted pricing than, by all means, do so. Just please spare us your transparent attempts at justifying your tight-wadded ways as anything other than cheapness.

ISO a casual/business lunch spot in/near Piermont

Anything at any price point....Thanks

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

and yet you do....

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

Marketing and PR stupidity at a level unsurpassed in modern annals!

New Yorktown Chamber of Commerce Pres hoping to attract Trader Joe's

I like "some foods" better than the more obvious "half foods." Less obvioius and fits the notion of a smaller store with fewer items for sale.

New Addition at Former Flying Pig? [Mt. Kisco]

Wrong Flying Pig!?!

Costco in Yorktown Heights?

Maybe we could give the "Oh, how wrong-headed those stupid opponents were!" a bit of rest. What do you think?

A & S Fine Foods in Croton

Very much an upgrade! Still not on Millwood's level but certainly better than in their previous incarnation.

ISO Merguez Sausage - Long Island

Merino's at the Union Square market has wonderful, really delicious Merguez sausage...along with several other great varities of lamb sausage.(Last spring they came up with a ramp lamb sausage that was beyond amazing.) In addition you can buy their products on-line at:
catskill-merino.com I think that's the web address. Just google "merino's lamb sausage." It won't be inexpensive but they probably can ship it to you for a "spiced up" Christmas.

ISO: Best White Truffle Deal at Retail


Nov 12, 2014
frank113 in Manhattan

ISO: Best White Truffle Deal at Retail

Loking for the most and best quality white truffles at, of course, the best retail price.

Nov 11, 2014
frank113 in Manhattan

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

I'm not sure I understand why "they need to make up their minds." The chef isn't being asked to come out from behind the stove and jump on stage and play with the band. Members of the band aren't running into the kitchen to whip up any entrees. Two seperate things. As long as the music doesn't start till 10 I'm good with it.
As to your third point: while I agree that no sushi restaurant in West. is exactly Masa, I would add that neither are any in the City.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

We've eaten at Hudson Room several times now. We've taken friends there. It never fails to deliver a great meal. The food is terrific. Inventive combinations; bold flavors and food that shows a skilled and creative chef behind the stove. And, yes, the sushi is probably the best to be had "within 50 miles" of the City. Rolls are made with unexpected pairings of ingredients that let the taste of the fish take center stage. And speaking of stages...it seems silly to complain about the music when it doesn't start until the time of night when just about all other restaurants in the county are rolling down the shutters and calling it a night. Also, the bar area and its TVs don't really intrude on most of the dining area. Never found it to be a distraction. Even eating at the bar we didn't feel like we were in a "sports bar" which another poster seemed to have a problem with.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

It seems to have officially opened last Tue. Went by last night at 6:30 and it was pretty empty. Wasn't smitten with the posted menu so went back to The Hudson Room in Peekskill. A great place! Wonderful sushi, interesting selection of cocktails, a fabulous beef/pork burger with addictive fries. Kitchen is a bit slow. We were told they were "working on it." Service is friendly and attentive.

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

I'm curious. Why would you hate BYOB? You get to choose any wine you want and not just one from the restaurant's list AND you don't have to pay anywhere from 30% to 75% more than you would at a wine shop.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

Wondering if anyone has been to Hopscotch in Croton yet?

zeytinia trouble? [Croton]

The Montrose A&S is moving to Croton Commons, where Memphis Mae and Bagels on Hudson are located. Hopefully it will take a step up in quality when it does so. It has always lagged below the other locations.

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

Oh, and I really don't think the No Reervations policy was putin place out of laziness, as your earlier post claims. More likely because even one No SHow would have a pretty big impact on the profits for the night at a place with so few tables.

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

Praise for the oysters is justified. The wide variety (usually 8-10 different choices, both west and east coast) is highly unusual for Westchester. Always absolutely fresh. Perfectly presented. Chowder, fish soup, lobster roll, crab cakes...all as good as anywhere north of the City and west of Montauk! No reservations isn't so terrible. Leave your name and cell number and walk next door to the Tavern for a cocktail or two. Or take a short drive over to Croton Landing for a sunset walk along the Hudson. Enjoy the stunning view while you work up an appetite.

Where can I buy fresh alligator meat in Nassau County?

I understand that the New York City Dept of Public Works captures several dozen alligators each month from its sewer system. Seems people bring back baby 'gators from their trip to Florida. When they get too big they simply flush them down the toilet. Lafrieda Meats buys them in bulk, butchers them and then sells the meat (mainly to City restaurants). Rumor has it that Danny Meyer uses a bit of ground 'gator in his burger mix for Shake Shack. I'm sure you could score some from Pat Lafrieda. Just tell him it's for a burger.

Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

While you may be a "grown up," Nancy, not everyone else is. "Basic eating etiquette," as with most forms of etiquette, is something of a rarity these days. A place as small as Ocean House can't afford even one table of no-shows. If one four-top stays empty that's a large chunk of change that comes off the top of the night's revenue. Would I prefer that they took reservations? Of course. Do I understand why they choose not to? Of course.

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

I am, indeed, a fan. Ah, the unfettered joy of youthful exuberance!

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

Chatty teens! How horrible for you. Where have all those good old sullen, morose teens gone?

Chinese around Ossining/Croton?

Ummm, actually, I do think you oversold it some little bit.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

Well, it is clearly feasible for home cooking and consumption. Buying as you do and growing your own certainly works. And I think more and more restaurants in the country are proving that it can work commercially, as well. The problem I have is the BHSB seems always to be the go-to example the media uses when it's doing a piece on farm-to-table, etc. But at those prices it's business model is just not one that is going to spread very broadly.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

You're completely missing the point! I'm not refering to Dan Barber, restauranteur or to BHSB Restaurant. As even a cursory reading of my posts shows, I am referring to Dan Barber, Advocate. Advocate for a way of raising food, a way of eating, a way of raising and growing food. He speaks eloquently about these things. But he doesn't walk the walk. You say it "isn't really relevant to anything except a social/cultural argument." BUT THAT"S THE WHOLE POINT! I am addressing his advocacy of "social/cultural" issues as being in rather stark conflict with his business model. None of these social/cultural issues that he raises in his speeches and now in his book are solvable by going down the BHSB path. Please realize this conversation has nothing at all to do with high end/low end or affordable/unaffordable restaurants. Maybe a rerreading of the earlier posts would help.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

I'm well aware that there are enough people willing to pay $192 per person per meal. On special occasions I am, as well. My point is that Barber holds BH up as a shining example of a farm-to-table, sustainable, seasonal and organic restaurant. Yes, it's wonderful that when you stroll the grounds before dinner you may see the very tomato, still on the vine, that will be on your plate later in the evening. But his business model is exclusionary. How many SBBHs is our society/economy capable of supporting?

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]