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Where can I buy fresh alligator meat in Nassau County?

I understand that the New York City Dept of Public Works captures several dozen alligators each month from its sewer system. Seems people bring back baby 'gators from their trip to Florida. When they get too big they simply flush them down the toilet. Lafrieda Meats buys them in bulk, butchers them and then sells the meat (mainly to City restaurants). Rumor has it that Danny Meyer uses a bit of ground 'gator in his burger mix for Shake Shack. I'm sure you could score some from Pat Lafrieda. Just tell him it's for a burger.

Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

While you may be a "grown up," Nancy, not everyone else is. "Basic eating etiquette," as with most forms of etiquette, is something of a rarity these days. A place as small as Ocean House can't afford even one table of no-shows. If one four-top stays empty that's a large chunk of change that comes off the top of the night's revenue. Would I prefer that they took reservations? Of course. Do I understand why they choose not to? Of course.

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

I am, indeed, a fan. Ah, the unfettered joy of youthful exuberance!

I'm swearing off all-you-can eat sushi places

Chatty teens! How horrible for you. Where have all those good old sullen, morose teens gone?

Chinese around Ossining/Croton?

Ummm, actually, I do think you oversold it some little bit.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

Well, it is clearly feasible for home cooking and consumption. Buying as you do and growing your own certainly works. And I think more and more restaurants in the country are proving that it can work commercially, as well. The problem I have is the BHSB seems always to be the go-to example the media uses when it's doing a piece on farm-to-table, etc. But at those prices it's business model is just not one that is going to spread very broadly.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

You're completely missing the point! I'm not refering to Dan Barber, restauranteur or to BHSB Restaurant. As even a cursory reading of my posts shows, I am referring to Dan Barber, Advocate. Advocate for a way of raising food, a way of eating, a way of raising and growing food. He speaks eloquently about these things. But he doesn't walk the walk. You say it "isn't really relevant to anything except a social/cultural argument." BUT THAT"S THE WHOLE POINT! I am addressing his advocacy of "social/cultural" issues as being in rather stark conflict with his business model. None of these social/cultural issues that he raises in his speeches and now in his book are solvable by going down the BHSB path. Please realize this conversation has nothing at all to do with high end/low end or affordable/unaffordable restaurants. Maybe a rerreading of the earlier posts would help.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

I'm well aware that there are enough people willing to pay $192 per person per meal. On special occasions I am, as well. My point is that Barber holds BH up as a shining example of a farm-to-table, sustainable, seasonal and organic restaurant. Yes, it's wonderful that when you stroll the grounds before dinner you may see the very tomato, still on the vine, that will be on your plate later in the evening. But his business model is exclusionary. How many SBBHs is our society/economy capable of supporting?

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]


Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

Damn! As the cost of eating at Stone Barns continues to escalate, it becomes harder and harder for me to listen to Dan Barber's farm-to-table-sustainable-artisanal-local-organic-seasonal eating pontificating. Not that I disagree with any of those positions! It's just that I'd rather listen to someone who can put those beliefs into practice at something less than $192 per person per meal. Perhaps those are sustainable numbers for, oh, say, a Rockefeller..certainly not for most of us.

Fiddlehead sightings?

Picked some up yesterday at Union Square. $20/lb. Vendor thought they wouldn't have any more this year. Finito.

Ramps at Bronxville Farmer's Market

Union Square still has tons of them. Most commonly $4/bunch, a bunch being 8-10 ramps. The quality varies, some purveyors are better than others. A small stand near the northeast corner has the best by far.

New gourmet market in Dobb's Ferry????

Just curious: " ironically, complaints about the absence of top-notch supermarkets coming from the same mouths of those "concerned" residents who fought the development."
How is that you know that?

Heating Up Fried Chicken?

What's the best way you found to heat up room temperature fried chicken so that its former crispiness returns? Thanks in advance.

Jan 07, 2014
frank113 in Home Cooking

Anton's in Croton on Hudson is open again

Not just positive comments....just not rehashes of comments based on two year old experiences. As far as faux mediteranian: given that it's on the Hudson and not the Mediteranian how would it not be faux?

Anton's in Croton on Hudson is open again

Thanks for dredging up your negative impressions from two years ago. That really helps...us and them.

Rochester, one dinner?

Lento is always a good choice, especially while summer produce is still at full throttle.

ISO: Nantucket. Late Sept. Anniv. dinner.

Will consider anything/everything. Just looking for one killer dinner. Thanks.

Aug 29, 2013
frank113 in Southern New England

ISO Best Mexican in Westchester

Anywhere, any price. Special birthday! Thanks in advance.

Good Chinese In Binghamton

Which: Moon Star or Fu Star?

ISO: Need a place for a business meeting over coffee/tea near Union Sq.

Thanks all. Burdick was perfect fro my purposes.

Jul 19, 2013
frank113 in Manhattan

ISO: Need a place for a business meeting over coffee/tea near Union Sq.

Casual, creative, cool. Any price range. Thanks in advance.

Jul 16, 2013
frank113 in Manhattan

Anything...anything at all...of note in Binghamton?

Thanks, everyone. Sounds like a grim two years ahead!

Anything...anything at all...of note in Binghamton?

My son is starting graduate school up at Binghampton U. Looking for some place interesting. Any suggestions? Thanks.

New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

"Eh." That's it in a nutshell!

New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

Made a return trip last Fri. Very quiet at 8 o'clock. Ate outside so can't comment on AC status. Nice little patio. Not very good service. At all. With a nearly empty restaurant one would expect to be well tended. Not the case. Had to flag down a busboy to get someone to take our drink order. (Limited wine list, btw)The food is just okay...as it was the first time we ate there. The one thing we loved from our earlier visit, the lamb pizza, wasn't on the menu. We had two other pizzas that were good, not great and not really worth the price tag. Once again the tagines were sorely lacking in seasoning and flavor. And, again, not worth the price. It's local, it's a nice spot, we want it to stick around...but a bit of retooling may be in order.

Rochester - what's best?

Getting to be the season for Lento's "farm-to-table" cooking. That and their raw bar make it a good choice.

I Sodi Lately?

Any recent experiences? Looking for a place near Lucille Lortel Theatre for an at-the-bar solo dinner...

Mar 10, 2013
frank113 in Manhattan

New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

Not been yet. Hope to soon. But, just a thought, perhaps Small Bites could have found someone other than Ms Costa to post the first review. Afterall, that her "very French and talented friend" is the chef may have had some bearing on her glowing review.

Gleasons in Peekskill: Reviews?

Just curious. What on the Birdsall menu isn't "something you can make reasonable well yourself at home?" Other than the charcuterie, perhaps.