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My list of places to eat in Mumbai ...

I've been a resident of mumbai for a long long time (45+ years), but have been in SF for the past 20+ years. However, i come to mumbai quite often and have a list of places i visit and frequent. Got some friends visiting, and have 2.5 days in the city (before heading to delhi). We have family in mumbai, and they will have to eat at least 2 meals at home. So, i've been thinking and compiling a list of some of the places we might visit. Its a much larger list than we'll hit, but its always good to have a list :) We live in bandra/colaba, and I avoid travelling if not needed (since mumbai traffic is not the best).

Prakash - Dadar
Aaswad - Dadar
Goa Portugesa - Dadar
Guru Kripa - Sion
Elco - Bandra
Madras Cafe - Matunga
Mahesh Lunch Home - Fort
Jai hind seafood - Lower Parel
Olympia - Keema Pao - Regal
Badshah - Crawford Market
Mainland China - chinese dimsum, good lunch specials

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay – Kalbadevi
Bade Miya - Regal
Kyani & Co or Brittania Cafe - Parsi breakfast (akuri)
Chetana - Regal - Gujarati Thali
K Rustom’s Ice Cream - Churchgate
Natural ice cream - all over
Sardar - Pao Bhaji
Kobe, Yoko - Sizzlers

(from: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/821544
)1. Fountain Plaza's Mallu Spread (Appams and Egg Roast, Puttu Kadala)
2. Noor Mohammadi's Nalli Nihari, Kheema, Ghee Dal (DO NOT MISS THIS!!) and Naan
3. Ideal Corner (they have akoori pao),
4. Koolar & Co. Matunga (for the Irani experience- cheese omelets and brun maska!),

Jun 12, 2015
dlobo in India & South Asia

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

I've bought some mole paste (the color was black, but not sure if it was specifically mole negro) from La Palma (on 24th and bryant/harrison) and it was very delicious. I kinda used it as a curry paste in some veggie and fish dishes to great effect. Had a spicy chocolatey taste to it. A small container was $12 (so fairly expensive, but did last a long time across multiple meals)


Mar 11, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for a fishmonger in SF (or greater Bay Area if necessary) to buy Monchong/Pomfret from

i've seen and purchased pomfret/pompano from the seafood market on clement. I think i also saw them recently at sun fat in the mission (though it is probably closed till mid-week for lunar new year)

Feb 23, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Your Favorite $5 or under bites in San Francisco

super mira market in japantown has lots of snacks for under $5 at the back of the store including tempura and various types of sandwiches (pork belly, vegetarian, shrimp etc). They also have spam musubi for $3.00 or so


Feb 09, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Your Favorite $5 or under bites in San Francisco

potato knish at twentieth century cafe (though does not qualify as a hearty snack)

daikon cake at xing lao bao (on clement and 6th)

Jan 28, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

pastured meat animal share (hog/beef)

masa organics has been selling their pork at the saturday ferry building farmers market (along with rice and almonds). I purchased a few pounds last week and it was very good


Jan 27, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

surprised that no one mentioned the shoe string fries at zuni. They are always piping hot and well salted :)

Jan 14, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Bombay to Goa (Maharashtrian/Goan coastal cuisine) | Sunnyvale

I've been to gajalee a few times, and consider it just ok. The quality/freshness of the fish has not been that great in our visits. The appams and sol kadhi are quite good thought, the curry sauces were also solid. This is based on visits that happened 1+ year ago.

Did not make enough of an impression to put gajalee on our regular rotation.

Jan 07, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Hainan Chicken Rice or Khao Man Gai Recommendations in the Bay Area?

we like the hainan chicken rice (among many other things) at lime tree. Hawker fare also serves a nice version of this dish. You can also get additional rice if needed (which we typically do on takeaway orders). There is an option to add a fried egg (common to all hawker fare rice bowls)


Jan 05, 2015
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

What is your favorite Indian restaurant and why? How much are you usually willing to pay?

Shalimar on geary and jones is one of my favorites. Its a dive, fairly greasy food (to put it nicely), but they make up for it with their amazing tandoori naan / aloo paratha etc.Like the buna-ghost, aloo palak, butter chicken and a lot more

In sausalito, sartaj indian cuisine is run by a punjabi couple (raj and balbir) and make delicious, very home-cooked like food. Its on caledonia street, off the regular tourist track

In the south bay, i like madras cafe for dosas and aachi aapakadai is also quite good


Dec 13, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Lunch Ideas for Tomorrow (Wednesday) in Oakland or Berkeley for Mixed Group of Adults/Kids

how about hawker fare in oakland? pretty sure they have beer and wine


Nov 25, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Dinner in SF for 6 tonight, 2 kids, not too pricey, not Asian, pizza, or Mexican

oops i meant bambino's in cole valley, not bar bambino


Nov 25, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Dinner in SF for 6 tonight, 2 kids, not too pricey, not Asian, pizza, or Mexican

some of our kids favorites in that area (since we live cloe to mission/divis/inner sunset/cole)

- bar crudo - excellent chowder, oysters and rock cod tacos
- 4505 meats bbq
- nopa (but getting a seat there might be hard at 7:00)
- nopalito - mexican but a very different non taqueria style. lots of great options
- bar bambino (the kids love it and choose it often, personally i think its just ok)
- zazie (next to bar bambino)


Nov 25, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Rice paper scissors popup (open for lunch, mon-fri) @ mission & duboce (located inside brick & mortar music venue) does have a tasty bowl of pho (most days i think). My wife had the pho ga last friday.

It had vermicelli noodles, quite a few pieces of chicken. The broth was tasty. I've had the beef pho in the past and that broth has been phenomenal :) I'm pretty sure they dont use msg (i've not checked but will do so the next time)


Nov 24, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Quiet place for a drink downtown?? [San Francisco]

House of Shields: New Montgomery & Market. Not sure if it is crowded after work, but seems to be a really nice quiet bar :)

Oct 28, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

My favorite cafes in the city these days include:

Cafe Sophie on 16th and Sanchez - Verve coffee
Mercury Cafe on Page and Octavia - not sure

going to 4 barrel when it opens at 7:00 am in the morning on weekends is quite nice. Its nice, empty and quiet. Plus the staff out there have been around for a long time and have a conversation with the regular folks :) We enjoy it in the mornings


Sep 05, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for an event caterer in Berkeley/Oakland for 2 days - breakfast pastries and lunch

we had pals takeaway do the event a few years ago (when it was 75 folks and 1 day long) and it was awesome

i suspect they can handle lunch, but then we are not sure how to handle the coffee and pastries part of it


Mar 18, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for an event caterer in Berkeley/Oakland for 2 days - breakfast pastries and lunch

hey folks:

wondering if folks have any recommendations for a good, tasty conference catering for an event at David Brower Center in Berkeley. We have approx 175 people attending the event on thu/fri and would require breakfast pastries, coffee, lunch and lunch drinks.

Our past two years, the recommended caterers have been ok, but for the price have been disappointing ($10+ for mediocre sandwiches). So am looking for something tasty and varied.

They have a catering guideline here: http://www.browercenter.org/files/DBC...

and for the curious, this is for CiviCon: http://sf2014.civicrm.org/


p.s> we do like to feed people well, food is important for the community and for us :)

Mar 18, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Best fishmonger in SF, Peninsula, San Jose?

You just give them a call and place your order. They just have a requirement of min order size (which i think is $50)


Best fishmonger in SF, Peninsula, San Jose?

Note that if you are buying more than $50 worth of fish,you can also get your stuff from royal hawaiin seafood which is a pretty decent local wholesaler:


we've been getting seafood from there for the past few years and are fairly happy.

In SF, nijiya has a pretty decent selection of sushi-grade seafood.


Jan 22, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

National Pastrami Day: Tues Jan. 14

Mari and I did go to 20th century cafe for lunch yesterday. We got the reuben sandwich, the kale sandwich and the potato knish.

The reuben was quite good. Not too much meat, but nicely toasted bread with some great sauerkraut in it. Mari describes it as juicy and the sauce was a nice balance of tangy and savory that complemented the meat nicely with perfectly toasted buttered bread.

The kale sandwich with goat cheese was quite good and helped balance the meatiness of the reuben. Their knishes are really really good and savory, the kids love them and we use it as a after-school snack periodically.

Total cost for 2 with tax and tip was $26 (no drinks, we had water)


National Pastrami Day: Tues Jan. 14

has anyone tried the pastrami sanwich at 20th century cafe? I seem to remember hearing good things about it.

here's where i read about it:


i'll try to go there for lunch this week :



Jan 13, 2014
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

About to visit - a few specific questions on tours, icecream, tacos [San Francisco]

1. we did a north beach / chinatown food crawl yesterday and that was quite excellent. Lots of places to look at, eat, stop and play.

3. Our kids new new favorite is smitten. Most of their flavors dont have nuts (very simple list of ingredients)

4. Craftsman & Wolves, B. Pattiserie, Knead Pattiserie (and a couple more in bernal) are all awesome fairly new bakeries and well worth a visit

also i've not done it as yet, but have heard good things about the tcho chocolate factory tour (on the embarcadero)

not sure if u r planning to visit either the exploratorium or the academy of sciences, but both have fairly solid food offerings within the museum


Dec 24, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

NOMA/Downtown - 5 days w/kids [San Francisco]

might want to read this epic recent thread about eating with kids in SF. Lots of great ideas and suggestions:


for great sandwiches check this article:



Dec 16, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Juhu Beach Club - Temescal [Oakland]

We (3 adults and 2 kids) just wrapped up a great dinner at Juhu Beach Club. We had eaten a few times when JBC had a popup in San Francisco, and were happy to check the relatively new place again.

We showed up at 5:45 pm w/o a reservation and managed to get a table. The place was fairly packed throughout our meal (till 7:45 pm). Overall i thought the food was quite excellent with all dishes being very well spiced and flavorful.

Here's what we ordered and a brief summary:

- The kids got the kids meal which comes in a 3 box plastic tiffin (super cute). Older kid got the butter chicken + rice + salad. Younger kid got the grilled cheese + fries + salad. In general not a big fan of kids meals, but in this case it was worth it, since the other dishes were a bit too boldly spiced to serve as full meals for the kids (who are relatively adventurous and eat everything and take spice in moderation)

The 3 adults shared:

- Sev Puri - this was one large puri with 3 chutneys (tamarind, mint etc). You could not pop this puri in your mouth in one bite (which is typically done). We split it up into 4 pieces. Was a great combination of flavors
- Cauliflower Manchurian - deep fried spiced cauliflower. Nice version of this indian-chinese classic dish.
- gujju chilli - basically a nice thick lentil soup with some cream. We ordered a few additional pav (bread) to go with it since it was so yummy and we wanted to dunk some bread in it to eat. Definitely a great thick dahl
- the pav sampler. We got yhe sloppy lil'p, pork and beef. Fairly similar to what JBC had in SF. All quite good and were spiced differently
- Sassy Lassi - wife declared that she'd return specifically for this drink. Good combination of sweet and tang, had some chaat masala like spices in it. Definitely not a kid drink (kids tasted and did not enjoy it)

Overall a great meal, and we'll go back regularly (even though its across the bridge for us).


Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

You can also get tartine bread at bar tartine when they are open. I've found tartine bread fairly easily available at 5:00 pm and there is rarely a line around that time. I've also heard good things about the bread at craftsman and wolves (i've not had it myself)


Dec 14, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Jay Bharat Bay Area – Gujarati in Fremont

if you do go back to mumbai, there are a couple of amazing gujarati/rajasthani place including: chetana, rajdhani, and a few others whose name escapes me right now

Dec 10, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Jook - SF Dish of the Month December 2013

Mission Chinese Food has a dish called westlake porridge with crab, beef and egg. When we had it a long time ago, it was great and very comforting food :)

Not a jook expert by any means, so no idea how it ranks as good jook


Dec 05, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Roast Dungeness crab with garlic noodles: PPQ, Lotus or other? [San Francisco]

We went to frisco fried on 3rd street. In addition to some wonderful fried chicken and fish, they also have garlic noodles and garlic crab.

We got the garlic noodles as a side and then got a big container for home. It was quite excellent, buttery and super garlicky. A lot better than the garlic noodles from the thanh-long truck which we had a couple months back.

Might be worth checking it out for their crab also. We have kids, so the amount we eat out has decreased significantly :(


Dec 05, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area

Sonoma County Egg Hunt: I Brake for Fresh Farm Eggs

The price was the same, $8 per dozen.

Nov 02, 2013
dlobo in San Francisco Bay Area