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Happy Hour in SF

I'm planning a happy hour for a college alumni event (around 20 people) and am trying to find a good venue. It'll be on a Thursday night from 6-8pm. I'm hoping to find a spot with good appetizers and drinks, roomy enough for all of us, not too loud so we can hear each other and convenient in terms of parking and public transportation. I was looking into B Restaurant and Bar but would love other recs if there are better places.

Group Cocktail Hour

We were debating and I thought covering food would be better and having people buy their own drinks. It will be for about 2 hours on a week night.

Group Cocktail Hour

I'm planning a cocktail hour event for a group of around 20 people in SF. I was thinking of having some appetizers (Asian food preferable, but any kind of ethnic cuisine would be good) as well as drinks. Does anyone know of a place that has a small room where we can have an event like this that isn't too expensive? Our budget is about $400 total.

Birthday dinner and lounging

My 31st (agh!) birthday is coming up and I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner that is also loungy for after dinner. Preferably in the same venue. Any ideas?

Pinkberry in the Bay Area?

It's not exactly like Pinkberry's, but pretty close: Yogurt Bar at Union:

Best Sushi and Thai in SF? Visiting

I like Osha Thai Noodle. There are multiple locations now, but the original, at Geary and Jones, is probably the best and not as expensive as the others. And they're open really late.

New Indian Restaurant in Rockridge - any reports?

I've been there twice for dinner. Wait for a seat wasn't too bad on Valentine's Day, although we waited for the food for at least 30 minutes. Food was good, price is decent. I've had the Mango Lassi and Mango juice. Also had the garlic naan, kashmiri naan (nuts, kinda sweet), fish pakora, chicken korma (not overly sweet like some places make it), lamb rogan (tasty), and the prawn vindaloo (about 8 large shrimp). I'd definitely go back.

Shanghainese cuisine in/around Milpitas?

My parents and I will be driving down to Milpitas from Oakland/Berkeley on Saturday and were wondering if there were any good Shanghainese restaurants in the area. Preferably with good eel dishes.

Best ice cream in SF Bay Area

Don't try the one from Costo... the chocolate was horrible. I don't like the one from Trader Joe's either.... too fluffy. Gelato Milano might be coming out in the supermarkets in the future....

T-rex good, not great...

They have some damn good cornbread at T-Rex!!!! Huge piece with some honey butter.....

Best ice cream in SF Bay Area

I've been to Gelato Milano and Naia all in the last week. I agree with the other posts... Naia is a bit too sweet and not as creamy and as authentic as Gelato Milano. I believe the owner of Gelato Milano had help start Naia back in the day and had left, but decided to open a shop that made authentic gelato about a year ago.

Something fun and quaint in the OC (near 22 and 57)

Just wondering if anyone knew of any quaint restaurants in the OC - near Orange where the 22 and 57 meet up.

Jan 17, 2007
ltsao01 in Los Angeles Area

Sunnin Lebanese - I won't be going back

Are you talking about the one in Westwood or the one in Long Beach?

Jan 17, 2007
ltsao01 in Los Angeles Area

Ethiopian near Long Beach?

Does anyone know of an Ethiopian restaurant in Long Beach or close by?

Nov 20, 2006
ltsao01 in Los Angeles Area

longbeach/north OC group dinner?????

I like Open Sesame, although they may not have enough room to seat the whole party, unless you try to make reservations. The Reef is pretty good for Sunday brunch (is this a dinner thing or anytime?) for a set price, which is around $25. Another option for a big party is Green Field, the Brazilian BBQ restaurant if everyone is okay with eating all types of meat. That is also a set price, around $25.

Oct 14, 2006
ltsao01 in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants in Venice/Santa Monica area

I'm going out to dinner with a couple of friends and was looking for a quaint restaurant (any type of food) that's not too expensive in the Venice/Sanata Monica area. Any recommendations?

Oct 14, 2006
ltsao01 in Los Angeles Area