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Looking to try a Danny Meyer restaurant for lunch...

I'd say EMP. Since Daniel Humm came, and even before then, the place is excellent. Frank Bruni of the Times quasi-recently downgraded GT to 2 stars and upped EMP to 3 stars, for whatever that's worth. You could probably find the review in the archives. EMP has fantastic flavor, presentation and service. Have never been to the Modern for lunch. Hope this helps!

Sep 10, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Favorite Cheap Eats in Chelsea?

Rickshaw Dumplings is overpriced and mediocre.

Check out Chelsea Thai in Chelsea Market (b/w 15 and 16th on 9th ave). If you order your food to stay, you get 2x as much as if you take it to go. They give you noodles to last two extremely filling meals. Prices run ~$ 9.00.

Aug 11, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

sugar sweet sunshine bakery and other cupcake ramblings..

The pumpkin trifle is unbelievable! It's layers of pumpkin-spice cake and whipped cream all mixed together in a cup! How could that be bad???

Aug 11, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Macaroons at Madeleine- amazing!

The macaroons at Madeline (128 W. 23 b/w 6 and 7th) are unbelievable! They are the best macaroons I have had by far in the city. I have been thoroughly disappointed with Bouchon's macaroons-- which are stale and slightly soggy-- and also have run the the Fauchon's on the East Side (is it closed now?). Anyways, they are perfect! Just like Confiserie Spr√ľngli in Switzerland.

The best one that I had was vanilla. Pure and creamy, perfect texture. Macaroons are all about texture. I wish I could post a picture or something, but the edges are all crispy and the inside is slightly doughy. The buttercream or ganache was the perfect room temperature and instantly became liquid in my mouth.

I also had raspberry-blueberry, and the dark chocolate one had a much firmer cream inside (chocolate thickens up the filling, but good flavor!)

They have about fifteen flavors-- including, what I can think off the top of my head-- vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry, praline, nougat, raspberry-blueberry, lemon, pistachio, coconut-blood orange? They also have some interesting ones with apricot and bergamot, etc.

They are a little pricey at 2.50 a piece but completely worth it.

Aug 11, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Le Toukouleur, Bed-Stuy- AMAZING CAKE!

I just went to this "French-African" restaurant on 1116 Bedford @ Quincy in Bed-Stuy last night. We were the only people in the entire restaurant, but it was really great so I wanted to hype it up and see what other people's experiences were.

They have a $25 prix fixe for three courses, a great deal. I got a jumbo lump crab cake for app, a whole grilled tilapia stuffed with onions and tomatoes served with a roasted pepper stew, and for dessert, the most amazing cake I've ever had. The menu called it something like a "egg custard cake" but it was unlike any cake I've ever had. it wasn't exactly "cake"-- it wasn't dry like cake is. It wasn't a flan, on the other hand. It was heavenly. It was dense and sort of like a stiff pudding cake that tasted like butter and eggs. This was served with a layer of raspberries and sorbet and cream on top.

Please go and eat this amazing cake! I don't want the restaurant to go out of business!

NY Restaurant week advice?

Floyd Cardoz's Tabla is always an excellent choice. I am drawn back every time they have restaurant week. They consistently give a wide variety of amazing entrees-- oxtail, the famous rice-flaked halibut in watermelon soup-- as well as amazing service and hot rosemary naan!

Jul 02, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Crueller Donuts

Amazing donut place on intersection of 14th street and 7th avenue has a very wide selection of fresh donuts all day long. Called the Donut Pub. They have a great really eggy french crueller that is round but they also have the long ones. I think they also have chocolate cruellers. They often run out the french crueller it is so popular. It has a nice crust of sugar all round and is very sweet!

Jul 02, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Manhattan Tacos

Taco truck on the corner of 96 and Broadway. Got recently written up in the NY Times dining section by Peter Meehan:

I also am a big fan of the al pastor tacos (there are real chunks of pineapple and onion that marinate with the pork!) at Noche Mexicana on Amsterdam around 103 on the West Side.

And of course, if you're willing to go Red Hook Ballfields-- those are the definitely worth the trip. There are food stands there that cover Mexican, Salvadorean, Dominican, etc. Written up here:

Jul 02, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan


We always go there for banquets with my grandparents. They do a decent peking duck.

Jun 26, 2007
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan

Malai Kofta

I am craving a great malai kofta dish. I moved away from the West Side where I was getting a great dish at Indus Valley on 96 and B'way. Is there anywhere in Queens, Brooklyn, or lower Manhattan that anyone knows of???

Oct 14, 2006
SweetSummerCorn in Manhattan