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Kosher Turkey Bacon? (in NY)

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a place in the NY metro area or upstate in Monsey / Woodbourne etc where I can get kosher turkey bacon. I have yet to actually see kosher turkey bacon in a store - I have made do with beef fry, but I'd really like to find turkey bacon. I'd also love to know if there's anywhere to order it online. Thanks!

Jun 03, 2007
2silverwings in Kosher

Gluten and lactose free

Cranberry Bread

A bunch of GFCF (Gluten-Free and Casein-Free) desserts:

Dec 15, 2006
2silverwings in Special Diets

Er, gluten-free gravy?! Is this possible?

I like thickening my gravy with cornstarch. No roux necessary.

Dec 15, 2006
2silverwings in Home Cooking

Vanilla-free Light corn syrup

Corn does NOT contain the type of gluten that damages celiac's guts. Someone gave you some serious misinformation. Corn is one of the safest grains available for celiacs (unless, of course, you have an actual corn allergy!)

Dec 15, 2006
2silverwings in Home Cooking

Vanilla-free Light corn syrup


All the latest research and knowledge about gluten shows that THERE IS NO GLUTEN IN DISTILLED ALCOHOL regardless of what it is made from, which means there is no reason there would be any gluten in vanilla. The ingredient people thought made vanilla unsafe for celiacs was the alchol used in vanilla extract. As with most vinegars, we now know that DISTILLED ALCOHOL IS SAFE FOR CELIACS. The alcohol used in extracts is DISTILLED and therefore SAFE.

There is NO scientific evidence for people avoiding distilled alcohols made from gluten-containing grains, and it is sad that so many people are still avoiding them for no reason (similar to the situation with vinegars, which are well known in the medical community to be completely safe for celiacs except in the case of malt vinegar)

From the BBC website (


"Beers, lagers, stouts and real ales must definitely be avoided by coeliacs. However there are a number of gluten-free beers and lagers now on the market. Wine, champagne, port, sherry, ciders, liqueurs and spirits, including whisky, are all gluten-free. Although whisky comes from barley initially, the distilling process involved in its production means it is suitable for coeliacs to drink, as there is not gluten present in the end product."

From the Canadian Celiac Association

"Distilled alcoholic beverages such as gin, vodka, scotch whisky and rye whiskey are made from the fermentation of wheat, barley or rye. Since they are distilled, they do not contain prolamins and are allowed unless otherwise contraindicated."

The USDA says (

"There has been concern expressed at times about products made from
grain alcohol, when the alcohol might be derived from wheat. Because
the toxic peptides (in fact all peptides) have low volatility, whereas
alcohol produced by grain fermentation has a high volatility, properly
distilled alcohol derived from wheat grain will contain no toxic
peptides. Consequently, all vinegars made from a base of grain alcohol
should be safe and this is true also for alcohol extracts as well, for
example, alcoholic extracts of vanilla. In general, it appears that
distilled liquors such as vodkas and whiskies should be safe, as

It's amazing how much misinformation is out there about this stuff! Hope this info helps :)

Dec 15, 2006
2silverwings in Home Cooking

Current food blog obsessions?


Definitely check out Rissoteria on Bleecker! It's tasty and they have gluten-free EVERYTHING, from pizza to beer.

Dec 15, 2006
2silverwings in Manhattan

Pupusas in the EAST Bay?

Anyone know where to get good pupusas in the East Bay? Downtown Oakland, North Oakland or Berkeley preferred... Thanks!

(Gotta learn how to make my own)

Emeryville: Anyone know when the new Cocina Poblana is opening?

I've been convinced for the last 8 months that Cocina Poblana on 65th and Hollis would open "any day now". It's still not opened. Has anyone heard when the restaurant might actually be open for business? I'm really looking forward to having decent food to eat at lunch on days when I don't have time to bring it from home.

Kosher meat?

Thanks everyone! I will check out Oakland Kosher Foods this week.

Kosher meat?

Where's the best place to buy kosher meat? I'm pretty sure there's no kosher butcher here. I've seen kosher chicken at Trader Joe's but that's it. Any ideas?

The closer to Oakland the better.

Gluten-Free (wheat-free) fine dining?

So glad to find this post!

As I just posted in another thread, two good resources are:

Celiac Bay Area

Gluten Free By The Bay
(Only a few restaurant reviews so far, but more coming


I am glad I found this post because I've been wondering where I could go to eat besides Socca Oven and the usual sushi and Indian joints I frequent. Thanks for all the ideas.

Gluten-Free (wheat-free) fine dining?

Cafe Gratitude is NOT 100% soy an gluten free. They use gluten-containing soy sauce, that is the only gluten ingredient they have. They also include soy lecithin in their desserts. I have confirmed this with the owner and with servers.

gluten-free in SF

Two more resources:

Gluten Free By The Bay

Celiac Bay Area

I've found Indian food and Sushi (when I bring my own GF soy sauce) to be the best bets here. Also don't forget the entirely gluten-free restaurant in North Berkeley, Socca Oven (

Gluten-Free Millbrae?

Two suggestions:

Gluten Free By The Bay

Sushi! Remind her you're going for sushi so she can bring her own gluten-free soy sauce. Almost anything at a sushi joint that doesn't have soy sauce or isn't breaded and fried is going to be safe for a person who's gluten intolerant.