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2nd and Market/Mission Lunch spots?

Hi all,

I know there have been numerous posts about fidi lunch spots, but most of them seem to be around the embarcadero area, which is a bit of a hike for where i'm at. Anyone have great takeout suggestions for within a short walk from 2nd between Market and Mission?

Thank you!!!!

Anchor Steam Brewery

The tour is fantastic! You learn about the process of beer-making and then you get to sample each of the beers that are currently in-season. After sampling each, I was able to drink as much as I wanted of whichever beer I wanted. There wasn't any food, but I second the suggestion of Goat Hill Pizza. YUM!

Fish & Chips

I'm looking for the best fish & chips in the Bay Area - anyone have any recommendations?

Chinese Drinking Wine

Does anyone know ofstores in San Francisco that carry Chinese drinking wines? (not cooking wines). For example, Pagoda Blue Label Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew?


Zankou-style chicken in Bay Area?

I've never been to Zankou Chicken in Hollywood, but I've read about it online, in Saveur's recent Top 100, and had friends tell me it's the best chicken they've ever eaten. I don't think I'm going to make it down to Hollywood anytime soon. Does anyone know of a similar style of Armenian chicken here in the Bay Area?

Sebo Sushi: opinions? [San Francisco]

I adore Sebo. The fish is amazingly fresh and the restaurant is really intimate, maybe 20 or 30 seats at the most?

Gift Certificates to Village Bistro - any suggestions?

I have gift certificates to the Village Bistro in Santana Row - anyone have any suggestions as for what to order? Any opinions on the restaurant?


Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles - help on finding similar in SF

I lived in LA for a few years and I absolutely adore Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Does anyone know of a restaurant with a similar feel and menu here in San Francisco (not East Bay)?


Cajun place in Oakland by tunnel?

I've eaten at The Gingerbread House and the only thing I really enjoyed was their amazing cornbread, dripping with butter. The food was nothing spectacular, and the waitresses were kinda creepy. The restroom is upstairs in the restaurant, an area they don't always use for service, with an old kitchen. There are hundreds of dolls. HUNDREDS. It's actually pretty scary.

Olive Oil Tasting

Hello all,

I'm helping a writer research a story - does anyone know of any restaurants in Chicago that serve an olive oil tasting? Perhaps at an Italian or Spanish restaurant? There are a couple of restaurants doing it in California...


Nov 09, 2006
foodloverinsf in Chicago Area