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Great Chinese around downtown TO?

Yeah, it is a constraint since my wife has already organized it. I would have preferred to head up to Markham but I have to make due. Yep, love T&T, except that I usually frequent the one at Promenade Mall.

I think that we'll probably end up trying E-Pan. I've heard pretty good things about it so I guess it's worth a shot.

Great Chinese around downtown TO?

Hi everyone,
My wife is working with someone who is here from Shanghai for 6 months. She's missing food from home so we've arranged to take her and and bunch of other co-workers to Chinatown (Dundas/Spadina area).

My question to you fellow Chowhounders is where is a good spot to take her so that she'll get a taste of home? I don't think it necessarily has to be Shanghaiese food per se, but somewhere where Caucasions (most of the group) and Chinese (her and I) can both be happy?

Scanning through earlier posts mentions Asian Legend for some Shanghai-style food, but I'm wondering if it's maybe too chain-like now? I went there once, and it wasn't bad, but I think she wants somewhere where it's predominately Chinese. How about E-Pan?

If anyone can offer some suggestions, that would be fantastic. We're taking her this coming Friday (April 20/2007).

Thanks in advance!

Best pizza in Toronto?

Based on the varying accolades from this board, I tried Dante's last night. I drove up and ordered a "mini" with mushrooms (this is my standard for testing pizza) and have to say -- I was underwhelmed. I think what threw me off was the heft of the crust. It was almost like - dare I say, a frozen pizza crust. My wife said the same thing.

However, there were few good points -- you get A LOT of pizza for a mini. It's probably enough for two people. The ingredients are fresh. I think the sauce was so-so. Maybe a bit heavy on the garlic for my tastes.

I'm no pizza snob - I can eat chain pizza along with the best of the thin crust ones, but Dante's was just ok in my book. Guess I need to keep looking....

Espresso Machine?

Again, not in your area but a great shop:

The owner was actually a Gaggia distributor for years (I think he still is) before he opened this retail location up. I bought my first super automatic from him and couldn't be happier. It's not too far off the 401 (south) on Avenue Road.

Best pizza in Toronto?

I would have to say that my #1 pizza right now is Pizza Rustica at 270 Wellington St ( Nice thin crust, amazing sauce but be forewarned - if going around lunchtime, service can be excruciatingly slow. Some places aren't worth the wait, but this one is.

I was at Camarra a month or so ago and am still not impressed with their regular crust pizzas. It was thick and doughy and honestly, I preferred Pizza Hut over this one. Maybe the thin crust is better.

A few other places: Tony's Italian Restaurant at 4864 Yonge St (basically Yonge/Sheppard area) makes a pretty good pizza.

When I used to work in Bolton, a family owned joint called Carusos makes amazing gourmet slices. It's in a strip plaza right on Hwy 50 (west side), just north of Wilton Rd.

Lastly, my previous #1 (it held top spot for years until I found Pizza Rustica) was called Venezia Pizza at 230 Sandalwood Parkway East. Just a small hole in the wall but, wow, their pizza was incredible. Family owned as well.