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Ghost Peppers - what to do with them?

Any special recipe for that jam?

Aug 31, 2013
MarkhamDee in Home Cooking

Italian grocers in markham

Michael-Angelos is good, for a somewhat smaller but also high quality place - especially if you're in East Markham - check out The Garden Basket. They have a very good selection of dry pasta, olive oils, vinegars...also very good produce (saw bushels of Roma tomatoes and peppers a couple of days ago) and they have a really good selection of 'regular' and organic produce.

Pure Coconut Water. No sugar added. With/without pulp/jelly. Need recommendations please.

Read the label carefully though. Many Grace varieties have sugar added. If you don't see 'No Sugar Added' on the front label, it will probably have Sugar as one of the ingredients on the back.

New site design - epic fail!

My guess is that the Mayan-predicted end of the world will come before they admit they screwed it up and fix it. They seem to be doing a good job at the 'deny there's a problem' game.

Dec 12, 2012
MarkhamDee in Site Talk

New Chowhound Design is Now Live!

+1,000,000. THIS. Chowhound is one of my trusted online sources for all things food, because I recognise the user names of regular posters - and after years of reading their posts, I respect what they have to say.

Those user names are a very useful part of how I navigate if I've been offline for a few days, and I'm really disappointed that someone feels the need for valuable information like that to just disappear from view.... I wish that the Powers That Be had considered consulting with the user community before making such sweeping modifications.

Dec 11, 2012
MarkhamDee in Site Talk

New Chowhound Design is Now Live!

IMHO, any site redesign which requires a video to help users understand it, is not an improvement in usability.

If it's not self-evident, then you're making it too complicated.

As an occasional poster and frequent user of Chowhound for over six years, this really just makes me sad...

P.S. - Also tried the new site on my iPhone. Not impressed with that either. The lack of an option to go to the Desktop site is especially irksome.

Dec 10, 2012
MarkhamDee in Site Talk

Breton Cheese Crackers in Toronto?

Sorry, you may be out of luck... I just checked the Breton page at Dare Foods and it doesn't list the cheese variety anymore. Just Original, Reduced Fat, Reduced Fat & Salt, Basil & Olive Oil, Garden Vegetable, and Multigrain.

You can visit their page at:

Other than using the "Contact Us" form there, I'm not sure how else you could verify for certain.

Applewood smoked cheese

Check Olympic Cheese Outlet on Woodbine (between Shields and 14th Avenue) - this is the Markham sister store to Olympic in the St Lawrence Market - much smaller, but a great selection and helpful staff; we've bought Applewood Smoked Cheddar there on many occasions.... if you're not sure if it's what you're looking for/the same as what you got in Kensington, just ask for a sample to confirm. (Note: I believe they are closed Sundays and Mondays.)

Alternately, if you can't get there, at least some Longo's do carry Applewood Smoked Cheddar as well...

Hope this helps, let us know what the SO does with it.

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce in Toronto?

I've had very good luck finding them in the "ethnic/international" aisle of Food Basics (usually stocked in small cans near the Tostadas and Salsa/Salsa Verde).

Rendered Duck Fat in Toronto or GTA?

This may be widely available at Longo's - I've also seen this at the Box Grove Markham location. It is indeed the Brome Lake brand.

Double boiler pot

I'm going with the assumption that you're looking for a double boiler insert... If you're set on the west end, Golda's Kitchen has a retail location in Mississauga. Their web store lists a couple of high-quality double boiler inserts (and of course they'd be happy to sell you a matching pot if you like) - if either of them look interesting to you, you can click on their 'contact us' link to see if they have them instock (they have a toll free number you can call, or email if you prefer).

Having said that - if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive solution, it looks like Cayne's has a Nordicware universal one which fits over a 1 to 4 quart pan - it has a 5-year warranty and would be under $25 even after shipping and tax - so you wouldn't have to make a trek if you didn't want to. Depending on how often you expect to be using a double boiler, it may not make sense to overspend...

Golda's Kitchen
2885 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N, CA

ISO: Manual Meat Mixer

Not the first place most people think of for food-stuff but Princess Auto has almost the exact same thing...


They aren't in Toronto itself but they have locations in Mississauga, Barrie, Newmarket and Whitby... obviously call before heading out, if they're out of your way - I would imagine they can order in for you if they don't have it in stock; or you could order for delivery to your home (which I would think would be cheaper than shipping from the US and you wouldn't have to deal with cross-border shipping hassles).

Good luck!

HELP - Saskatchewan Style Pizza??

bogie - another transplanted Edmontonian here... if Olympic 76 is anything like Edmonton's Royal Pizza (at least during their vintage years, in the location S of Whyte on Calgary Trail) - then I'll have to make a trip... thanks for the tip.

I personally haven't found a real substitute for prairie pizza here, so have just made a point to go out with family and friends for the occassional trips back West... on the other hand, there are plenty of great GTA dining experiences that you just don't get in Edmonton, so I try to enjoy those, and make sure to take visiting guests out to 'something different' when they come to see me.

Rosette Cookie Moulds in Toronto?

daeria, glad to hear you found replacements. For those who don't want to go downtown from the West End, you may want to check Golda's Kitchen out in Mississauga's Meadowvale neighbourhood. Their website shows a set available, they also do web orders...

Pam for Baking, anybody seen it lately?

Middydd, the new Loblaws flyer - effective November 13-19, has Pam Baking listed on page 8. $349 / 141g can, apparently $0.50 less than regular price. Hopefully they will ensure they have it in stock at most stores... probably a good time to stock up again.

Caplansky's and beer

I can confirm that wine was there, 'red' or 'white' - at least when I was last there in January, with a friend who hates beer. Her assessment: OK as an option if you really don't like beer but nothing to write home about.

Iced Tea Pitcher

Yes, I'm pretty sure that they started in Ottawa, but moved to Toronto a year or so ago. (I first noticed the Toronto address last summer, and made a mental note about the pickup option.)

Iced Tea Pitcher

sbug206- Ashton Green is actually in the GTA.

You can order from them and pick up from their warehouse Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00PM. See their FAQ on their site for details- they're on Ellesmere.

Unglazed quarry tiles

In addition to checking out the tile sections/suppliers, I can also suggest checking out the BBQ section of the hardware store... some time ago I ended up buying some unglazed tiles there which were being sold as an alternative to Lava Rocks for BBQs.

Having said that - I think the prices for the actual pizza stones have come down somewhat in recent years. I just did a quick search of some Toronto-area retailers; Home Hardware's website lists a 13" pizza stone with peel for $13.99, and Caynes's website lists a 15" stone for $9.99. . .

Looking for mead...

Actually LCBO-Vintages does have at least one Mead on offer now, though it is a flavored mead: ROSSIGNOL ESTATE BLACKBERRY MEAD 2006, VINTAGES Item # 69708, $ 22.95. An inventory check on the LCBO site shows it's pretty widely available.

I won a g/c to Mediocore resto's Help! [moved from Ontario board]

FF, I did just today see that Milestones has a promotion this Wednesday, April 29th: from 4 PM until close, order any two appetizers or two entrees (or two appetizers AND two entrees) from the Milestones menu, and one of every two will be free.

I do get that you were primarily intending to chose between Montana's and Swiss Chalet, but thought I'd point out the potential extra value for Milestones with that deal, which might make it a more attractive option to you. (I know for myself, that I've generally found Milestones food a bit better than SC or Montana's, but maybe a little overpriced; a deal like this is a mitigating factor.)

Details on their "Date Night" promotion pops up (at least for now) if you go to their website at

VERNOR'S.....say it isn't so!

I don't know if it is, but the Vernor's brand is apparently owned by Dr Pepper (see - you could try checking with their consumer relations department.

What' the most aromatic butter u can get in Toronto

If you're looking for Whey Butter for that blend, one source I've found is Reid's Dairy. Here in Markham they seem to have it consistently, and at the same price as their regular butter. Check to see if there's a location near you. Good luck!

Live Lobster Sale ~ $7 / lb on now at T&T

Jayt90 - Loblaws won't send all the specials within an email, but if you sign up for their eNewsletter, they'll send you an email every Thursday highlighting some of the specials and linking to their flyer online.

baking in pyrex bowl or kitchenaid mixer bowl

Depending on your KitchenAid mixer, the bowl may be less than suitable. I know with my small one, the instruction booklet said not to even put it in a dishwasher, so I'd be very hesitant to use it in an oven.... I'd hate to have it warp/deform and have to buy a replacement at $50-$60.

A Pyrex bowl may be a better choice - especially if it's marked as heat-safe - but like milklady noted, some parts may get done before others, so the results could be less than chowish.

If rental pans aren't available where you are, I can suggest a couple of different options:

1) Instead of a 3-D belly, do a Juno profile by baking a round 8" cake and a rectangular 9"x13" cake. On a serving platform (could be as simple as a piece of cardboard at least 15"x 15", wrapped in foil) put the rectangular cake 1" in from the corner. Cut the 8" in half and put the cut side up against the long side of the rectangle - that's her belly. Cut a little of the rest of the of the round cake to put above her belly, to finish off her top. Decorate as you like.

2) You could try a 3-d belly by doing a triple stack of layer cakes, carving to shape, then frosting... that would ensure that all layers were evenly cooked.

Feb 20, 2008
MarkhamDee in Home Cooking

Farmer's Markets in Scarborough

I agree that Whittamore's more in the 'greater' part of the GTA, but it's closer to a lot of Scarborough than Downtown Toronto. If David has a car - or a friend willing to carpool - then this could be the ticket for a nice weekend outing.

Now if only Whittamore - or York Region Transit - would think about doing a shuttle bus out there on the weekends....

Farmer's Markets in Scarborough

Depending on where you are in Scarborough, you might want to give Markham a try. They have a Farmer's Market every Saturday from mid-May to the end of September; it runs from 8:00 AM-1:00 PM. It's on Robinson Street, 2 lights north of Markham Road & Hwy 7. The Markham Main Street BIA has info on the market, how to get there, where to park if you're driving, etc; just point your browser to:

Also, if you do have a car but you don't find what you're looking for at the Markham market itself, there are a number of local producers with their own shops/farm market stands fairly close by (either in Markham, or occassionally Stouffville); here's a quick rundown of ones I've seen check out:

- Organics Family Farm - - on Tenth Line close to Stouffville - yes, they're organic; the family running this one is also affiliated with the Applewood Farm winery.
- Reesor Farm Market - - on Ninth Line a few minutes north of Markham; corn's their specialty when it's in season.
- Chepack Country Market - no web site, but easily found on Canada411 - also on Ninth Line a few minutes north of Markham; a little of everything, including runny butter tarts.
- Whittamore's Farm - - east on Steeles, about 6 km east of Markham Road - great variety in the market, with baked goods, as well as several pick your own options. As well, several of their preserves are available in no-sugar versions, which is nice to know if you have diabetic family members like I do.

Good luck, and please do post a follow up if you come across any hidden gems for farmers market/fresh local food.

In Edmonton and Calgary next week - budget recs, please?

Ay yi yi... weird trip, and lots of other things happening when I got back, so this reply post is tardy. Mea Culpa.

In St Albert, I fortunately was able to avoid the Greek place next to Nello's. Unfortunately I didn't get to Nello's or Cajun House. On the recommendation of my MIL we went to Muggins for lunch. Ugh. Would not voluntarily go again... and will leave my evaluation of that restaurant (and my MIL's taste in restaurants) at that.

In Calgary, my suggestions for possibilities like Kinjo's or Taj Mahal got nixed because of food allergies and delicate stomachs among others in the family group. We instead ended up at Pasquales on Macleod Trail, which was about $15-$20 for most mains on the menu. I had their fettucini pescatore, which was beautifully done; none of the various different shellfish were overcooked, the sauce was nicely spiced, and the portion very satisfying. Others at the table had lasagne (made with veal), manicotti, and other fettucini and penne dishes, and everyone really enjoyed their selections.

In the University area, I also had lunch with a friend at Roots Organic, and I have to say their ham and lentil soup was very nice. (Didn't stop at Lava, as the weather was a little cool... maybe next time).

And on the south side, a real discovery from my dad - which surprised me, since he's usually pretty conventional in his tastes - was Ariana, an Afghani restaurant in the Whitemud Crossing. Nothing fancy for the decor (think formica tables and vinyl booths), but very clean, and very friendly service... and delicious food. I had the Chicken Quorma with Quabouli; the seasoning was spicy, but more aromatic spicy than super-hot spicy. My dad had a beef dish - I cannot really remember which one - but he really enjoyed it as well. The prices are very, very reasonable (around $10 for a meal which will not leave you hungry), and they do take-out as well as eat-in. This is not a fancy place for a date, but highly recommended for a casual meal; I personally hope that they get busier than they were when we were there, because I really want to go back the next time I return to Edmonton for a visit.

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions... I wish I had more time (and less family weirdness to deal with) to be able to try more of them.

Cast Iron Frying Pan?

I second Caynes - and yes they do carry the Lodge 'Logic' pre-seasoned cast iron.... both standard fry pans (less than $30) as well as 'grill pans' with ridges (less than $40).

Can I super-glue a handle back on baking dish?

I can't comment on a specific glass or ceramic glue, having never tried this myself; but I did look on Lock Tite's site - maker of the genuine "Super Glue" - and they note in their FAQ that Super Glues are not Heat and Water resistant.

Their site does mention a product called "XTreme Repair" which is supposed to be waterproof and will withstand temperatures up to 400F. However, it's also supposed to be a flexible bond, and I don't know that you want your handle to flex when you're taking something out of the oven.

They do also mention that their Instant Glass Glue is dishwasher safe - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's oven safe.

Maybe you should see if the manufacturer of the glue you bought has a customer service phone number, and call for more detailed information? (If you don't see a number on the package, perhaps they have a website with a 'contact us' section... it's worth a shot!)

Good luck!

Jun 06, 2007
MarkhamDee in Cookware