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Filter Coffee House - Dupont Circle

I have been going here for the last few weeks since it opened. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood. They have lots of options including loose leaf tea, drip coffee, and espresso drinks. I have been getting non-fat lattes which are great.

The place is a little hard to find, but once you do it is well worth it!

Here is a link:

Best cookies in downtown / Dupont Circle / Golden Triangle area?

Sorry didn't see you didn't like firehook . . .

Best cookies in downtown / Dupont Circle / Golden Triangle area?

Try Firehook Bakery - - -their chocolate chip cookies are pretty good.

Firehook Bakery
3411 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

Carb Load before the Marathon

It is his 20th Marathon . . . .

Jan 28, 2010
Bethheth in Austin

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband is running the Austin Marathon next month, and in what has become a pre-race tradition, I am looking for the best chocolate chip cookies in Austin.


Jan 22, 2010
Bethheth in Austin

Carb Load before the Marathon

My husband is running the Austin Marathon next month. I was looking for suggestions for good Italian the night before the race.


Jan 22, 2010
Bethheth in Austin

Volt, is it worth the hike?

One word - - YES - - one of the best meals I have had in a long time and I went for brunch. (And yes I have been to many of the other restaurants that have been suggested on this thread).

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Also, been to Blue Ribbon . . very good!

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I have tried "the truck." I had the chopped chicken and it was very good. It is more of the Maryland style pit BBQ, not Texas style. I believe there was a whole thread on here about it this summer.

Chinese for Christmas Dinner in Gaithersburg?

I am sure I am too late, but went to Burma Road on Christmas Eve. It was fantastic. We had burmese. They also have a full bar.

I-85 north Atlanta to High Point, NC

Doing the drive in reverse! Would love to see suggestions!

Nov 18, 2009
Bethheth in Southeast

Crab Cakes in DC or Alexandria

I have a friend coming to town who remembers having the best crab cakes ever when he was here in the 80s (yeah a long time ago). Anyway, can anyone recommend places in either Old Town or downtown DC? I do not eat crab, so I have no clue.

Hungerford Drive's new "York Castle" IS The ORIGINAL GIFFORD'S ICE CREAM. (Proof)

Went to York Castle yesterday after reading this thread. It was great. My husband got the pina colada and mango. He usually does not like pina colado but loved this. I had the mint chocolate chip which was just absolutely amazing. We will be back soon!

Birthday Dinner in Atlanta

The week of Thanksgiving is both mine and my dad's birthdays. I would love suggestions on places equidistant between Marietta and East Atlanta. We like Asian Fusion, Steak, American, etc. We would rather not have Italian since we will be carb loading for the marathon the next night.


Nov 11, 2009
Bethheth in Atlanta

Gaithersburg HELP for out-of-towner

Try Nick's Chophouse:

They may have one or two options.

Batik (SE Asian) at Kentlands in Gaithersburg

We went to Batik last Thursday night. We were the last people in the place and it was very good. We had the crab wasabi dumplings,good earth dumplings, squash it dumplings, soul? chicken dumplings, curry chicken dumplings. All were good, the best were the crab wasabi and good earth. We also had fried lumpia which was ok nothing great and Thai Fried Rice. The fried rice was very oily.

All in all a good meal, we will go back forthe dumplings.

Ocean Prime - Tampa

Wonder if they changed singers in the last 6 months?

Oct 01, 2009
Bethheth in Florida

Batik (SE Asian) at Kentlands in Gaithersburg

Anyone been? I am headed there tonight, and would love some recommendations.

To send to shiva in Silver Spring...

If you are looking for pastries, cookies, or bagels, try Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown. They just started delivering.

Italian place to carbo load before Marathon

I walk by every day, and yes, Anna Maria's has closed.

Completely Ridiculous Deals at Ray's the Classics

Is this still on???

Flip Burger Boutique - ATL

I will be in Atlanta this week and we are thinking about going to Flip Burger. Any recent reviews? What are the must haves/must not haves?


Big Al's Pit Beef Assateague, MD

I was camping in Assateague this past weekend and had the opportunity to go to Big Al's Pit Beef (on 611). We loved it! We just happened to be driving by and stopped for lunch. You can either eat in the restaurant next door or out in front on one of the picnic tables. We had our dog with us so we ate out front. I had the turkey sandwich and the husband had the beef medium, we shared the fries. All was good. The guys behind the counter were really nice and even gave us a "bucket" of ice water for the pup. I would highly suggest it if you are in the area.

Nationals Park Food

We bring in food all the time. I can't bring my self to pay ballpark prices. If we have time, we make stuff up at home and bring it in a cooler, if not we stop at Subway.

Also in terms of variety, I gotta say National's Park has got a pretty good selection. We were at Camden a couple of weeks ago and I was suprised at how little there was.

Best Onion Rings

District ChopHouse - -

Babka in and around D.C.?

I have seen it at Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown. I am not sure if they carry it daily so you might want to call ahead.

Wilmington DE Good Italian Recs

Thank you for the recs. We went to Attilio's. It was great, exactly what we were looking for. The food, was good, service was fast and friendly. Afterwards we stopped by Presto for cookies. Wow! I had Heath Bar and my huband has chocolate chip, best pre-race cookies we have ever had.

Thank you for the recs. My husband enjoyed the race and had a personal record. Who knws we maybe back for another next year.

May 19, 2009
Bethheth in Mid-Atlantic

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

Valentino's off of Little River Turnkpike near 395. Best NY Style in the area.

Crabs and Jewish Food

Try Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown, the best I have had in the area!

Wilmington DE Good Italian Recs

My husband will be running the marathon on May 17, and we would like to go out for a good Italian meal the night before. We are staying at the Sheraton, but are willing to drive. Bonus points for good chocolate chip cookies (a pre-race tradition).

May 04, 2009
Bethheth in Mid-Atlantic