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Has anyone tried "Grub Shack" in San Jose

It's a new Hawaiian place on Santa Clara Street. I'd like to search for previous reviews here, but the site is all changed around since I last visited and I can't find a search function.

Anyway, I've been hearing good things about Grub Shack and will visit this week. I was interested in anyone's reviews of particular dishes. I have a menu here; a couple of interesting dishes are:

Thai basil chicken wings
Kalua pork rice plate & garlic shrimp topped with a fried egg
Kalua pork sliders
Cukui (?) tacos

Grub Shack
93 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose

Home style northern Indian food in San Jose/South bay

Thanks to this thread I tried DeeDee's too, and just returned. That was scrumptious, and a good bargain, too. I agree that the shrikhand was fabulous. I've eaten at a lot of Indian vegetarian restaurants and somehow this dish has escaped me up until now. Do they put crack in that stuff?

Flavor King Pluot Season

I wonder if we were there at the same time, Windy? Luckily there was enough to go around because I got a whole flat plus a bag of assorted stone fruit. I also have trouble remembering which kind of fruit are which once I get home! They had a variety of plum I didn't remember from before: Golden Nectar plums, which were bright yellow, intensely sweet and fragrant. The Flavor Kings were superb, as were the Elephant Hearts and the Dapple Dandies.

I'm with you on the Romano beans. I bought a pound and they will be served with dinner tonight, sauced with fresh tomatoes and sliced onions.

Flavor King Pluot Season

Andy's Orchards in Morgan Hill has Flavor Queens, and the taste is heavenly, almost like the perfume of tropical flowers. I intend to be there at 10 a.m. tomorrow to see if there are any more. If there are, I'm getting a whole flat.

Of course, Andy's also has the Flavor Kings, as well as Dapple Dandys, Elephant Heart, and Flavor Grenade pluots. Unless I buy them all tomorrow.

Andy's Orchard
1615 Half Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Where to find curry leaf in peninsula

I've seen them many times at Patel Brothers.

2039 El Camino Real
Santa Clara

Morgan Hill Updates?

We have a new cheesesteak joint called A-Jay's. A-Jay's opened in the old El Rincon location on Second Street a couple of months ago. I have very little experience in the world of cheesesteaks, so I'm unable to deliver an opinion as to the authenticity of those that they serve here.

Having said that, I just love their sandwiches. Though they're moist and juicy, they're not greasy or gooey at all. They make several versions of cheesesteaks, and my favorite is the "South County", with garlic and mushrooms. Their burgers are excellent, and come served on an artisan bun. One version is a "cheesesteak burger", with sliced steak, peppers, onions and cheese atop a hamburger patty! The onion rings are crisp and hold together well, and the french fries are well made, too. Their chicken wings, they say, are made from fresh not frozen chicken. I had some lemon pepper ones which were delectable and un-greasy.

So in short, everything that's bad for you is good here. The line is frequently out the door since the day they opened.

17400 Monterey St., Ste 1F (actually on 2nd street around the corner)
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 779-0088

El Rincon
2700 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Decent lunch near Gilroy Outlets?

Try "El Michoacano" on the other side of the freeway. I can't help you on the vegetarian issue, but it's my favorite Mexican place. The seafood dishes are well-prepared, the place is colorful, and it tends to get crowded because the food is so good:

6966 Chestnut Street
Gilroy, CA 95020-6635
(408) 842-5877

Great Clean place for Mole, Cabrito and Yucatan food in West San Jose

When I search for the address using Google maps, it drops a pin right about at Rangoli restaurant. Is it in the shopping center where Rangoli is? Or is it that little shopping center behind Rangoli, with the "Nowhere Bar & Grill"?

Cherries in Morgan Hill: Andy's Orchard and Mariani Orchards Roadside Cherry Stand

I just this minute finished off my dessert of cherries from Andy's. Yes, the Bings are terrific this year, and I buy and eat all I can afford for the brief window of time they're available. I love that I live so close so that I can indulge in this luxury - I live about a mile or so away.

A little later, perhaps we'll see "Bentons", a variety comparable to Brooks, and also "Lapins", another topnotch variety.

Naschmarkt in Campbell - any advance word on this restaurant due to open in June 2011?

I read somewhere about a new restaurant coming to Campbell: "Naschmarkt". It's to be an Austrian restaurant and is named after a large open-air market in Vienna.

Does anyone have any scoop about what the menu will be, and/or the beer selection? Thanks in advance.


384 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA

Gilroy restaurants

Pinoy Lichon in Morgan Hill is closed, and is now a taqueria. As long as you included a Morgan Hill restaurant, I'll assume you're interested in others and will recommend:

Trail Dust BBQ
17240 Monterey Street
Terrific St. Louis-style pork ribs and good tri-tip.

A-Jay's Cheesesteak
West 2nd Street, a couple of doors away from Monterey Street
A brand-new tiny place, already mobbed, because the cheesesteaks are excellent, as are the wings, french fries and onion rings.

Fresh & Easy stores - when will they open?

So, it's a bit early, but has anyone been to one yet? I hope to visit the San Jose branch tomorrow and would like to know what's good there.

Sam's Chowdermobile in Golden Gate Park

I only just found out about Sam's Chowdermobile a few days ago, and just returned from visiting them at their San Jose location. I also am not qualified to judge a lobster roll, but Sam's roll was half again as big as the rolls they serve at the Old Port Lobster Shack. The crisp, toasted roll was cram-packed with chunks of buttered lobster, including claw meat. I think it was about 99.8% as good-tasting, too. I also had the chowder, which was very full of large chunks of clam meat, and it wasn't super-thick, which I don't care for.

Old Bay fries for me next time I go, which will be when they return to SJ in about two weeks.

Old Port Lobster Shack
851 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063

Sam's ChowderMobile
various locations, San Francisco, CA

new ramen place in Santa Clara called Orenchi

I ate at Orenchi last night, and their tonkatsu ramen is still stellar. I'm posting to note that they are now open for lunch at 11:30 every day, I believe. I know they're closed for dinner on Mondays, and am unsure if that extends to lunch.

This is great! I always think of ramen as more of a lunch item anyway.

Why can't the South Bay have a Berkeley Bowl?

I love Lunardi's for their produce. In particular, their fruit is always of top-quality. I love to buy my apples, oranges, pears, pineapple, mangoes and papayas there. I once commented to a produce department worker there how great their fruit always is, and he replied that fruit vendors know that they can't mess with Mr. Lunardi.

There are several across the peninsula. The one I visit most is in San Jose, at 4650 Meridian at Branham Lane. There is another in Los Gatos, and one in Burlingame, too.

Nijiya Market Mountain View - about to get a ramen cafe?

I sent an e-mail to Nijiya management, and I just received back this reply:

"Thank you for contacting Nijiya Market.

The Mountain View Store is doing construction now.

They will be serve a ramen, but not part of a Japanese chain.

It is Nijiya original. Plus Udon,tonkatsu etc. hot deli with eat in space. Renewal opens maybe on March. Please wait a moment!!

If you have question, please contact us!

Thank you for shopping at Nijiya Market.

Have a nice evening!

Best regards,
Yoshie Ozawa

Nijiya Market
20900 Normandie Ave.,#A

So Nijiya will have their own ramen outpost, at least at their Mountain View branch. And furthermore a place to sit and eat the ramen and presumably any pre-made market food as well. This is good news for my husband!

Nijiya Market Mountain View - about to get a ramen cafe?

My husband works at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, and often picks up lunch at the Nijiya Market which is nearby (he also dines at Chaat Paradise - I'm jealous!). He said that he visited there yesterday and that they seemed to be expanding into a vacant space next door and he overheard someone saying that a ramen cafe was planned.

Has anyone else heard about this? If so, I wonder if it would be another branch of Santouka. He and I went to this place at the Mitsuwa Market in Cupertino and he pronounced it as his favoritest ramen ever. That would be awesome.

"El Rincon" in Morgan Hill has moved up; now it's "Sangria's"

You may remember posts about "El Rincon", a surprisingly excellent upscale nuevo Mexican place in Morgan Hill.

Well, Chef Alberto has moved to the other side of Monterey Road and has opened "Sangria's", a larger, better-equipped and decorated restaurant. Now Chef Alberto is assisted by several friendly, professional waitstaff and kitchen assistants. It might be a little hard to find - it's upstairs in a funky old wooden commercial building, in a space that used to house "Izakaya", a Japanese restaurant.

Sangria's prepares the same dishes as the old El Rincon, plus it has added several more items as well. Unfortunately, they did not yet have a paper takeout menu printed, so I can only mention a few from memory.

We started off with tamalitos, little banana leaf-wrapped flat chicken tamales, which were napped with a luscious red-brown mole. Chef Alberto's very strongest point, in my opinion, is his mole-making ability.

Then I had a seafood-stuffed relleno, which was very good, and my husband had shrimp diablo, which was as fiery as the name implied. This came with rice and a sauce that included escabeche. The shrimp were large and fat and tasty.

We shared a caramel flan for dessert. The flan was dense and chilly and came in a generous puddle of clear caramel sauce and a thread of spun caramel. It did a good job of cooling off the fiery shrimp.

We learned from waiter Martin that this is only the soft opening, and that the ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place this Friday, the 18th. There were few people in for an early Sunday dinner, like us, but they said that on Saturday night the place was packed. I guess the Morgan Hillians had gotten the word.

They do Sunday brunch, which we have yet to try, but I'm thinking we'll do that this Sunday. Sorry, I forgot to ask about lunch hours, but assume he's going to be doing lunch as well, just like at El Rincon.

Highly recommended. It's the best restaurant in Morgan Hill.

17415 Monterey Road #207
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 779-2939

Where to buy lardons in San Francisco?

Here's something I've wondered:

I see very nice-looking fresh pork belly in Asian markets, like the Korean Hankook Market down here in Santa Clara. It's pre-sliced so that it's about the thickness of thick-sliced bacon. What do you think about heavily salting this product and putting it in the fridge for a few days? Would the result be about the same as French-style plain salt-cured bacon?

Good Eats in Santa Clara?

Dosa Place is great, but I particularly like Saravana Bhavan when it comes to southern Indian snacks and thalis. It's just over the border from Santa Clara in Sunnyvale, and worth the trip, IMO.

Saravana Bhavan
1305 S. Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA

Red Berry Coffee opens in San Jose - espresso fiends may rejoice

A new artisan coffee place has taken over the old Broken Door Espresso location across the street from City Hall. Red Berry Coffee is an upscale (on the inside), slick place, with knowledgeable professional service. All their beans come from bay area artisan roasters: Ecco, Ritual and Barefoot. They pull thick, inky crema-topped shots, and they also provide French press service.

My two shots of espresso have been as good as anything I've drunk in the City. Both of them have been Ecco, a roaster new to me, and I think it will become a new favorite.

So, as a major espresso-aholic, I give this place two big thumbs up. Has anyone else tried it?

BTW, they're "in training" for a week or so, and coffee drinks are 50% off during that time.

Santouka Ramen will open in Bay Area?

I haven't eaten there yet, but I walked through Mitsuwa a few evenings ago at about 4:30 p.m. and Santouka had a sign in their window stating "thirty minute wait - sorry". Is this the average waiting time to get a bowl of ramen?

Ripe Figs in the South Bay/Peninsula??

Yep, Melanie, aren't those to die for? I bought a couple of pounds of both white and brown turkey figs there a week or so ago, and they were all devoured in about three days.

If Andy's receives from the same growers as last year, look for some which are striped with yellow and green. They are of the color and consistency of strawberry jam on the insides. I'm going this Wednesday, if they're open, as I'm home from work for the day, to search for these.

Is there a "funk" in Ritual's coffee?

I just tried Ritual's coffee for the first time this last Saturday, and I tasted the sourness that other folks here are mentioning. Before I tasted it, I bought a bag to take home (dumb, I know), and that batch tasted sour, too. It wasn't a funky sour, but a fruity-tart sour. It was not what I like at all in a coffee. It's just not my cuppa java.

Gilroy: anything good?

Hmmm, Gilroy. Here's my lineup:

El Michoacano Mexican Restaurant, 6966 Chestnut Street. It's kind of hidden in a strip mall, and it's one of a small chain of these excellent restaurants. Seafood (mariscos) is their specialty, and it's one of my very favorite Mexican restaurants. Try the shrimp soup or the flautas. Actually, try anything; it's all good.

King Eggroll, 8610 San Ysidro Avenue. I know, I know - but this is Gilroy. You won't find any Asian food more authentic than King Eggroll here. And I like it. I can get dim sum and Vietnamese bun at the same time.

You said sit-down, I know, but dining limitations dictate that I must mention that there's now a Sonic Burger in Gilroy, at 6921 Cameron Boulevard. Love it or hate it, it's very popular, since Sonic Burgers are rarish in California.

Sweet mother of mercy! Can it be that Morgan Hill has a great restaurant?

Alberto keeps eccentric hours. I've never seen any staff there other than him and his wife, and for what I'll assume are coverage problems, occasionally the place will be closed with no explanation. This seems to happen mostly on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is annoying, as I want to try his chilaquiles for breakfast and whenever I make an attempt, the place is closed.

Anyone know a good place that specialized in Hainanese Chicken RIce around San Jose ?

Com Ga Nam An, which is just a tad to the east of downtown San Jose, specializes in this dish. I've been there, and I like it, but I make no representations as to its authenticity, as I've never had it any other place. The service is very friendly and helpful, too.

348 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 297-3402

Amok at Cambodian Restaurant, Chez Sovan in Campbell, Can Lead to MURDER...

I wanna see the sketches of the hobo posted!

Prime Ribeye Steaks at Costco $8.99/lb

Found prime New Yorks at the Gilroy Costco yesterday and bbq'd a couple last night.

They were about the best steaks I've ever had, even counting those eaten at high-end steak restaurants. They were definitely the best New Yorks I've ever had, because they were as tender and juicy as a ribeye and as flavorful as a sirloin. And I've got three more in the freezer! I should have bought more while I had the chance.

REALLY spicy food in the Bay Area?

You say you're in the South Bay? Then you're possibly already familiar with Hunan Taste in San Jose. I order everything mild there, yet still find myself sweating and blowing my nose. Once my husband ordered a dish "medium", and I could take no more than one bite. I'm not a sissy about spicy foods, but I don't think I'm up to the Dave's Insanity level either.

Hunan Taste is a kind of hole in the wall, family-owned, but I like the cooking and and the people.

Hunan Taste
998 N. 4th Street
San Jose