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Best Hot Chocolate?

Le Gourmand on Spadina just south of Queen has a variety of hot chocolate that is really high quality with high cocao fat content. Try them out and if like them you can buy some to take home with you.

Curing Salts in Toronto

Can anyone tell me where I can get some curing salts in Toronto? Preferably closer to the downtown area or atleast accessible by ttc.

Haggis in downtown resto on Robbie Burns?

Where can I get a haggis dinner?

Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

I'm very open minded about food and I'm always looking for something new. Something that maybe I can't get in Toronto. I hear good things about Au pied du cochon. Is it worth checking out? Also, should I check out the place where you eat in the dark? I'd prefer any recs to be accessible via metro.


Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

I've been to Jean-Talon a few times. I'd imagine that it's more fun to check out during the summer month. I'll definitely check out the the ice cream place. Thanks!

Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

I've been to Montreal many times but this is the first time since becoming a chowhound. Schwartz's and bagels are a given. But where else should I go?

Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

Haven't been in a really long time but I used to go to the Coach House on Yonge just north of wellesley a lot.

Anyone remember Brother's where the Church of Scientology is? If it was still around definitely best greasey spoon hands down.

Where can I get my knives sharpened? (downtown Toronto)

There's a Nella on Bathurst just north of Bloor. I think it takes a couple of days. Once you get them sharpened invest in a honing steel and steel every time you pick up your knife for the first time. That will keep them sharp for a really long time. You'll almost never have to sharpen them again.

Wierd or unusual food, dessert and drinks

I personally love duck tongue. I would recommend Taste of China for their Duck tongue and bitter melon dish. Asian Legend also serves duck tongue as a cold app and it's ok.


That's a lot of pig for 30 people. I've done 5 pig roasts and I usually plan for 1-1.5lb of raw weight per person and I still get leftovers everytime. Things to consider: Mostly men or women? Any side dishes?

Hope it goes well.


Most of the large party rental places have roasters that you can rent. They'll cost you around $150-200. HOw big is your pig? Last summer I rented a really good one in peterborough if you're willing to drive that far. The ones there all have trailer hitches. I think it was $200 but that includes the gas. MY pig was 120lb but you can fit up to 200+lb

Here's a video of the one I rented:

Indian in the Annex: Mt. Everest vs. Nataraj

The lunch buffet at Mt ev is far superior to Nataraj. I like that you get fresh naan brought to your table as opposed to the naan that's been sitting in the steam table.

Shanghai-style food downtown?

I only know of ones in the 'burbs. I love it cause it's what I grew up on and would like a closer location.

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

I just went to check it out and was somewhat disappointed. It was 12:30pm on a Thursday and they were out of the majority of flavours of dumpling. I ended it up getting the Da-lu mien which was great. Reminds me of mom's cooking.

How about corned beef hash?

I'm looking for a good cornbeef hash. Any ideas?

gunga (pigeon) pea soup or jamaican rundown?

I cook professionally so cooking for myself is not likely. I could order the stuff in at work and make it for fun there.

late night restaurants in toronto

Just to add to the list.

Hemingway's(Cumberland)kitchen is open late even on big holidays like Christmas.

Sneaky Dee's(Bathurst & College) kitchen is open 'til 4am (I think)

Both are just places to eat late. The food is rather mediocre at best.


I prefer Xue Lua on spadina. It's 2 blocks south of Dundas on the west side. It has a train for it's logo. I prefer to Pho Hung because the rice noodles are wider and it serves larger portions. I used to always get the #101 which is usually the special and comes with everthing. Now I prefer #109 which has everthing except the rare beef. I like the chewier and fattier meats. The rice dishes there are mediocre but the combination plates are really good and you get to make your own fresh rice rolls.

gunga (pigeon) pea soup or jamaican rundown?

Where can I get it? I had a co-worker make me some a long time ago and it was great. It was a hearty stew with salted pigs tail, dumplings, plantains, peas. I've also never tried rundown and would like to.

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

I'd recommend the dumpling house on spadina north of dundas. They have good dumplings. They also have fried dumplings that are really good.


I went to BOHO on ronce today and it was mediocre. The coffee was awful and the service was ok at best. The table next to us ordered after us but got their food first and we ordered the same things. I've been before and remembered it was better and I probably won't go back

New Generation Sushi vs. Sushi on Bloor

I agree that NewGen is way better. Besides the food, service is way friendlier. I do also enjoy Sushi Inn in yorkville as a cheap and fast place.

Where do you go for your b-day dinners? Looking for unique dining in TO. . . .

I've been wanting to go to Torito's for quite some time. I think that would be a nice place to have dinner. It's a spanish tapas bar and I hear it's cheaper than JKWB

roast pig?

Anywhere in the city where I can get whole roast pig other than chinatown?

dinner for two?

If it's not for any special occasion then go somewhere fun. Like Korean BBQ. They're everywhere now and it's fun, causal and cheap. The downside is that if you don't like to eat a lot of meat then it's probably not for you.

Celebration Dinner -- Where to Eat?

I would like to suggest George. I've never been only 'cuz I don't have those kinds of funds but I did recommend my friends who were getting married and having a small reception to go there for dinner. They said it was fabulous. It's opened by Lorenzo Loseto who was Susur's former Sous-chef.