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Looking for fresh pasta in Honolulu

if anyone's occasionally searching for a quality fresh pasta (and often an opportunity for a wonderful meal) seek out Onda Pasta. You'll often find them at the Hale'iwa (Weimea Vly) & Ala Moana Farmers Markets.

Jan 16, 2013
jonnypea in Hawaii

Tortillas in Berkeley.

a hearty second for La Borinquena, and they have fresh chicharones tambien, ese...
(hefty tamales there with sweet ones usually avail around the
holidays as well) A good source for mexican grocery items
(and the Food Maxx store in San Pablo is very good source if
you are into cooking las comidas mexicanas)

San Francisco Bay Area Farmers Markets Recs

Berkeley Farmer's Market has a THURSDAY night appearance
(acknowledged briefly in Morton the Mousse's post)
in No. Berkeley neighborhood (couple of blocks no. of the
Chez Panisse/Cheeseboard locations). According to info on the
Ecology Ctr site ( ) Thurs. nite F.M. is supposed to be ALL ORGANIC (i.e., likely a bit pricey, eh?) There is also a small famer's market on Tue & Sat
in El Cerrito, very near the Trader Joe's
( );
also, more info on N.Ca. Farmer's Mkts here

Best Baking Butter

initially listed this post in S.F. Bay Area board, reslotted into Gen'l CH topics, might be worth mentioning here-
re a comparison of euro style butters from the S.F. Chronicle food section yesterday:

Dec 14, 2006
jonnypea in Home Cooking

SF Chronicle provides us a Butter - Off (euro style butters) [moved from San Francisco Bay area board]

as I have often wondered myself (and unfortunately often made the decision based on whatever was available on sale) which butter is better for baking and if I've a fridge full of it, am I going to enjoy a lovely toasted onion bagel slathered with it? Nice to see
Challenge held up well in the overall scores (altho', truth be told,
I usually use just the regular ol' domestic Challenge or Land of Lakes butters for both baking & whatever...)
Chron results here:
butters you have known and loved?

Dec 13, 2006
jonnypea in General Topics

What to put together for a great, reasonable meal for two without cooking

getting to the ferry bldg (and beyond to the wharf areas) is simply accomplished by hoping on the F streetcar (lots of vintage cars on this line from other cities/countries to add to the novelty of your day) on Market St. You actually are not
too far from Chinatown either, matter of fact as far as getting out on foot for a day's venture and bringing something home for later, that can be accomplished without much trouble at all.

Hope someone told you about the Ferry Bldg Farmer's Market
on Saturday morning!

offered for your casual perusal:
my friend Lee and I worked at the Chron together,
he's a good handle on that neighborhood's offerings.
for sandwiches & the like, Latte Express
(try the vietnamese style sandwiches they offer);
Tu Lan (on 6th St some 20-30 yds off Market)perhaps
something to take away home if the ambience scares you off
rests., cafes & shopping hints
check out links for Tenderloin, Chinatown
and Union Sq locations via elsewhere on
that page (neighborhoods


really and truly an exemplary area to walk about and make many discoveries yourself (unless you might be hindered physically in some manner), Chinatown and N. Beach environs are 20-30
minutes away; take the F all the way to the wharf, and
stroll down Columbus St. back to YBG...
be sure to carry your umbrella tonight & tomorrow.

I hate burritos, but love chile relleno burritos

finding a decent chile relleno is a nice trick,
finding a GOOD one likely a combination of luck and timing,
they ought to be made fresh to order, but since they can be
sort of complicated, many places make a bunch ahead of time,
then warm them up to serve, which usually leaves one with
some manner of disappointment...
there's a wee hole in the wall on San Pablo in Richmond,
Tres Hermanas, where you can find a pretty good relleno and
I am sure they can put it in a burrito for you. There are
some folks that recommend Portumex (also in Richmond) over
on yelp ( )

Where (not too expensive) for a Birthday Dinner Tomorrow (Sun.) Night in Berkeley?

okay, so, maybe I'll never recommend Giovanni's again...
(but I will mention this to the managers next time I am
was some years ago I dined at Beckett's, might have to
pay another visit there myself...
in re to pub grub, I was going to suggest the Kensington
Circus, but I don't think they're open on Sunday nights...

Mussels in San Francisco: Where can I buy?

How about the new vendor in the Westfield/Bloomie's bldg?
(Bristol Farms?), maybe in the Ferry Bldg (yah I know, got
to go ALL The Way Downtown for either of those...)
Is J R Seafood on Bayshore still open??

Where (not too expensive) for a Birthday Dinner Tomorrow (Sun.) Night in Berkeley?

have you ever tried Giovanni's (on Shattuck) in
downtown Berkeley? They've a variety of options
on their menu and has some reasonable prices.
Likely they can handle a table of eight without

Christmas Day Buffet in San Francisco/Berkeley

nice, might be somewhat pricey for some folks,
check out the xmas day menu link for Jordan's
at the Claremont in the Berkeley Hills...