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udon in osaka

Udon? Take the bus from Umeda to Takamatsu! In 4 hours, you'll be at the home of sanuki udon. Fun for a weekend trip but maybe not practical for a lunch hour meal...

Jun 12, 2008
KansaiGirl in Japan

Where are you going for Winterlicious?!

Sorry things didn't work out for you at Olivia's. I went and it was lovely. However, I did have some issues with the reservation, too. I requested a table for 12 for Winterlicious and was offered January 25th. Sure, I'll take it! The next day, someone called me back after they realized that Winterlicious didn't start until the 26th... At least they called me to fix things, otherwise I would have had 11 rather irritated dining companions.

Winterlicious GOOD portions?

I've done about a dozen Winter/Summerlicious meals. My best and worst:

Olivia's at 53 - I took a group of 12 last week for the $25 dinner and everyone was very happy. Portions were fair.
Lalot - very tasty, lovingly perpared, great service, well worth $25. I thing the portions were reasonable, too.
EDO - all I remember was that Kobe beef burger: drooool. Portions were small, though.

Indian Rice Factory - just read my post about last night's dinner...
The Drake - bland food, hostile service
Southern Accent - can't expect perfection for $25, but bagged salad and soggy dessert?

Indian Rice Factory/Winterlicious - Underwhelmed!

I went for Winterlicious last night. A friend had already booked us in before I read this thread.

We were informed that they would NOT be serving pakoras last night. Huh? Only two appetizer options and you can't even deliver the interesting one? Boo.

Instead, we were given the option of lentil soup or salad to start. I really don't like lentil soup so I chose the salad. What I got was a handful of bagged mixed greens (probably from Loblaws up the street) with about half a teaspoon of dressing. The 'lentil soup' I turned down ended up being vegetable soup (nary a lentil to be found) and my companions said it was very tasty. So, I lost out there.

We waited ages for our mains. A couple that was seated a full half hour after us were served their dishes first. How long does it take to serve bowls of butter chicken or veggie curry, both of which would have been made ahead of time? By the way, the person who ordered butter chicken was presented with just two tiny morsels of meat.

Between the three of us, we were given two pieces of cold, leathery naan.

I quite liked the ros malai cheesecake dessert, but we didn't even get the thawed-out berries GetInMyBelly mentioned.

Blah. Very dismal. Wish I had just gone back to Olivia's at 53 for a second dinner instead.

Posh tonkatsu in Kyoto?

Yay! Thanks you two! I appreciate the help so much.

Rob S - just noticed you are affiliated with! I've already been checking out the Kansai page in preparation for my trip. Very nice site.

Oct 13, 2006
KansaiGirl in Japan

Posh tonkatsu in Kyoto?

So, I was living in the Osaka area for a while a few years ago. I'm coming back for a visit in a few weeks and I'm hoping to find the site of a very tasty meal. I was taken by my Kyoto-ite boyfriend to an amazing tonkatsu restaurant which would have been in the Kawaramachi area (it might have been on a corner, possibly close to Takashimaya). It was very modern inside: lots of shiny black surfaces and bare wood, plus the sleekest washrooms I had seen in Japan. I think they only served tonkatsu. On the tables were little mortars and pestles for grinding up sesame seeds exactly to taste. Anyone have a clue where I'm talking about? Unfortunately I can't ask the guy who took me there as we are no longer in touch.

Oct 13, 2006
KansaiGirl in Japan

great BBQ & beer in North Conway, NH

I went here over the summer. The curried crab and corn bisque was the best soup I'd had all year and the Carolina hushpuppies (served with maple syrup for dipping) were totally delectable, too. Too bad I live 600 miles from North Conway, I could go for some of that good stuff right now...


Go to Dotonbori (between Shinsaibashi and Namba stations) and just walk around. This is the restautant district. You'll be tempted by something, no doubt!

Oct 12, 2006
KansaiGirl in Japan