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Lesser known Montreal institutions

Most are covered, but I don't see Boustan here...who hasn't done the 3am shish-taouk when they were younger?

I have to secong Chalet BBQ...any good NDGer has eaten his share.

Family Friendly in Montreal

I am a foodie with 2 young kids and have managed to take my kids most places I want to go...(though we got funny looks on the terasse at Club Chasse et son loves foie gras!)
My most recent fun stops with kids are:

Via Crescent - good home style Italian on a great patio for people-watching on Crescent
Burgundy Lion for fish & chips (sorry carswell...) they take kids on the second floor.

Breakfast at Quoi de n'oueuf on Notre Dame and Atwater

Fantasy Dining Week

L'Eau à la Bouche...

'nuff said.

Lesser known Montreal institutions

Lived in NDG for 10 years, still head back regularly for a dose of the following:

La Louisianne -
- don't miss the hushpuppies, and my staple dish is the Chicken Panné
If you are in a boozy mood the Bayou Brew is a nice stiff Bourbon Sangria

Taverne on Monkland
while I hate the crowd here, the music is awesome and these 2 dishis I cannot live without:
Best salmon tartar in town
Warm spinach salad - indescribably yummy!

Le Resident - a breath of fresh air in Old Montreal

My guess on the Pimms - it's the calssic Wimbledon drink. There is a british girl working there who used to bartend in or around Wimbledon...she must have picked it.
Essentially the British country-side answer to sangria....

Looking for a good Italian Restaurant in Quebec City?

As an Italian-Canadian living in the Quebec City area, I have desperately sought out the best.

Portofino just off rue St-Jean - you won't be disappointed.

Montreal--Downtown Late Night Dining

If you want real food, l'Express on St-Denis has a late kitchen. Otherwise your best late-nite street snack in downtown will be the one and only Boustan on Crescent just above de Maisonneuve.

Anniversary dinner in Quebec city

If you want a real memorable one do Panache

Finding good espresso in Montreal

Lili & Oli - Patrick used to work at Olympico so is well trained, but his machine is magic - really smooth and flavorful espresso. All flavor, no bitterness - and incredible crema.
Not sure if it's his machine, beans, barrista or combo of the 3 but it's the best I have had in this city. (I'm Italian and a coffee lover...)
Owners sister bakes killer muffins, and they also have daily fresh corneti from La Cornetteria...yummy

Old Montreal breakfast

I would try Le Cartet on McGill or try this one - they have great pastries...

Restaurant À Propos
300 Rue Notre-Dame E
Montréal, QC H2Y

Montreal Supermarkets--at or near Downtown

Atwater Market - Les Douceurs du Marché is a must visit...

Dinner after Cirque - somewhat reasonable?

Try it - you will love it!

Restaurants and cafés with wi-fi

Lili & Oli
2515 Rue Notre Dame, Montreal

Patrick makes a mean coffee!

Bachelor Party Dinners

I consider myself a bit of a Bachelor Party aficionado, so if you need any advice on anything other than dinner let me know. This is the best town in the world for this kind of evening - can be as classy or as trashy as you want it to be.

As for the resto, if you haven't chosen yet, I would go with Au Pied du Cochon of Joe Beef for a real 'boy's night' atmosphere.

All inclusive (hotel, dinner) get away

You missed Saint-Sulpice and 'S' in Old Montreal

And if you wanted to, you could stay at the InterContinental and marry it with Toqué across the street.

best $10.....

Cristal No. 1 on St-Laurent just south of René Levesque
order the 41A - will run you $7.00 and will keep you coming back for more.

romantic dinner in Montreal

Ariel - always an interesting seafood options on their menu. The tmosphere is exactly what you are looking for.

Help - Montrealer in Winnipeg

Can anyone point me to some decent foodie spots in downtown Winnipeg? Staying at the Place Louis Riel...walking distance would be great.

Ideally something where I can eat good food and hand out in a nice atmosphere - good music, beautiful people?

Let me know - thanks!

May 12, 2009
buzz_sapien in Prairie Provinces

Le Resident - a breath of fresh air in Old Montreal

The resident is a welcome addition to my corner of Old Montreal - and apparently my 5 visits have been luckier than Joshua Karpati's one.­.. I though his review in the Mirror was fair considering, but I have not witnessed what he has in my multiple visits.

Le Resident popped onto my radar screen in March, though it apparently opened in January. On the corner of St. Paul and Bonsecours I found it to be a prettt bold move, as this side of Old Montreal is a tough fight for restaurants. Most restaurants in this area are tourist traps...the only exception to the rule so far has been Sushi-Ya.

My first visit to Resident I ordered the burger offered on the daily special. Glass of Merlot on the side. The burger was outstanding - the meat was very fresh - juicy, flavorful and just lightly spiced. I later found out they get their meet from Slovenia's on St-Laurent. The side were home made potato chips - a mix of yellow and sweet potatoes - it was fun because you couldn't always tell which one you were putting in your mouth. Overall nothing overwhelming, but a very good burger and fant5astic service and ambiance.

Second visit - I looked over the menu and was tempted by the Sloppy Joseph after Karpati's column...but when I asked what the daily special was 'Lamb Burger' was the answer... The last burger was so good I had no choice... Same side order as last time - the mixed chips. The burger was really something else - again - falvourful, fresh meat. Just cooked enough to add flavour on the outside, but nuce and pink on the inside - brilliantly executed.

Third visit - OK - this time I'm going to have the sloppy joseph....DOUGH! Bison burger on the menu... This one really took the cake - fresh bison meat ground with just enough bacon to add some juice and floored me. In my top 5 burgers of all time! Really something else...

You may begin thinking this is a burger joint - it's not! They actually have a funky little menu with a variety of comfort-food inspired dishes - paté chinois, sloppy joseph, grilled cheese, and who doesn't love the obviously comedic inspiration for the Mini Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plate...

I finally tasted something other than a burger on my 4th visit - as I got to chatting with the owner/manager - Voytek Korab (formerly at Cobalt and Bistro on Greene) and his lovely significant other Marta - they are both polish origin and were serving Voytek's mom's Pierogies on the lunch special! How can you turn dowm a polish mom's pierogies...
They were awesome - meat filled (first time I see this) and obviously fried in copious amounts of butter. Crisp and tender skins filled with a very taste meat filling. Really memorable.

I have to wrap this up as I am running there for lunch right now (I don't believe in overkill) but one more anecdote:

Turns out Voytek is one half of an Electronic music act that is gaining international acclaim and momentum - My Favorite Robot. As a proud Montreal musician myself, I have to give a shout out to this as they really are very good and making waves with some of Europe and North America's top DJ's... I took a listen on their myspace page - pretty cool stuff - slightly 'rebirth of depeche mode meets Ibiza lounge'

Restaurant Openings - 2009

Karpati must have been drunk - I have been for lunch 5 times now - I will start a post

Old Montreal - best steakhouse in or near

I hate to do this, because it's a crime as a foodie in Montreal, but if yoyu don't mind dishing out some dough, Queue de Cheval never disappoints with their steak. (sorry foodie communiy - please don't banish me...)

Old Montreal - best steakhouse in or near

What'S really sad is that The Keg out west are usually great steaks - I have eaten at Keg in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto and hed excellent steaks - here they are really crap.

2 steamé alldrèsse....

So I'm cruising back to my office in Old Montreal from Verdun yesterday and for some reason I decide to cut up Charlevoix to St-Patrick from Wellington.

My tummy grumbling, I see a casse-croute on a corner and hit the brakes. I consider myself a pretty savvy Montreal eater, but I had never been to or heard of Paul Patate! What a great little experience this turned into...

I walked in, sat down and ordered the classic combo - 2 steamé alldrèsse avec poutine. The girl behind the counter brings my poutine - it was classic and simple - fresh cheese curds, hand-cut and lovingly double-fried fries...and classic quebecois style 'sauce BBQ'

Just as I'm savoring my first bite, she brings me a very plump and fresh looking steamed hot-dog. 'I ordered 2' I say to the girl. She says I know, but we serve them one at a time - when you're done that one I will bring you the second. GENIUS! The second will be as hot and tender as the first! (no brainer...can't believe I never thought of it before...)

Poutine: Very good - the fries really make it shine. Caramelized flavour - that slight sweet taste of 'we don't change our oil very often' in every bite. Honestly some of the best fries I have tasted. The sauce was very typical, nothing outstanding, but trhe fries really boost the whole plate - overall a very good poutine.

Hot-dog: Having grown up here you grow accustomed to the average steamy - wet, dummy bread, regular size hot dog that's been kept warm too long, and cole-slaw that is bordering on kim-chi as far as how long it's been sitting in the same bowl.... Well let me tell you - this place really lifts the bar - the bun was freshly steamed, warm and just ever-so slightly moist. The sausage was plump and tender - not overcooked - just perfect. (I didn,T thing to ask what brand they use...I will next time) The mustard and relish were stock, but the cole-slaw was fresh, cold and just the right acidity - piled neatly on top.

I should add, though I see it is mentioned in other posts, the legendary spruce beer of Restaurant Émile Bertrand formerly on Notre-Dame is served exclusively at Paul Patate. I tried it - It's an acquired taste. But it sure adds an aura of authenticity to the place.

One last funny anecdote about my visit - Sitting at the counter and half way through my poutine I got this strange feeling I had been in this place before. Apparantly I had quite the puzzled look on my face because the girl behind the counter asked me if everything was OK. I innocently told her what I was feeling and she answered 'television.' '
What?' I asked.
'Television' she repeated. 'This place is on TV all the time - this is the casse-croute in Taxi 22.'
I couldn't help but laugh out loud - I was a big fan of Taxi 22 in its first season - a very funny Quebecois comedy starring Patrick Huard.

It turns out I had been sitting with my back to a wall that is plastered with newspaper clippings and pictures of Patrick Huard and the owner of Paul Patate. (Not to mention a signed picture of Martin Brodeur!)

Restaurant Closures

Is Sans Menu worth trying? I have been living around the corner from it for 3 years and have never mustered the guts....

Kobe beef in Montreal?

Thanks for all the info - I guess i will have to go back to Chasse et Peche....darn....haha!
I will check out the spot in brossard though.

restaurant choice: Ariel, Vertige or La Gaudriole

I'm guessing that this response might be too late, but I wanted to take a chance anyway - My bill for 2 people including alcohol varies between $110 and $160 depending on my wine selection....

restaurant choice: Ariel, Vertige or La Gaudriole

sorry for the delay - I was out of town on business and haven't logged in!
YES - it is run by the same folks as Caprice - the same attention to detail is prevalent. I always liked that place, but have never been a fan of French cuisine - so the new place is great for me...

restaurant choice: Ariel, Vertige or La Gaudriole

I have been a big fan of Ariel for a while now - you will definitely get what you are asking for there. French-trained Japanese chef - really speaks to what you desire.
If you do go, please give feedback on how it was!

Can I get someone's take on Liverpool House?

well, i almost went to LH, but last minute decided to place my chips on a sure-bet - did Chasse-& Pêche....can't get enough of that place right now. i will be poor and in the street soon, but happy...!

Kobe beef in Montreal?

Where can a mere mortal buy Kobe beef in Montreal? I had the Kobe bavette at Club Chasse et Pêche on the weekend and I want to try and re-create it at home...(i know, good luck...haha) If anyone knows please share!